InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 10-5-11

DC’s relaunch is finally over. All of their number one issue’s have come out, or have they? Apparently DC isn’t done just yet. Two more number one issue’s, this time (insert your best Voltron voice here) in form of Limited Series’. Aren’t we all lucky! Maybe not, we’ll see.

Marvel has answered the bell this past week with their Point One – The Foundation and The Incredible Hulk #1. It’s becoming total nonsense with the reboot’s and epic events. Comic books need to get back to basics and have heroes vs. villains, but then again THAT doesn’t make money for them anymore! Although, most of your Independent publishers are completely blowing that theory out the window now aren’t they?!

Enough of the meandering, let’s check out some books coming out this week.

DC for the fifth consecutive week here debut a new number one issue(s). This time as mentioned earlier, both limited series. Huntress #1 from writer Paul Levitz, with art from Marcus To and John Dell. Now if this series decides to take off and DC makes it a regular ongoing, shouldn’t 52 become 53? Oh wait a new month, so it’s still 52 last month but now it’s just 52 + 2. Just saying. The Huntress had several first appearances, so we’re going to cover all of our bases to ensure rumblings from the peanut gallery below (love you guys!). The very first Huntress (Paula Brooks) came in 1947’s Sensational Comics #68. If you’re interested in buying it, it’ll cost a heavy $750. The second Huntress (Helena Wayne) debuted in All Star Comics #69 (1977). Here you’re looking at another heavy sum of $60. The third Huntress (Helena Bertinelli – Valerie’s sister?? Oh never mind) came in herself titled comic in 1989. Find this comic in the $1 bins throughout the land, and why the mention of “heavy cost”, because the Huntress will always remain a third rate character with no upside to her first appearances. Well that’s not unless Geoff Johns gets a hold of her.

The second limited series comes from a villain within the Batman gallery that seems as though time has passed him by. He seems so dated, has for quite some time now. The only oblivious guesses here as to why the Penguin is in his own limited series are that DC has a story to tell and they’re trying to make him relevant again. Either way, the Penguin is going to stay on “ice” for a while. His first appearance though commands a pricey 12k in Detective Comics #58 (1941). The only saving grace for this Penguin story is that it’s written by Gregg Hurwitz. Otherwise, Penguin will waddle back into obscurity after this series.

There are a few Independents to check out this week. Blood Red Dragon #0. Todd McFarlane and Stan Lee create this new hero and hand over the reins to others to handle the writing and pencil duties. If the cover is anything to come for the inside, this looks awesome. Also from Image, Last of the Greats #1 and Strange Talent of Luther Strode #1 look to be interesting reads. And finally, Zenoscope’s Theater #1 looks like fun as well.

See you next week.

Invest Wisely

Jay Katz

InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 9-28-11 DC Comics Relaunch Special Part 4 (Final)

Down the stretch they come…..DC’s Relaunch will be officially over this week. What a crazy 4 weeks it has been. DC hit a home run with this campaign, and NOW the hard part is coming up for them. Will they be able to sustain the interest of the comic book world with issue number 2, 3, 4, and so forth.

So without further ado, let’s get started with the final week of DC’s new look.

There are several comics that have been covered already in the past few weeks, let’s get them out of the way.


Aquaman #1 – 1st appearance More Fun Comics #73. Click HERE to Week 1 for details.

Batman The Dark Knight #1 – 1st appearance Detective Comics #27. Click HERE to Week 3 for details.

Superman #1 – 1st appearance Action Comics #1. Click HERE to Week 1 for details.

Justice League Dark #1 – 1st appearance of Deadman. Click HERE to Week 3 for details.

Flash #1 & The Savage Hawkman #1 – Let’s all be honest here, the only reason Flash is cool equates to 2 words. Geoff Johns. Without him, Green Lantern wouldn’t be cool, Flash wouldn’t be cool, and Aquaman wouldn’t be cool. Yea that’s right Aquaman. Look for the water guy to be Geoff’s next big conquest. But this isn’t about the Aqua, this is about the Flash. Flash’s first appearance goes for a big payday in around the 160k mark in Flash Comics #1 (1940). Incidentally, this comic also has the first appearance of Johnny Thunder AND Hawkman. So looking at 160k for “2” very nice 1st appearances seems like a bargain at the moment.

Blackhawks #1 – Although this comic from Costa/Nolan feels like it’s going to be a fun book; it’s not a book many are dying to get their hands on. This can all change of course in a matter of a weeks’ notice, but not a comic that will fly off the shelves. The same holds true for the first appearance of Blackhawk. No much demand here, but a fine book nonetheless. Coming in at $14,000 is Military Comics #1 (1941). You want one of the beauties of this comic? It comes with legend Will Eisner all over it. Nuff said.

Teen Titans #1 – Here is the comic book world’s favorite teen team in a number one issue…..again. Maybe creators Lobdell/Booth will bring a total different flavor and blow everyone away. Let’s hope. The Brave and The Bold #54 (1960) has the first look at our teenage heroes. At only $860, this comic feels like it’s flying under the radar a bit.

All Star Western #1 – Are fans ready for a full out western comic? With Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray attached to this book, a resounding HELL’S YEA! All Star Western Comics made their debut with DC’s All Star line ending with issue #57 and becoming All Star Western #58 (1951), a $600 book with an awesome Gil Kane cover. Nuff said, again.

Justice League Dark #1 – Lots of characters to check out in this one. Let’s start with Deadman. Find his deal in Hot Picks Part 3. John Constantine’s 1st in Saga of the Swamp Thing #37 (1985) $30. Zatanna first appeared in Hawkman #4 (1964) $400. Madame Xanadu’s first calling was in Doorway to Nightmare #1 (1978) $16. And Shade the Changing Man #1 (1977) debuted from his creator Steve Ditko. The bargain of the bunch at only $16.

The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #1 – Okay so we have a plural in the title which means we have 2 to cover here. Jason Rusch – Firestorm #1 (2004) (probably find this comic in the 1 dollar bins at your local comic shop or comic show), and Ronnie Raymond – Firestorm #1 (1978) from George Perez for $12?? Yes getting the latter would be a very wise move. Jason and Ronnie began their mancrush in Blackest Night #3 (2009). Get this comic at cover price or check that dollar bin again.

Also coming from DC this week, a couple of try out books in Voodoo #1, I, Vampire #1 and a mainstay in Green Lantern New Guardians #1.

And there you have it. 4 weeks of DC goodness from DC and InvestComics! Check out by clicking Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3 for the entire run on InvestComics.

Okay Marvel…….your move.

See you all next week. Invest wisely

Jay Katz

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From 52 to 51

So what is “From 52 to 51”

Well it’s quite simple really.

You see, with DC’s Relaunch and 52 titles, there is all but almost a certainty to happen. Actually I GUARENTEE this will happen! A Death. No not a character death.

So the question is asked……..


Understand that this is NO reflection on any of the creators that have worked very hard on these titles, but DO understand that ONE of these titles WILL in FACT be the FIRST causality. Like it or not.

Will it be I, Vampire?  Stormwatch? Red Hood and The Outlaws? Grifter? Mister Terrific? Men Of War? Static Shock? Voodoo? Resurrection Man?  Or will it be one of the other 43 titles not listed here?

What title will have the dubious distinction of bumping 52 to 51?

Let the guessing begin!
























InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 9-21-11 DC Comics Relaunch Special Part 3

InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 9-21-11 DC Relaunch Special Part 3….

As we head into week number 3 of the new DC universe, many have taken notice, where’s Marvel? On a personal note, I have been reading, collecting, selling, and now involved within the industry and never have I ever seen Marvel take such a backseat to DC. It’s been a long time coming for DC, now if they could just figure out their market place on the big screen, all will be very well.

DC is coming around third base and heading home shortly as they bang out week 3 of the biggest move in the company’s history. Let’s begin from high to low (Values) as we have in the previous 2 weeks.

Batman #1 – Just like his counterpart Superman, and, no more underwear! Finally DC realized that the major selling point on everything in “Marketing” is “Eye Appeal”. The underwear on most all of the heroes/villains are gone. The undie’s on the outside of the costumes made the characters seem extremely dated. That’s the rant on underwear, now on to the more important stuff. If you’ve lived under a rock for the past 73 years you know that Batman’s first appearance happened in Detective Comics #27 (1938). It also sold for over a million dollars within the past year. You know this already, right? InvestComics has no surprise here like as in “well maybe you didn’t know this”. The bottom line here, if you can afford to pick up a copy of this comic, be it low grade or high, buy it. DC Comics is nothing without Batman or Superman.

Catwoman #1 – Speaking of Batman, 2 years after the intro of Batman, the first appearance of one of the greatest villains ever and the Catwoman happens in Batman #1 (1940). Again, you under that rock still? This comic is listed at $350,000. Same applies as above, low or high, buy it. Not a bad pick up at all for the number one issue of Batman and the first appearance of the Joker. Sorry Cat, no disrespect.

Wonder Woman #1 – Here we have one of the most revamped, redone, overdone, overhyped, misunderstood characters in the DC Universe. Countless times we have been witness to a dramatic “new beginning” or “nothing is the same” or “new costume” (insert your own drama tagline here). Let’s not forget the failed television pilot. So the question has to be asked, what in the world will make a difference this time?? Maybe writer Brian Azzarello, and artist Cliff Chiang will bring something different to the table this time. Maybe. Check out Wonder Woman’s first appearance in All Star Comics #8 (1941). Coming in almost $250,000 less than Joker and Catwoman’s first at $108,000, it’s an oblivious statement here that Wonder Woman is a good teammate, and not meant to be in her own book.

Supergirl #1 – Here is another shining example of a character that has been redone so many times it’s comical. So many restarts over the years, so many changes, it’s ridiculous. It seems as though DC is trying to capture a market that does not want to be captured. Most female heroes are not that strong to carry their own books (as MANY male heroes as well!) If they do, it’s for a short while before sales wane and they start the nonsense of the restart or new direction. Supergirl, as said before does not escape the stigma. If you want to seek out the first appearance, look for the “test issue” Superman #123 (1958) for $400. Otherwise get the original/origin in Action Comics #252 (1959) $6000.

Captain Atom #1 – This new series should do well as long as JT Krul remains on writing duties. Look for Cap Atom’s first in Space Adventures #33 (1960). This $620 comic not only features cap’s 1st, but it’s drawn by legend Steve Ditko. If you want “post” Crisis get Captain Atom #1 (1987) for only $2.50.

DC Universe Presents #1 – Here we have DC’s “tester” comic. It’ll feature a different hero headlining every now and again. So what happens here is DC sits back and waits for the demand of a hero in his own title steaming from THIS comic. Dig. First up, Deadman! DC couldn’t figure out, should we give DM his own title? Heck we’ll let the fans decide! DM’s first is in Strange Adventures #205 (1967). This comic comes in at $205.

Red Hood & the Outlaws #1 – a trio to look for from this comic. Jason Todd as Red Hood first appeared in Batman #635 $10. Arsenal’s first in The New Titans #99 $4, and Starfire’s intro in DC Comics Presents #26 (1980) for $34. Yes that’s $34 for the first New Teen Titans. That price tag is far and away for Starfire’s First. Just saying….

Birds of Prey #1 – (see Wonder Woman #1, Catwoman #1, and Supergirl #1 above). BOP’s first in Black Canary/Oracle Birds of Prey #1 (1996) $12.

Blue Beetle #1 – Jamie Reyes as Blue Beetle in self titled Blue Beetle #1 (2006) $3.

Green Lantern Corps #1 and Legion of Super-Heroes #1 – See last week’s Hot Picks 9-14-11 by clicking here. These comics are covered here. Go ahead click here, and then come back. We’ll be here…..go, go….it’s okay.

Marvel Comics has a couple of comics to check out this week. Yes Marvel. Remember them?

The delayed Brilliant #1 will feature Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley teaming up for the first time. As said in a previous article of Hot Picks, pick this comic up before it hits the big screen. Oh yes, it’ll get picked up. InvestComics has called quite a few of these in the past. Kick Ass, Grant Caloff’s H2O……just saying.
Daredevil #4 gets a new writer/artist in Marcos Martin.

Independent Comics to check out. IDW’s Star Trek ongoing #1, and Ghostbusters ongoing #1. Dark Horse Presents #4, and Image Comics Near Death #1.

That’s it for this week. Next week the DC madness ends. Will DC sustain the onslaught and domination of the comic book market? We’ll see……

DC #1 Covers below.

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz

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InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 9-14-11 (DC Comics Relaunch Special Part 2)

Welcome to InvestComics Comic Hot Picks for the second part of our DC Relaunch Specials.

Last week DC owned the comic shops across the globe. This week, and the following weeks ahead will be no different. As we did last week, InvestComics will cover every number one issue including first appearances, number one issues, and the collector’s price for each. Once again, a special thanks to Comics Price for providing the pricing for the wonderful crop of comics this week. We’ll keep the trend in Part 2 here and go from High to Low…..

Two words, Green Lantern. Two more words, Geoff Johns. There is absolutely no denying what Geoff johns has done for this character. Green Lantern is a force within the DC Universe and so are these numbers coming up. Reach deep in those pockets friends.

Green Lantern #1 – We’re going to cover most of the Lanterns first appearances for you! The drop off from the very first Lantern to the second is quite alarming. Actually, the drop off between each of the Lantern’s is quite noticeable. The first ever Lantern came with Alan Scott bearing the ring in All American Comics #16 1940. This comic is 71 years old. 71 years of age for a human being is not old age in today’s society in some cases, considering the conditioning of some folks in this day in age, but for a comic book? That’s old! To own a piece of the oldest ring bearer out there, you’re looking at least $300,000. Looking to save a few bucks? Look for the fan favorite second Lantern Hal Jordan in Showcase #22 from 1959. Only 19 years later and coming in some 275 thousand cheaper! Yes that’s right, GL Hal cost $25,000. Guy Gardner first appearance is Green Lantern #59 1968. Gil Kane art in this issue for only $280. Next up we have the first appearance of the first African American Green Lantern John Stewart in GL #87 from 1971. As Guy Gardner’s first comic was penciled by a legend, John Stewart’s was also penciled by a legend, Neal Adams. Only $180 for this one. We’ll round out the list with Kyle Rayner. Kyle’s first appearance was in GL #48 (1994) for only $6.

Legion Lost #1 – Adventure Comics #247 (1958) has the first appearance of Legion for what seems like an expensive $14000.

Superboy #1 – The majority of society will probably know that Superman first appeared in Action Comics #1. Well what about the “boy”? As in Superboy? Wonder no more, InvestComics has it covered. The first Superboy appeared in 1945 in a comic called More Fun Comics #101. A comparison of the first Superman and Superboy comics would be ridiculous and besides, they aren’t even in the same Krypton galaxy as far as pricing goes. Pony up $12,000 and that’ll get you the 1st Superboy. Pony up $1.6 million….well you know what that’ll get ya.

Suicide Squad #1 – Get the Squads first in Brave and the Bold #25 (1959) for $750. Like Legions first, this too seems a bit on the heavy side.

Demon Knights #1 – Does this title belong in the Marvel Knights line? Get Demon’s  1st appearance in his self titled “Jack King Kirby” Demon #1 (1972) for $60. This comic should be on any collectors buy list. If it’s not in your collection, it should be.

Deathstroke #1 – Speaking of being on your “buy list”, The New Teen Titans #2 (1980) should be on there. This nugget happened to be at the very beginning of the decade that began the craziness of the collectors market. The good thing about this comic is that it missed the overprinting, 800 variant, 3D, glow in the dark covers era. It’s a scarce copy of a comic that features an extremely underrated DC Universe character. Why Deathstroke is not as big if not bigger than Marvel’s Deadpool is a huge mystery. Maybe this number one issue will breathe some life into this character that it so richly deserves. Maybe a movie DC? Hello? Chop chop……. At only $48, this comic is THE InvestComics DC Relaunch Special Hot Pick of the week!

Here’s the rest of the pack, at single digit prices.


Batman and Robin #1 – Deciding not to go with Batman and Robin’s first team up, we’ll save that for Tim’s first appearance, but for now we’ll look at Robin in THIS book; Damian. Damian’s first appearance (as a baby) is in 1987’s Batman Son of the Demon – one shot($6). Resurrection Man #1 – 1st appeared with his self titled book in 1997 with character Mitchell Shelly. Pick this up for $5. Batwoman #1 – Kate Kane dons the costume in the latest female bat book. Check out Kate Kane’s first appearance in 52 #9(2006). Then Kate wears that sexy outfit for the first time 2 issues later in 52 #11(2006). Both comics are $4 each. Mr. Terrific #1 – Mr. Terrific? Was this comic really necessary? Anyway, find The Spectre #54 (1997) and you’ll be the proud owner the first Michael Holt, a.k.a Mr. Terrific. Red Lanterns #1 – Atrocitus leads the way in the new Red Lantern book. Check out the first appearance of big A in Green Lantern 28 (2008) a la’ Geoff Johns.  Get this little gem for only $3.

And rounding out this week with a look in the $1 bin, Grifter #1 –  Jim Lee’s WildC.A.T.s Covert Action Teams #1 (1992) earns you a first appearance of Grifter. Then the final piece of this DC Relaunch madness is Frankenstein Agent of Shade #1. Wow Frankenstein? Really?? Maybe Mr. Terrific had something to do with this. Check out DC’s first Frankie in Detective Comics #195 (1948) for $1200. (Editor note:Frankenstein 1st appearance was a late correction)

That’s it for this week. We’ll see you next week with another round of InvestComics Comic Hot Picks DC Relaunch Special.

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 9-7-11 (DC Comics Relaunch Special Part 1)

Welcome to one of the most comprehensive Hot Picks list to date from InvestComics. Last week we all witnessed the rebirth of the new DC Universe with only 2 new releases. This week DC goes with 13 titles, and InvestComics will give you the low down on each title. First appearances, Number one issues, and the collectors price for these gems. So sit back, get the check book, plastic, or cash whichever you choose and buy some of these very affordable comics. (And a special thanks to Comics Price for providing the pricing)

Where to begin? Well let’s start with the Mecca of all comics, Action Comics #1. Some 73 years ago, most of our grandparents/parents were witness to arguable the greatest Superhero and First Lady of comic books in history; Clark and Lois. Action Comics # 1 from 1938 sold for $1.5 million dollars (yes you’re allowed to put your pinky to your mouth and say, with your best Evil accent “1.5 million dollars.” It’s okay; no one is watching….go ahead.) So let’s stick with a theme here and go from High to low.

Detective Comics #1 – Where there is Superman, Batman shouldn’t be that far behind. In this particular case he is. (We await the Batman #1 release where Bats catches up quickly!). Ask any collector a certain issue number and they will instantly know what it is. In some cases, you can give a collector just a number and they will know what you’re talking about. With Detective Comics, you have just that. Everyone knows about issue #27, but ask a collector what the cover looks like to Detective Comics #1 1937 and they may stall a bit. It’s an awkward cover isn’t it? You want some beauty? Okay how about the cover relates to one of the nine plus stories in this book called “The Streets Of Chinatown” written by Jerry Siegel and pencils by Joe Shuster? Yea, “those 2 guys”. The two JS’s also have another story in here called “Part 1”. One of the great things about this $100,000 Joe and Jerry comic is that it predates Action Comics #1!

Green Arrow #1 -The next comic up for bid at $36,000 would be More Fun Comics #73 from 1935. If calculations are correct here, that means that 3 years prior to Superman (and Lois) making their debut, Aquaman, Speedy and Green Arrow all did in the same comic, but yet it cost  1.4+ million dollars less. Further proof that yes Superman is a badas*.

Swamp Thing #1 – One of the, if not THE greatest horror artist of all time had a hand in creating this Swamp Thing character. Mr. Bernie Wrightson. Swamp Thing is one of those characters that never seemed to find his footing (maybe it’s all of those twigs) in the DC universe. Or so it seems that way. Coming in at $1200 is Swamp’s first appearance in House of Secrets #92 from 1971. Not a bad buy if the Swamp Thing would ever get a big budget film like he deserves. Otherwise this comic will probably remain at the pace of a slow climbing valued comic for a long time.

Animal Man #1 – The first appearance of Animal Man came is Strange Adventures #180 1965. Animal Man was born on paper by an awesome artist; Carmine Infantino. But, very much like Swamp Thing, Animal Man needs a “place” and maybe, just maybe Writer Jeff Lemire and Penciler Travel Foreman will bring it. A very non-animal collector’s price of only $260 for this first appearance. You won’t get rabies if you buy at $200 plus, but as it applied to Swamp Thing’s first appearance, it’s a slow mover. Think of it this way, this comic is 4 years away from becoming a 50 year old book…..

Batgirl #1 – Written by Gail Simone, Pencils by Ardian Syaf, and a cover by Adam Hughes probably will equate to big sales for this comic. All rejoice! Barbara Gordon will be making a comeback as Batgirl! Catch her first appearance in Detective Comics #359 1967 valued at $240 (penciled by Carmine Infantino!). Batgirl will make some noise, and will be a force in the DC Universe. Look for the Detective Comic to gain a little bit of steam, much more so than Animal Man and Swamp Thing.

Hawk and Dove #1 – The last of the “upper level” spending list. Hawk And Dove first appeared together in Showcase #75 1968. It’s only $200. A $200 comic with a first appearance from Steve Ditko. Is there anything left to say here? Yes the comic is 43 years old and only worth a couple of hundred bucks, but we’re talking about a legend here debuting new characters that have a relaunch comic coming out, add to this the potential of a movie one day, and you have a collector’s item. Buy this.

Coming in at the $16 mark; Men of War #1 1977, and Omac #1 1974. Both of these comics hold some promise, and In case you haven’t heard (no bird bird isn’t the word) the Bronze Age is the way to go as far as collecting comics go. An era still poised for some serious upside. Omac #1 1974 for example, Jack “King” Kirby draws the origin of Omac. Men of War #1 1977; written by David Michelinie. So put that variant cover of Spider-Island back and get one of these books.

For $5 you can get the first appearance of Justice League International. Or you could possibly find one in the long boxes at your local convention for a buck. Look for Justice League #1 from 1987 for the 1st JLI. While in those long boxes, move over to the 50 cent boxes and look for Static #1 1993 (the late great Dwayne Mcduffie), and Jim Lee’s Image title Stormwatch #1 from 1993. Then after that, move on over to the current books and grab Batman Incorporated #5 for cover price. The African American Batwing makes his debut in there. He’s also making the cut in DC’s relaunch with Batwing #1.

Okay with that out of the way, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this article and check out all of the covers to the NEW number one issues DC is offering up.

Here are the rest of the comics to check out this week.

Marvel – New Avengers Annual #1, and  Annihilators Earthfall #1. Image Comics – 27 Second Set #1. Bluewater Comics – Orbit Stan Lee #1, and Walter Koenig’s Things To Come #1.





Until next week, Invest wisely

Jay Katz

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InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 8-31-11

Welcome to this week’s InvestComics Comic Hot Picks.


Well the time has finally arrived. The redo, restart, do over, resurrection, rebuild………..however you want to slice it or dice it, DC’s massive overhaul is being dubbed “The Relaunch”. Readers will get their hands on only 2 “new” releases this week from DC. As Flashpoint #5 ends in climactic fashion, Justice League #1 will begin the new era for DC. There will be plenty of cool covers to choose from regarding the new JL book. One in particular will garner the most attention, the David Finch variant sketch cover. It’s a beauty and it’ll be the best ratio book as far as collectable.

Meanwhile…..back at Marvel. No relaunch for them (Not yet!), but they have 3 comics to check out this week, obliviously nowhere near as epic as the DC’s books, but interesting nonetheless. Greg Pak ends hi s Hulk run, and what a run it has been. Incredible Hulks #635 promises to deliver.

Look for Marvel to push this next character in our faces for the next year or so. The Ultimate Comics Hawkeye #1 will probably sell out due to the cool variant covers by Adam Kubert and Neal Adams, as well as some good storytelling from Jonathan Hickman.

Marvel’s biggest issue this week will be the newest creation from Brian Micheal Bendis and Mark Bagley. Although this story sounds like it’s been done a million times, we’re sure (we hope) there will be a twist of some sort. This will be Marvel’s easy sell out of the week, and their next movie in 2015.

A few Independents to check out this week; International Spy games Vescell #1, issue number 6 of Guarding theGlobe (last issue), Morning Glories Yearbook 2011, Extinct #1, Dino Strike Force #1, Bluespear #1 and Discord.

Check out the covers of the week below. Do you have a cover we missed that you think deserves to be here? Upload it and share it on the InvestComics Facebook page! Or comment below.

Until next week, Invest wisely.

Jay Katz

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