She-Hulk Checklist 1980-1994


She-Hulk Checklist.

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She-Hulk is rumored all the time to hit the small screen. Here is a checklist that covers many first appearances and other cool books from the first appearance of the She-Hulk in 1980 to 1996.
Will we cover her appearances and some key books from 1996 and on? Of course we will (maybe), we just want you to enjoy these key books first. Too much of a good thing is never good!

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She-Hulk Checklist

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The Savage She-Hulk #1 (1980) – The first appearance/origin of Jennifer Walters; She-Hulk. Art from John Buscema and Charles Stone. Written by Stan Lee. Cover by John Buscema.

The Savage She-Hulk #2 (1980) – First appearances of Buck Bukowski, Lou Monkton, Dr. Daniel Ridge Sr., Zapper Ridge, Nick Trask, Jill Ridge, and William Morris Walters.

The Savage She-Hulk #6 (1980) – She-Hulk first teams with Iron Man. A Bob (Mr. Iron Man) Layton cover too. First appearance of Ralphie Hutchins. Lots more on Ralphie in a bit.

The Savage She-Hulk #9 (1980) – First appearance of Ultima.

Click to Buy/Bid – Savage She-Hulk #11
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Click to Buy/Bid – Savage She-Hulk #17
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The Savage She-Hulk #11 (1980) – This is a fantastic Michael Golden cover.

The Savage She-Hulk #16 (1981) – The first appearance of Microwave. Also the last. It gets better next issue….

The Savage She-Hulk #17 (1981) – First appearance of Man-Elephant. Yep. At least this character has about five appearances in their 35 year history. Disney needs to use this dude.

The Savage She-Hulk #18 (1981) – How about one more ridiculous first appearance of a fourth rate character? Grappler. Looks like he may have also appeared in five comics in 35 years.

Click to Buy/Bid – Savage She-Hulk #19
Click to Buy/Bid – Marvel TeamUp #107
Click to Buy/Bid – Savage She-Hulk #21
Click to Buy/Bid – Savage She-Hulk #22

The Savage She-Hulk #19 (1981) – Ralphie Hutchins clones himself. He creates many first appearances as he tries to kill She-Hulk as different villains. This issue, he first appears as Brute.

Marvel Team-Up #107 (1981) – Jennifer steps outside of her solo series for the first time to join the rest of the Marvel Universe. Here she teams with Spider-Man. Art and cover by the late great Herb Trimpe.

The Savage She-Hulk #21 (1981) – Ralphie Hutchins first appears as the Seeker.

The Savage She-Hulk #22 (1981) – Ralphie Hutchins first appears as Radius.

Click to Buy/Bid – Savage She-Hulk #23
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Click to Buy/Bid – Savage She-Hulk #25
Click to Buy/Bid – AMZ SPM Annl #15





The Savage She-Hulk #23 (1981) – Ralphie Hutchins first appears as Torque.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #15 (1981) – She-Hulk appears with a slew of others from the Marvel Universe. Bob Layton pencils.

The Savage She-Hulk #24 (1982) – Ralphie Hutchins first appears as Kyr.

The Savage She-Hulk #25 (1982) – The last issue of The Savage She-Hulk. The aftermarket likes this comic. See you again Jen!

Click to Buy/Bid – Marvel 2 in 1 #88
Click to Buy/Bid – Avengers #221
Click to Buy/Bid – Incredible Hulk #278
Click to Buy/Bid – AMZ SPM Annl #16

Marvel Two-In-One #88 (1982) – She-Hulk teams with the Thing. Art by Alan Kupperberg.

Avengers #221 (1982) – Not only is this the first time She-Hulk appears in an Avengers comic, but it’s also the first time she joins the team.

The Incredible Hulk #278 (1982) – The first time She-Hulk appears in a Hulk book. Although she appears with her team, the Avengers.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16 (1982) – John Romita Jr. art. She-Hulk appearance.

Click to Buy/Bid – Fantastic Four #254
Click to Buy/Bid – Avengers #233
Click to Buy/Bid – Thing #5
Click to Buy/Bid – Thor #334










Fantastic Four #254 (1983) – As with most comic book characters, there is always one creator that defines the character to the point that the majority of collectors will associate that particular character with “them”. Batman/Miller, Spider-Man/McFarlane, Green Lantern/Adams, Nick Fury/Steranko… get the idea. We’re not putting She-Hulk on the scale of those characters, but the creator is the one we’re talking about here. This comic is the first time John Byrne writes and draws She-Hulk in a comic book. Byrne/She-Hulk.

Avengers #233 (1983) – John Byrne fill in issue. It also happens to be part of his Fantastic Four #254 story. John writes and John draws. He doesn’t do the next issue and he didn’t do the previous issue. What John wants, John gets.

Thor #334 (1983) – Jennifer first appears in a Thor comic, with her Avengers team of course. Three issues later though, The Thor character will never be the same. Going from a B-lister to an A-lister, but that’s another story for another day.

The Thing #5 (1983) – John Byrne writes. She-Hulk appears in several issues of the Thing, starting here. Appearing in a solo role.

Click to Buy/Bid – Cap #288
Click to Buy/Bid – Fantastic Four #265
Click to Buy/Bid – Doc Strange #67
Click to Buy/Bid – Avengers Annl #13

Captain America #288 (1983) – First time She-Hulk appears in a Cap title. Art by Mike Zeck.

Fantastic Four #265 (1984) – Jennifer joins the Fantastic Four team. John Byrne writes, pencils, inks, and does the cover art. Byrne in complete control here.

Doctor Strange #67 (1984) – First time in a Doctor Strange book. As an Avenger.

Avengers Annual #13 (1984) – Here’s a beauty to own. She-Hulk drawn by legend Steve Ditko. Ditko pencils, Byrne inks and a Byrne/Ditko cover.

Click to Buy/Bid – Fantastic Four #275
Click to Buy/Bid – Thor #353
Click to Buy/Bid – SH MRV GN #18
Click to Buy/Bid – Longshot #4










Fantastic Four #275 (1985) – First solo cover since her own series. Amazing Byrne cover too.

Thor #353 (1985) – Legend Walt Simonson started his epic run 16 issues ago. Forever changing the Thor character. Okay not about Thor here, but about the legend Walt Simonson writing, drawing, inking She-Hulk in this book.

Marvel Graphic Novel #18 (1985) – John Byrne gets an entire book to draw and write on the She-Hulk. Not just any book, a Marvel graphic novel. That’s 72 oversized pages of awesome John Byrne She-Hulk.

Longshot #4 (1985) – She-Hulk appearance. Art from Art Adams. She makes the Adams cover too.

Click to Buy/Bid – Fantastic Four #286
Click to Buy/Bid – Fantastic Four #291
Click to Buy/Bid – Fantastic Four #293
Click to Buy/Bid – Thing #36

Fantastic Four #286 (1986) – John Byrne writes with Chris Claremont. John draws with Butch Guice.

Fantastic Four #291 (1986) – This cover pays homage to Action Comics #1. She-Hulk takes the place of Superman and holds the car above her head. This John Byrne cover is on point.

Fantastic Four #293 (1986) – Jerry Ordway provides this great cover of the She-Hulk.

Thing #36 (1986) – She-Hulk vs Ms. Marvel. No not THAT Ms. Marvel, the “new” Ms. Marvel (Sharon Ventura) that appeared a few issues prior in Thing #27. Sharon last appeared in a comic book in 2007, but this checklist isn’t about Sharon.

Click to Buy/Bid – Fantastic Four #296
Click to Buy/Bid – Comet Man #4
Click to Buy/Bid – Marvel Fanfare #37
Click to Buy/Bid – Alpha Flight #61

Fantastic Four #296 (1986) – Jim Shooter and Stan Lee write this comic. Barry Windsor-Smith cover.

Comet Man #4 (1987) – This odd comic features Kelley Jones art and a Bill Sienkiewicz She-Hulk cover.

Marvel Fanfare #37 (1988) – Norm Breyfogle She-Hulk art. What’s not to love here? Norm also does the She-Hulk back cover.

Alpha Flight #61 (1988) – Jim Lee She-Hulk art. What’s not to love here?

Click to Buy/Bid – Dr STRG SS #1
Click to Buy/Bid – She-Hulk Cermony
Click to Buy/Bid – Marvel Age #70
Click to Buy/Bid – Damage Control #1










Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme #1 (1988) – Jen makes an appearance with the Avengers.

Sensational She-Hulk Ceremony (1989) – A two part She-Hulk story. Written by the late great creator Dwayne McDuffie and art by June Brigman.

Marvel Age #70 (1989) – A John Byrne She-Hulk cover.

Damage Control #1 (1989) – Another great comic from the late Dwayne McDuffie. This dude brought it every time he wrote a comic. She-Hulk appearance with the Avengers.

Click to Buy/Bid – MCP #18
Buy/Bid – Sensational She-Hulk #1
Buy/Bid – Sensational She-Hulk #2
Click to Buy/Bid – Marvel Age #76










Marvel Comics Presents #18 (1989) – She-Hulk story written and drawn by John Byrne.

Sensational She-Hulk #1 (1989) – Origin retold. John Byrne start the second series. Writer/artist here. Awesome Byrne cover here as well. Actually, from here on out every single John Byrne She-Hulk cover in this series is stellar. The number one cover here still remains as one of the most iconic She-Hulk covers of all time. This series acted as the modern day Deadpool series does today. Breaking the fourth wall and complete zany-ness. John Byrne’s run here was simply a work of art in every sense of the word. If a television show ever hits, this comic (series) might be the place to go as far as speculation is concerned. We feel that the TV series (total speculation here) would be based more from here and not the first series. Again, we’re speculating and could be completely incorrect. No one knows. Invest wisely! 

Sensational She-Hulk #2 (1989) – First appearance of Weezi Mason.

Marvel Age #76 (1989) – As a growing trend for quite a while, Marvel or John Byrne loved putting Jennifer in a bathing suit on his covers.

Buy/Bid – Sensational She-Hulk #3
Buy/Bid – Sensational She-Hulk #4
Buy/Bid – Sensational She-Hulk #7
Buy/Bid – Sensational She-Hulk #10




Sensational She-Hulk #3 (1989) – Spider-Man appearance by John Byrne. Byrne puts Spidey right on his cover too.

Sensational She-Hulk #4 (1989) – First appearance of Lexington Loopner.

Sensational She-Hulk #7 (1989) – First appearance of Big Enilwen.

Sensational She-Hulk #10 (1989) – First appearance of Pseudo-Man.

Click to Buy/Bid – AMZ SPM Annl #23
Click to Buy/Bid – AVGS WC Annl #4
Buy/Bid – Sensational She-Hulk #11
Buy/Bid – Sensational She-Hulk #13










Amazing Spider-Man Annual #23 (1989) – Rob Liefeld pencils She-Hulk.

Avengers West Coast Annual #4 (1989) – Amanda Conner pencils Jen.

Sensational She-Hulk #11 (1990) – Bryan Hitch first pencils on the She-Hulk. He’ll go on to do mant other issues throughout.

Sensational She-Hulk #13 (1990) – First Dale Keown cover. First appearance of Wildmoon.

Buy/Bid – Sensational She-Hulk #14
Buy/Bid – Sensational She-Hulk #15
Buy/Bid – Sensational She-Hulk #18
Buy/Bid – Sensational She-Hulk #19

Sensational She-Hulk #14 (1990) – First appearances of The Critic and Professor Brent Wilcox. A rare color corrective cover exist. 

Sensational She-Hulk #15 (1990) – Dale Keown begins a mini-run of covers.

Sensational She-Hulk #18 (1990) – First Dr. Bob Doom and Max Louden.

Sensational She-Hulk #19 (1990) – The first appearances of Nosferata and Jack Serious (Joker). This is the first of a two-parter spoofing DC’s Batman. Another awesome Keown cover as well. We love this book.

Buy/Bid – Sensational She-Hulk #20
Buy/Bid – Sensational She-Hulk #21
Buy/Bid – Sensational She-Hulk #22
Buy/Bid – Sensational She-Hulk #23

Sensational She-Hulk #20 (1990) – First appearances of Big Al G’houl, Commissioner Gruber, Three-Face, Slimeface, Professor Hugo Oddt, and Dogwoman.

Sensational She-Hulk #21 (1990) – First appearance of Abominatrix, Captain Rectitude, and Wanda Louise Mason.

Sensational She-Hulk #22 (1990) – Blonde Phantom makes an appearance.

Sensational She-Hulk #23 (1991) – Wanda Louise Mason first appears as Phantom Blonde.

Click to Buy/Bid – MRV ILL #1
Click to Buy/Bid – X-Men #272
Buy/Bid – Sensational She-Hulk #29
Buy/Bid – Sensational She-Hulk #31

Marvel Illustrated #1 (1991) – She-Hulk makes the solo cover of the first Marvel swimsuit issue.

Uncanny X-Men #272 (1991) – Jim Lee art. She-Hulk appearance.

Sensational She-Hulk #29 (1991) – Venom appearance. A classic She-Hulk cover by Tom Morgan.

Sensational She-Hulk #31 (1991) – John Byrne returns to the series. Writes/art/inks. Cover art as well.

Click to Buy/Bid – Iron Man #273
Buy/Bid – Sensational She-Hulk #34
Buy/Bid – Sensational She-Hulk #35
Buy/Bid – Sensational She-Hulk #37










Iron Man #273 (1991) – John Byrne writes an Iron Man story with a She-Hulk appearance.

Sensational She-Hulk #34 (1991) – Fantastic John Byrne cover. Demi Moore homage cover.

Sensational She-Hulk #35 (1992) – First appearance of The Living Eraser.

Sensational She-Hulk #37 (1992) – Punisher, Wolverine and Spider-Man appear on the COVER (John Byrne) only. A hysterical cover.

Buy/Bid – Sensational She-Hulk #39
Buy/Bid – Sensational She-Hulk #40
Buy/Bid – Sensational She-Hulk #41
Click To Buy/Bid – MS Moon Knight #41







Sensational She-Hulk #39 (1992) – And another awesome cover from Byrne.

Sensational She-Hulk #40 (1992) – The first appearance of Marvel Editor at the time Renee Witterstaetter as herself. Renee has done a ton of writing and coloring on top of her editorial work. She’s often seen at Michael Golden’s booth at your local convention. The cover here….wow. Why was John Byrne so into sexually exploiting the She-Hulk on so many covers?? They must have sold well to the fanboys. This issue is the most expensive aftermarket comic in the entire Sensational She-Hulk. More than the corrective color issue a few issues back.  A scarce book here drives up the price and one of the last sexual innuendo covers in this run. John Byrne officially runs into the “political correctness police”. Pushed the envelope too far according to Marvel standards we guess.  

Sensational She-Hulk #41 (1992) – The first time creator John Byrne appears (as himself) in the She-Hulk series.

Marc Spector: Moon Knight #41 (1992) – The first time Jennifer appears in a Moon Knight comic.

Click To Buy/Bid – Quasar #38
Buy/Bid – Sensational She-Hulk #50
Buy/Bid – Sensational She-Hulk #52
Buy/Bid – Sensational She-Hulk #54

Quasar #38 (1992) – It’s not so much that She-Hulk appears in this Quasar series for the first time. Really who cares? For now maybe. But this comic was drawn by none other than Greg Capullo.

Click To Buy/Bid – Sensational She-Hulk #60

Sensational She-Hulk #50 (1993) – The 50th anniversary issue. 48 pager. John Byrne loads the book up with guest appearances from a number of Marvel characters. This issue would be the last Byrne issue as Jennifer looks for a new creative team to take over her comic series. John Byrne appears in this issue and says that this comic should die (be canceled) due to the fact he’s not on it anymore.

Sensational She-Hulk #52 (1993) – This issue features an Adam Hughes cover!

Sensational She-Hulk #54 (1993) – The first official appearance of Jennifer’s momma into the Marvel universe; Elaine Ann Banner Walters.

Sensational She-Hulk #60 (1994) – The series ends here. It was a good ride. 60 issues. 14 years later. Penciler and Cover artist Pat Olliffe pays homage to John Byrne’s number one issue cover. Fantastic job here from Pat. Sorry to see you go Jennifer!  

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