Comic Broker: February 2015

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Aliens 1 of 6 ( Dark Horse )

Damn if it ain’t a great time to be comic lover.  So District 9 director Neil Blomkamp is going to revisit the Alien franchise.  You must be thinking, oh yea I have heard that crap before.  But here’s the good news.  He’s going to start his sequel right after Aliens.  Ripley fans rejoice!  Nah.  I’m waiting for the return of Hicks!  This is his first comic appearance!


Note:  This is the first Newt appearance as well but not Ripley!  That honor goes to a publication by Heavy Metal.

Macross 1

Die hard fans probably have this already but with plans for a live adaptation it’s going to become even harder to find than it  already is.


All you Need is Kill/Terra Formars FCBD 2014

Takashi Miike is a sick director in more ways that one.  Don’t believe me, watch Gozu.  So when I found out he’s adapting the ultra-violent Terra Formars I had to find the first comic appearance:


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Amazing Spider-Man 649 ( First Tron Suit )

So many wonderful versions of Spider-Man have been included in Slott’s epic Spiderverse story.  Good luck finding 650 with that sick Tron suit cover.  But you can easily find this one and there’s a cover pic of 650 in the back!



I have been waiting some time to include the following list of comics.  None are really connected to any current movie or film releases.  They are simply some of my favorite issues:

Secret Warriors 4 ( First appearance of Manifold )

The hype is on other books from this series ( see Quake and Leviathan ) but Manifold is easily the best character to come out of this excellent series

scret warriors 4 first manifold

Star Wars Galaxy 3 ( One of only a few appearances by Jaxxon )

Jaxxon, Usagi Yojimbo, The Maxx  and Bucky O Hare are my choices for best comic book hares and rabbits.  Jaxxon has a limited number of appearances.  This in one.

jaxxon appearance

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Secret Avengers 6 ( First Descendants )

One of the better modern Marvel stories centers around the Descendants and their inevitable ascension to glory.  All they needed to do was eliminate all of humanity.  Thanks for stumbling onto their subterranean homer Secret Avengers!

Secret Avengers 6 ( First Descendants )

Sabrina 28 ( rare Sonic Appearance )

Yes I collect rare Sonic appearances and this is one of the toughest to find in the wild.  People beat on Archie comics and this one suffered the same fate as most.  The point here-don’t give comics to children ( just kidding! )

sabrina 28 sonic appearance


Mighty World of MARVEL 16 ( Scarlet Witch Cover, Rocket Raccoon appears )

I am always on the hunt for more RR appearances.

Mighty World Marvel 16 Rocket Raccoon

Captain Britain 19 ( First Lance Hunter )

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. gets better and better but the next season is make or break for the show.  Lance isn’t quite a fan favorite but his first is very difficult to find.

captain britain 19 first lance hunter

R. Grampa is one of my favorite cover artists.  Here are three covers my collection can’t do without:

Amercian Vampire 6 Cover R. Grampa Variant5 Cover R. GrampaUncanny X-Force 19 R. Grampa Cover

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DISCLAIMER:  see Hot Picks



Comic Broker Report – January 2015 (part 1)


Secret Warriors 11


I was expecting Hydra to cause Agent Carter all the problems a secret agent can handle. But it appears the secret organization  Leviathan has taken  on that role.  So who or what  is Leviathan? Leviathan’s are the Chitauri ships first seen in Nova and the  Avengers film. But there is also an evil organization from Secret Warriors called Leviathan. Are they connected? Time will tell. Buy this now though. It’s cheap and if Quake become a fan favorite on TV, how long do you think it will be before more of her early appearances dry up?

Justice League of America 10

Constantine continues to impress and now it’s been announced that the villainous Felix Faust will be making his TV debut. Here is his first appearance.

Tales of Suspense 46


Agent Carter was surprisingly good. With nods to The Whizzer and Roxxon, the writers seem set on using Marvels rich history to fill episodes. Even Anton Vanko ( father of Whiplash!) makes it into the mix. This is his first appearance as Crimson Dynamo 1!

The Sword of Shannara


To date this is the only comic adaptation of any work from Brooks epic fantasy series, soon to be an MTV show.

The only other adaptation was a serialized comic strip by Gray Morrow from February to April, 1978. Unfortunately it’s hard to tell what papers printed the Best Seller Showcase. At this point I can confirm the Birmingham News and Chicago Tribune as publishers. The Best Seller Showcases were syndicated comic versions of novels by some renown authors. It didn’t last. To date they are the only comic version of The Sword of Shannara but it’s  likely that any newspapers that are found will be in poor condition. It is interesting to note that the original art for Morrow’s work was auctioned off in the mid 2000’s.

Trip Comic Book 12, 1978


Overstreet actually lists these so they do exist. Apparently issues ( 12-19? ) collect Chicago Tribune comics. If this does exist it would be the only reprinting of The Sword of Shannara in comic book format.

Note: Heavy Metal printed excerpts from The Sword of Shannara in early issues with art by Hildebrandt!

A recent post within an online speculation community inspired this next group. EC comics continue to rise in value as high grade copies become increasingly more difficult to find. Though the next few works are not comics they are key for both collectors and comic historians.

Ladies Home Journal November 1943


Frederick Wertham is a historical enemy of  Sequential art. His book, Seduction of the innocent ( a comic collectible in its own right ) set comics back for decades. The mass hysteria it caused pretty much gave EC the knockout blow. There were a few publications that predated his novel and they are bonafide comic collectibles.

Reader’s Digest May 1954


Readers Digest August 1948


Taking from Seduction of the Innocent we begin to get an understanding of Wertham’s misguided view comics.

Saturday Review of Literature May, 1948


To my knowledge this is Wertham’s first publish work on Comics.

The Adventures of Snake Plissken

Who would have thought that Marvel holds the honor for the first comic appearance of Snake Plissken?

Fox remake is coming.


  Other notable comics:

       Snake Plissken Chronicles Preview            Escape From New York 1:100 Variant


Fantastic Universe January 1956 ( first Minority Report )

first minority report
With a Show based on PKD’s powerful sci-fi masterpiece coming soon it’s inevitable that collectors will seek out early publications.

Rumors surrounding the upcoming Dr. Strange film have hinted at the possibility of the introduction of parallel universe into the Marvel films universe. Since Reed Richards is locked up by another studio how else would they possibly introduce the Negative Zone and why is the zone important? In Civil War Reed creates a prison for unregistered heroes called Prison/Project 42. As Cap 3 is titled Civil War it’s time to start thinking about important comics related to the event. Key issues concerning the prison included:


and Fantastic Four/Foes 5 ( first appearance of the prison )




It must be the Milo Manara effect because this one has become a tough find.


Dread 10 ( Fan Newsletter )


This rare item has the distinction of Being the first publication to print John Bolton’s cover for Army of Darkness 1 by Dark Horse.  With a show coming it may prove to be the first appearance of Ash.  The only other contender is Dark Horse Insider 6 which I have mentioned before.  At this point it looks like they came out at the same time.

Ghost in the Shell Speculation

Wizard Magazine 44 ( bagged only ), 61

Let the film spec begin!

Issue 44 has the rare Ghost in the Shell mini comic and issue 66 is a later cover!



Marvel Panel San Diego Comic Con Highlights Q&A!

Q: Where are Nova and the Guardians of the Galaxy?

A: “Nova and Rocket Raccoon were in the Marvel NOW! teaser for a reason. We’re building toward something big with these characters.” – Axel Alonso

Q: Will we see stories involving Polaris’ past in X-Factor?

A: “Breaking Points. An entire issue answers a major question about her past. And no, it’s not ‘Is Magneto her father?’ He is. X-Factor #243.” – Peter David

Q: Are there plans for Silver Surfer?

A: “We’re taking a long hard look at all the non-Earthbound characters. I grew up in California and surfed. I love The Silver Surfer.” – Axel Alonso

 A: “You will see god-like characters in Thanos: Son of Titan. This series is Thanos learning about the universe around him and the genesis of him becoming who he will be. You’ll be seeing a lot of characters you love and love to hate.” – Sana Amanat “This is Thanos: Year One.” – Axel Alonso

Q: Any plans for Doctor Strange? Big applause.

A: “There’s no absence of love for Doctor Strange. A lot of people have come to us with an interest. We want to do it right. We need to figure out what Marvel magic means, what the rules are. It can’t just be a deus ex machina.” – Axel Alonso

Q: Runaways?

A: “Some Runaways will have a major role in an upcoming new ongoing series not called Runaways. You’ll find out more by September.” – Arune Singh

Q: Cloak & Dagger?

A: “You’re going to get more Cloak & Dagger in Amazing Spider-Man. It’s a great appearance and it will impact Peter Parker.” – Sana Amanat

Q: Will we see the Secret Warriors?

A: “Remember that ongoing book not called Runaways with some Runaways? It will not be called Secret Warriors, but you will see some Secret Warriors there.” – Arune Singh



InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 9-17-08

1 Iron Man 118 1st Jim Rhodes.jpg ironman_169_firsttimeasironman.jpg The Hot picks for this week focus on a Marvel character that has been around for a while. This hero will have his day in the sun as Marvel sets up for his comeback. Looking to make ‘Jimbo’ a major player, Marvel had recently announced at the San Diego Comic Con that he will be getting his own ongoing series. This week Jim Rhodes makes his return setting up for the solo series. Find out where it all began….. 


A small week for Hot Picks. Never fret, there is always next week!

Let’s get started with Iron Man……… 


Iron Man # 33  War Machine will have his own ongoing series in the not so distant future and his comeback starts right here! If you hop on the time machine back to 1983 you’d find Iron Man # 169, which would be Jim Rhodes first appearance. Now fast forward 10 years later to 1993 and find Iron Man #291, which would be the first issue for War Machine on his own. These issues are very affordable right now and should be picked up before that solo series hits. It should also be noted that when Robert Downey Jr. gets bored of being Iron Man, look for Hollywood to look at Terrance Howard as War Machine to take flight in theaters as a solo movie. Pick up the first appearances and hold on to these comics for a while; you’ll be glad you did.



Squadron Supreme 2 # 3  Arachnophilia makes her comic debut right here. That’s a great Greg Horn cover huh?! The thing that makes this debut something to watch is that she has the powers of a spider of some sort. Any hero, (hero?) that possesses a type of spider power has always ‘usually’ turned out to be a mild success. Even though it might have taken YEARS to do so but, Spider-Woman is successful, Spider-Girl has a following and Spider-Man has potential, no? I guess we might have to wait a little bit to see how this new character plays out. You never know, this could be an instant successful character, or maybe it’ll take 20 years for comic fans to be interested. Tough call here, buy it, read it, let US know……. 


Mighty Avengers # 18  Another debut for Marvel this week. This time a team debuts, Nick Fury’s Secret Warriors. Not too keen on the name. Sounds like something that has been done before. Just like the Squadron comic, not too sure this debut will be much…..right now. It’s a Secret Invasion tie in, which makes this a must have for SI readers. Nick Fury as of late has been kicking butt and taking names, maybe Nick Fury’s Secret Warriors will do the same in the investment column. Big maybe……… 



Greatest Hits # 1  A new team emerges from DC’s Vertigo imprint. They’re from England, they’re a rock band and they have super powers. No it’s not the Beatles. And a Variant cover by Ethan Van Sciver. Looks interesting.





See you next week.

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz