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Locke & Key Sandman Hell & Gone #1 – Here’s a team-up we can get behind. Two massive storytelling series’ collide with their respective writers. Joe Hill, who wrote Locke & Key, and the Sandman series written by Neil Gaiman will converge and definitely create some comic book magic. This is one of those times you scratch your head and say, “no way, really??” Yes, for real. Expect quick sell-outs here and a second print announced by the end of the week. 
Thor #14 – Speaking of firepower, it’s no secret that Donny Cates is the hottest writer on planet earth. Mr. Cates will be wrapping up his Thor storyline “Prey” and fans can always expect a surprise. 
Batman The Detective #1 – DC changed the title from Batman: The Dark Knight to what it is now. Why do you ask? Don’t know, don’t really care either. Both title names are cool and we just wanted to bring that up to create some banter. Anyway, Batman fans and collectors need to keep a close eye on this one. Although a mini-series, there will be first appearances within it. The superstar creative team made up of writer Tom Taylor and artist Andy Kubert makes for another reason to check this one out. 
Jenny Zero #1 – An introduction of a new character in their number one issue. Dark Horse Comics.
Daredevil #29 – It’s unofficial/official in this issue, Elektra is the new Daredevil! That said, warning signs from writer Chip Zdarsky teasing new characters upon us. Marco Checchetto pencils. 

Top 5 Comic
Top 5 Comic
Top 5 Comic
Top 5 Comic
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Joker #2        
Thor #14 
Darkhawk Heart Of The Hawk #1
Darkhawk #1 (1991)
Superman #30 
Spider-Man Spider’s Shadow #1 
The Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries #1
Guardians Of The Galaxy #13 
Non-Stop Spider-Man #2 
You Promised Me Darkness #1 
Batman: Urban Legends #2
Freakshow Knight #1 
Home #1 
Karmen #2 
Lighthouse #1 
Man Goat & The Bunny Man #1 
Phantom On The Scan #1
Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope Tusken Raider Barbaric Desert Tribe ARTFX Statue
POP Jumbo Marvel Galactus Previews Exclusive 10-Inch Metallic Vinyl Bobble Head
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GI Joe Lady Jaye Canary Ann Bishoujo Statue
 – Kotobukiya











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