Top 5 Trending Comics #192

Every week before new comic book day, Trending Pop Culture provides the fans with the Top 5 Trending Comics arriving on new comic book day .
New Comics and items arriving 12/5/18. Trending Comics and More #555

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Infinity Wars Infinity Warps #2 – Introduces Power Pack in a whole new light. Those fun-loving little brat kids with superpowers are now the Punisher Pack.
Shazam! #1 – Writer Geoff Johns and artist Dale Eagleham. It’s been quite some time since Shazam starred in his on monthly title. 20 years or so. If anyone would make a successful Shazam comic, Geoff Johns would be the guy to do it.
Prodigy #1 – A new Netflix series coming soon. Writer Mark Millar and artist Rafael Albuquerque.
The Freeze #1. Writer Dan Wickline and artist Phillip SevyImage Comics/Top Cow.
Winter Soldier #1 – Kyle Higgins and Rod Reis.

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Here are the rest of the trending comics and items headed your way this Wednesday from Trending Comics and More #555 
X-Men: The Exterminated #1 
The Defenders Namor #1
Defenders The Immortal Hulk #1
Deadpool #7
The Merry X-Men Holiday Special #1
Star Wars Age Of The Republic – Qui-Gon Jinn #1
Killmonger #1
Martian Manhunter #1
Self Made #1
Die #1
Grumble #1
Snap Flash Hustle #1
Nice #1

Trending items arriving this Wednesday. Most are sold out. Click on the RED links or the image to buy/bid on these hot items via eBay from ALL available sellers.
POP Marvel Holiday 400 Deadpool With Candy Canes Vinyl Bobble Head – Funko
Stranger Things Ornament Eleven – Funko
Topps 2018 Stranger Things Trading Cards Box – Topps

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Top 5 Trending Comics #191

Every week before new comic book day, Trending Pop Culture provides the fans with the Top 5 Trending Comics arriving on new comic book day .
New Comics and items arriving 11/28/18. Trending Comics and More #554

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Batman Beyond #26 – After a long absence, Joker makes his return to the beyond universe. This comic is already gaining some traction on both the trending side and aftermarket side.
Monarchs #1 – New Scout Comics’ offering is sold out. Creators; A.C. Medina and Fernando Pinto.
Daredevil #612 – Writer Charles Soule wraps up a major story line with villain Vigil. Art by Phil Noto.
Marvel Action Spider-Man #1 – IDW debuts a new comic starring Peter, Miles and Gwen. All in their spider outfits too. The Kevin Eastman variant (shown here) is sold out. Creators Delilah S Dawson and Fico Ossio.
Monstrous #1 – This Source Point Press comic is sold out. Gregory Wright and Ken Lamug.

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Here are the rest of the trending comics and items headed your way this Wednesday from Trending Comics and More #554
Ironheart #1
Fantastic Four #4
Old man Hawkeye #11
Dead Man Logan #1
Action Comics #1005
DC Nuclear Winter Special #1
Flash #59
The Warning #1

Trending items arriving this Wednesday. Most are sold out. Click on the RED links or the image to buy/bid on these hot items via eBay from ALL available sellers.
DC Comics Bombshells Batman & Catwoman deluxe statue – DC Collectibles
DC Comic Gallery Catwoman PVC Figure – Diamond Select
DC Artist Alley Designer Vinyl Figure By Sho Murase – Poison Ivy – DC Collectibles


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Trending Comics & More #554

Here are this week’s top trending comic books and new items headed your way this Wednesday 11-28-18
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Please note: New comic book releases and all items are subject to change

Writer Charles Soule wraps up a major Daredevil storyline this Wednesday in Daredevil #612. According to Marvel, this issue will have everyone talking. A double size with multiple variants. Phil Noto art.
Riri Williams finally gets her own comic book series. Ironheart #1 by writer Eve Ewing and art by Kevin Libranda.
Fantastic Four #4 introduces “The Fantastix”. Writer Dan Slott and artist Stefano Caselli.
Old man Hawkeye #11 will find out a big secret regarding the Weapon X program. Maybe it’s dirt on the new Dead Man Logan #1 arriving this week. Creators Ed Brisson and Mike Henderson on the debut book.

Daredevil #612

Fantastic Four #4

Ironheart #1

Old Man Hawkeye #11

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After a long absence, Joker makes his return to the beyond universe in Batman Beyond #26. This comic is already gaining some traction on both the trending side and aftermarket side.
Writer Geoff Johns and artist Dale Eagleham deliver Shazam! #1. It’s been quite some time since Shazam starred in his on monthly title. 20 years or so. If anyone would make a successful Shazam comic, Geoff Johns would be the guy to do it.
Superman (and readers) will find out who the Red Cloud is in Action Comics #1005.
Possible first appearances in DC Nuclear Winter Special #1. The future Superman, Batman and others. Creators are extensive and wide on this one. All-star creator line-up.
Flash #59 introduces a new villain.

Batman Beyond #26

Shazam! #1

Action Comics #1005

Flash #59

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Trending Pop Culture Indie Hot Picks; Some Indie comics (small press) do not always show up on Ebay right way. Please check back on a regular basis, some of the smaller print indie books usually list after new comic book release day or a few days after.
With a successful debut, Antarctic Press will look forward to more of the same with Punchline #2. The Matthew Wheldon covers alone are stellar. Expect continued success and more social media runs on this book. Update; there may be a delay in this book this week. No matter, we’ll just talk about it again when its due out. It’s that special.
Edward Laroche debuts The Warning #1 (Image Comics).
From Source Point Press; Monstrous #1. Creators; Gregory Wright and Ken Lamug.

Punchline #2

Nuclear Winter #1

Dead Man Logan #1

The Warning #1

Monstrous #1

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Trending items arriving this Wednesday. Most are sold out. Click on the RED links or the image to buy/bid on these hot items via eBay from ALL available sellers.
DC Comics Bombshells Batman & Catwoman deluxe statueDC Collectibles
DC Comic Gallery Catwoman PVC FigureDiamond Select
DC Artist Alley Designer Vinyl Figure By Sho Murase – Poison Ivy – DC Collectibles

Poison Ivy

Bombshells Catwoman


Poison Ivy

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InvestComics Hot Picks #326

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Giving the Speculator an Edge Since 2005! –

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(Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. This article is used as a guide for investments and more so for entertainment purposes. Any opinions or expression of investments should be used as a judgment upon the investor, not InvestComics. Please use your own discretion when investing and have fun.)

InvestComics Hot Picks – New Release Comics on 7/2/14

Everything you are about to read is All original material from InvestComics. 100% Authentic. No borrowed material ever, 100% InvestComics.

First order of business is to reiterate something that InvestComics has touched upon quite often, but maybe some new comers to the site are not aware of. Although InvestComics is in fact the best speculation comic book website on the planet, another fact is that THIS article each week and many others on the site recommend that you read comics too. While I do realize that speculation is not for everyone, I am a true believer of bringing collectors and fans alike together. No matter what, comic book fans can relate to each other like no other medium can. Whether you are a fan of the speculation side or a fan of the storyline, one thing is certain; we will always debate questions like “Who would win in a fight, Superman or Thor? Who is the bigger bad ass, Deathstoke or Deadpool? Is Moon Knight as comparable to Batman these days than ever?” The list of debates goes on, but you get the idea.

So many times during the course of an InvestComics Hot Picks article I will be sure to point out that there are probably some good “reads” coming out that Wednesday and that even if the spec market doesn’t equate to monetary gain, you still may gain the awesomeness of a great story. Yes money is fantastic, reading this article every week will help your aftermarket sales, but sitting down in a quiet room, dining room table, the living room, on your bed and reading a great story is in fact immeasurable. We as comic book fans and speculators can coexist together. The InvestComics Hot Picks has always made a point to inform readers that there are books that need to be checked out for the mere fact of a great read. So if you read, collect, or merely speculate, we all have one common thing. We all love comic books.

15901_20051209091407_largeshazam1Now let’s talk about a recent DC Comics announcement. The announcement touched on a few movie possibilities for several characters/books. There was one standout……..Shazam. Some may not see the brilliance in the possibility that lay before them within the spec market here. Not only would the character fit perfectly on the big screen, but it would make for a new franchise that would correct any mistakes on any of the Superman stumbles. It gives DC/Warner Bros. a chance to really expand on a character that many know and many don’t know of. Everyone knows Superman. There hasn’t been another character to challenge anyone with a cape that can fly, minus a hammer, a batarang, etc. on the big screen. The time has come to get another dude with a cape that can fly and isn’t a “boy scout”. Although many fans will say differently about Superman being a boy scout regarding the last flick, but don’t get that twisted because when Batman vs. Superman comes out, Clark will be the good boy and the friction will ensue between them. Back to Shazam, DC will have an open season with this character. Just like Superman, he has been redone in so many ways that you can essentially pick and choose which Shazam will best fit for the big screen. There is no set tone for him because the Shazam character has never been taken that seriously. Superman however has always been reverted back to the boy scout for the screen (minus the last movie). So when it comes to Shazam, it will be extremely interesting on which route they will take. I personally think that Shazam will be a very big deal. A huge one in fact. I’ve said this about so many characters on this site and a lot of them have come to fruition. Shazam is a lock. Besides owning Whiz #2 (1940), the first appearance of Captain Marvel, if you can afford that book, you need to get the very easy accessible (for now) Shazam! #1 (1973). This comic is the very first time DC’s Captain Marvel goes by the name Shazam. A recent graded 9.8 sold for only $487.50. There are some Near Mint raw copies available within the $30/$40 range. An absolute bargain right now. You heard it here first, on the greatest speculation web site on the planet, InvestComics.

[scrollGallery id=355]

There are three sketch variants that really need to be on your radar as possible signature series books for your collection and turnovers. Rocket Raccoon (2014 2nd Series) #1 will be accompanied by a few variants, but the Midtown Comics J. Scott Campbell sketch variant is a winner. Get this $20 variant CGC Signature Series and you’re looking at a nice payday. Buy it raw even; flip it in a couple of weeks. You’ll make some cash on this comic easy.  A ridiculously gorgeous Jim Lee sketch variant on Superman Unchained (2013 DC) #7 will sell for a premium if you can score a signature and a 9.8 or higher. And speaking of absolutely gorgeous, a  $300 Alex Ross sketch cover for Captain America (2012 7th Series) #22 would be a nice turnover if a sig/9.8 is attached.

1365253_ful 1365244_ful 1361417_fulThe cash cow, a.k.a. Marvel Comics will cashing in on the Guardians of the Galaxy frenzy with new comic series featuring Rocket Raccoon (mentioned earlier) and Star Lord in Legendary Star Lord (2014 Marvel) #1. A bazillion variant covers on this one is quite the overkill here, but the Midtown Comics variant would be a nice pick-up only to flip quickly. While the Raccoon will see much success, Star-Lord will probably see a hot out of the gate presence, but will fall flat eventually. Then you have Guardians of the Galaxy Galaxys Most Wanted (2014) #1 which features a story with Rocket Raccoon and Groot. It’s essentially a Marvel Team-Up comic with the Guardians name attached instead.  The cover alone will have heads turning on this one.

Hey InvestComics told you about Figment #1 and now Figment (2014) #2 is already sold out. Not only is it sold out, but a major on line comic store is limiting ONE per customer.

Fearless Dawn Hard Times (2014) #0 will sellout by this weekend. If you want to search for a comic that probably has a very limited print run and features the first appearance of Fearless Dawn; look for The Bomb #1 (2006) (Atom Bomb Comics).

DC Comics’ Earth 2 (2012 DC) #25 will feature a new Superman. An African American Superman that isn’t Steel or President Superman.

Batman Superman (2013 DC) #12 will have a character “with great strength”, but have no idea who they are. Intro? Pick it up, find out. And who is Gruesome George? Find out in Batwing (2011-) #33.

InvestComics Radar love; Scum of the Earth (2014) #1, Enormous (2014) Ongoing #1, Oz Age of Darkness (2014) #1, 100th Anniversary Special Fantastic Four (2014) #1, Tom Clancy Splinter Cell Echoes (2014) #1, Deadpool vs X-Force (2014) #1, and Hack Slash Son of Samhain (2014 Image) #1.

Read and Invest Wisely.

Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz

Most Valuable FAWCETT COMICS published each year

Most Valuable FAWCETT COMICS published each year

Key investment comics and historically important issues

Compiled and edited by comic book historian Terry Hoknes

These are the 3 most valuable FAWCETT comic books published in every year


(Overstreet 2013 guide NM prices)

These books have proven to be consistently the most in demand key issues ever and are the best investments long term.

This list only include regular cover mass printed editions.  No variants or limited edition versions included.

This is the first time a yearly comparison has ever been made and the purpose is to show a few things. 

First of all it does truly highlight the major key books of every year.  It also shows quickly which titles seems to pop up the most often and are truly the most expensive series to collect.  Some titles are just more collected than others and bring higher $$ amounts even to non-key issues in a run. 

Note that some years have lesser keys standing at the front of the line and are for their age a better investment. This can always be seen with most books from the 1950’s which are much more affordable and scarcer than any more recent books.


WHIZ COMICS #2 $130,000.00 / WOW COMICS #1 $27,000.00 / THRILL COMICS #1 $20,315.00


CAPTAIN MARVEL ADVENTURES #1 $62,000.00 / MASTER COMICS #21 $12,000.00 / WHIZ COMICS #25 $9,500.00


MASTER COMICS #22 $11,000.00 / CAPTAIN MARVEL JR #1 $10,500.00 / GENE AUTRY COMICS #1 $7,500.00


HOPALONG CASSIDY #1 $4,500.00 / WOW COMICS #9 $2,900.00 / ALL HERO COMICS #1 $2,750.00


CAPTAIN MARVEL JR #15 $1,050.00 / CAPTAIN MARVEL JR #16 $875.00 / CAPTAIN MARVEL JR #17 $875.00


MARVEL FAMILY #1 $2,800.00 / MARY MARVEL COMICS #1 $2,500.00 / IBIS THE INVINCIBLE #3 $1,175.00


MARY MARVEL COMICS #2 $1,100.00 / BULLETMAN #14 $925.00 / CAPTAIN MARVEL STORY BOOK #1 $850.00


X-MAS COMICS #7 $1,150.00 / MARY MARVEL COMICS #9 $500.00 / MARY MARVEL COMICS #10 $500.00




X-MAS COMICS #4 $1,500.00 / LASH LARUE WESTERN #1 $900.00 / ROCKY LANE WESTERN #1 $850.00


NEGRO ROMANCE #1 $2,700.00 / NEGRO ROMANCE #2 $2,200.00 / NEGRO ROMANCE #3 $2,200.00


CAPTAIN VIDEO #1 $1,550.00 / X-MAS COMICS #6 $1,150.00 / YOGI BERRA #1 $1,135.00




WORLDS OF FEAR #10 $1,950.00 / CAPTAIN MARVEL JR #119 $1,150.00 / SWEETHEARTS #119 $1,150.00


MARVEL FAMILY #89 $340.00 / LASH LARUE WESTERN #46 $115.00 / TEX RITTER WESTERN #20 $110.00


DENNIS THE MENACE #39 $90.00 / DENNIS THE MENACE #32 $75.00 / DENNIS THE MENACE #33 $75.00








Dennis The Menace related comics dominate all years onwards


Terry Hoknes (author) of Hoknes Comics loves analyzing statistics and watching the growth and fall of comic titles over a period of time.  He sells all of the latest hot back issue secondary market new comics and all new Diamond products at and also self-publishes a series of books called “Investing In Comic Books” that focus on the Golden, Silver and Bronze ages of comics.

Copyright 1995-2013 by Terry Hoknes at  / Overstreet Price Guide Data is copyright 1970-2013 by Bob Overstreet & Gemstone Publishing, other info and data reprinted from Ebay at  , Heritage Auctions at  , Comichron at / , CGC census info from  , GP Analysis from  and comic cover artwork at

IVAN REIS and JOE PRADO to take over art on JUSTICE LEAGUE

DC has announced that modern day comics legend Jim Lee will be stepping down as artist on JUSTICE LEAGUE, the book he and Geoff Johns revamped to kick-off DC’s NEW 52. Taking over for him are fan (and my) favorites, Ivan Reis and Joe Prado, who will begin with December’s issue #15. DC released a cover which suggests that the creative team isn’t the only thing to get a line-up change. Absent are team-founders Flash and Green Lantern, and joining is the hero formerly known as Captain Marvel, SHAZAM. Shazam has been the title’s back-up story, though Johns has always said that he would eventually join the team in the main feature. Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) quit the team in issue #12, and is currently trapped within the Black Lantern, along with Sinestro. The particulars for Flash’s absence are anyone’s guess.

In regards to Jim Lee, DC had this to say:

And for you Jim Lee fans out there, don’t worry. We’ve got some major news coming soon. While that’s all we can tease for now, New York Comic Con is only one month away …

DC reveals JUSTICE LEAGUE #0 Variants

DC has released the Variant Covers for JUSTICE LEAGUE #0, featuring a B&W version of the regular cover, by Gary Frank; and an image of the entire CAPTAIN MARVEL SHAZAM cast, by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado.

Billy Batson takes center stage in this issue as he unleashes the awesome power of Shazam in a special origin story! • Also featuring the not-to-be-missed origin of Pandora and the next seeds of TRINITY WAR!

Written by: Geoff Johns
Art by: Gary Frank
Cover by:Gary Frank
Variant Cover by:Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, & Gary Frank
Page Count:40
U.S. Price:3.99
On Sale Date:Sep 19 2012


The NEW YORK POST has revealed a first look (though heavily shadowed, and covered in magical lightning) at SHAZAM! (formerly Captain Marvel) in the new DCU. Shazam! will start as a back-up feature in JUSTICE LEAGUE, beginning in issue #7, though writer GEOFF JOHNS assures us SHAZAM! will have a much larger role in the new DCU, thereafter.

The SHAZAM! back-ups will be written by Geoff Johns with art by Gary Frank.

Click here for the NYP Article, and here for the piece on DC’S THE SOURCE BLOG.

Comics & Cinema – The Wish List


Pitt 1 InvestComics

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Comics & Cinema heads your way this week with a wish list. What comics do you want to see on the big screen? Check inside for some outside the box picks….

Original Content Published By InvestComics for Project Fanboy 10-02-09 (

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Welcome to another edition of Comics & Cinema. This week we’re going to focus on my wish list. Maybe you’ll agree with some of my wishes, maybe you won’t, but let’s all have fun with the fantasy of maybe one day seeing ‘your’ wish comic hero/villain on the silver screen. To break it down in some sought of order instead of total chaos, I’m going to break down by company and give you some key issues or first appearances within the article. So let’s all start daydreaming with the first of the ‘Big 2′ companies…..



marvellogo.gifMarvel – Is there a better product on the market today for Hollywood? Probably not and the Exec’s feel this way too. Thing is, DC would have some serious fire power too if they’d just get going already! Don’t get me started with DC again.

So with the usual suspects getting tossed around every day like Deadpool or Venom, we all need to take a step back and look at the library that Marvel has to offer. We all understand that Thor is probably going to be a sick film. The Avengers will be epic. Yes Marvel has their ducks in a row and yes fans will enjoy these films greatly. Let us remember though, this article is not for the mainstream right now; it’s about thinking outside the box a bit and daydreaming. 

Iron Man 55 InvestComics

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Astonishing Tales 25 InvestComics

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The first Marvel character I’d love to see hit the screen would be Thanos. Let’s get that Silver Surfer movie going and introduce this guy, thus spinning him off into his own solo movie. Think about this a minute. Marvel has spent the last couple of years absolutely killing the market with everything Cosmic from Annihilation to the War of Kings. Fans are eating this stuff up. It’s storytelling at its best here folks, that’s why it’s doing so well. A List of Cosmic heroes that could appear on film…..Warlock, Drax, Guardians of The Galaxy, Quasar, Terrax and Captain Marvel!!  With that said where is the epic Marvel ‘Space’ movie?  The Cosmo’s await their turn on the silver screen and a Thanos flick would be a choice that would be a hand down slam dunk. Thanos first appeared in the original Iron Man series in 1973 and will cost you about $300. This is a comic that is well worth the 300 bills collectors. If, a big if here Thanos ever got a green light to appear on screen, this comic triples in value. If he doesn’t get the screen time, this comic will still increase in value just at a slower pace. Thanos is a favorite among fans and Iron Man #55 will always be sought after.

Click on any of the comics to buy/bid on Ebay right now! 

We go from the Cosmo’s to flat out action Sci-Fi with Deathlok. Yes there has been rumblings about this guy, but let’s get it done! This in my opinion would be another big success. This movie needs to be done as the same feel as the Blade Runner. It needs to be dark and edgy. It needs to feel dirty and grimy. The movie needs to take us on the journey of darkness that Colonel Luther Manning experiences through the army to his demise to the guinea pig that he becomes. The pig becomes a Cyborg killing machine. Anyone remember that cool movie with Claude Van Damme and d Dolph Lundren called Universal Solider? Deathlok along the lines of that, but with more gloom would make for a fun time…..for us that is, not Luther. Deathlok’s first appearance is in Astonishing Tales #25, it comes in at a mere $70 in VF and is also George Perez’ first professional work ever. If you don’t know who George is, stop reading this and go Google him. A first appearance 1974 Bronze Age, first George Perez work for $70?? This movie needs to be made and this comic needs to be in your collection. Nuff said.

Werewolf By Night 32 InvestComics

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Sentry 1 InvestComics

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My last two comics from my Marvel wish list are 2 characters that Marvel blatantly ripped off of DC, but perfected them for the movie screen. Understanding that Batman translated extremely well to screen (Michael Keaton/Christian Bale) Marvel has a character in their arsenal that would be unbelievable if ever captured on screen. DC has their Dark Knight and Marvel has their White Knight….Moon Knight. First appearing in Werewolf By Night #32, this is another one of those Bronze Age comics that is way undervalued and is a great buy right now. Moon Knight’s first appearance could be picked up for $100 these days in some markets. That is an absolute ridiculous buy. When the new Vengeance of Moon Knight title came out and sold out quickly, it’s saying that Marvel fans want to see this dude in action. Taking a look at InvestComics Hot Picks from 9-30-09 ( one could see that Moon Knight is on the top of the wish list. The Hot Picks for that week also gives a bit more insight on the reason or what to look at as far as the Moon Knight movie. Marvel would score a huge hit with this one if ever made in the Batman lore. So the last character on the movie wish list is actually featured on the Hot Picks this week, on the same cover as Moon Knight! Yes this is 100% pure coincidence; Sentry needs to get on Marvel’s movie radar. Marvel’s answer to DC’s Superman would make for some great storytelling as well as a big ‘up yours’ from Marvel if they could pull off the Superman movie DC should have done. Yes Sentry is a completely different character is so many ways, but the similarities are there as well. While I could go through them, one of the most glaring similarities is the ‘S’ on the costume. While Superman’s ‘S’ is totally iconic (we all know, so please Superman fans, sit down chill), Sentry brings some new blood into the whole mystic alien from another planet, superpower dude. Sentry is Marvel’s Superman as Moon Knight is Marvel’s Batman. These two would simply blow away movie goers because of the fact that Marvel always brings a human side to their characters that the average person relates to. Somehow Marvel would make The Sentry a bit human or make you understand his struggles. Did anyone feel this way in the last Superman movie? Superman II with Christopher Reeves, yes now that was the greatest Superman movie ever made! 

Click on any of the comics to buy/bid on Ebay right now! 

Green Lantern 141 InvestComics

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dclogo.gifSpeaking of Superman, let’s move over to DC. We have all heard by now about the new ‘DC Entertainment ‘deal. DC is anteing up and it’s a win/win for everyone. Comic book fans have much to look forward to in the coming years…hopefully. Just like Marvel the usual suspects line up at the door with the mention of a DC movie. Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Shazam, Flash, etc. Again I will focus on characters that should get some consideration. Omega Men would be an unusual pick, but would be a great sci-fi flick, first appearing in Green lantern #141 this extraterrestrial superhero team is a team with different aliens, different attitudes, personalities and abilities. What more is there to need for a hit movie here? Maybe a ‘Pixar’ type animated movie is in order here? Who knows, bottom line Omega Men would be a good sci-fi movie! 

Shazam 1 InvestComics

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Speaking of Shazam earlier as being one of the usual suspects, how about a Black Adam film instead? Total bad as* Black Adam could be a complete villain film where the villain just whoop’s everyone’s butt. When was the last time any movie goers got to see a bad guy win? Why not set up a series of movies where Black Adam rises to power and meets up with Shazam in the third movie, where ‘finally’ our ‘hero’ wins. It would set a different tone in the movie industry where the villain for a couple of movies is running the table. Get his reintroduction into the DC Universe in Shazam: The New Beginning #1 (1987 – Post Crisis) at $3.

New Teen Titans 2 InvestComics

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DC has an assassin that pre-dates Marvel’s Deadpool and would give the Merc with the mouth a huge run for his money. Slade Wilson A.K.A Deathstroke, DC elite assassin is an excellent choice for a comic book movie. Much like Black Adam, this sometimes anti-hero is just an entirely different animal when it comes to the rest of the DC Universe in many ways. Deathstroke in a movie that goes along a vibe of ‘Bourne Identity’ or even ‘Point of No Return’ would be box office gold. Get Slade’s first appearance in The New Teen Titans #2 from 1980 for around $80. An undervalued comic, get it now. 

Click on any of the comics to buy/bid on Ebay right now! 

Tales of The Teen Titans 44 InvestComics

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DC has done so well with the Christian Bale Batman movies; why not go with a Nightwing movie? This character is one of DC’s most underrated and messed up.Nightwing has huge potential but just simply is not used right or cannot get him of the right track. A would be dark edge film for such a character that has so many questions, doubts, anger, violent streaks needs to get on film! The best part, he could constantly bring up how bitter he is towards Batman and eventually have a battle cameo of Batman in the Nightwing movie! Fanboys would eat this up, including me. Get Nightwing’s first look in Tales of The Teen Titans #44 (1984) for only $4. Only $4 you say? Yes, it was the 80’s folks and speculation existed at a fever pace thus mass production ensued. So the value of this first appearance should be more, but supply exceeds demand here. 



Hulk Pitt InvestComics

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imagelogo.gifImage Comics has only 1 character that would translate nicely to screen in my opinion. Getting away from the Invincible or Youngblood or Wilcats, one of my favorite characters out of the Image Universe library is Dale Keown’s ‘Pitt’. The Pitt has all the makings of a hit film within the structure of the character base. The Pitt is a monstrous alien looking creature with claws, fangs and a severe aggression problem. Then you have the little boy Timmy. Timmy is Pitt’s genetic equal in some ways and serves as the ‘Elliot’ if you will. For all of you who are saying ‘Who’s Elliot?’ he’s the little boy from E.T. If you are now saying, ‘who’s E.T.?’ stop reading and go to bed. The Pitt has similarities to the Hulk as far as the character structure goes, which was proven in the Image/Marvel crossover in 1996. Dale Keown has done a lot of Hulk work for Marvel, then the Pitt for Image, so it was only a natural chain of events to occur for Dale to draw these two together in the same comic. The Pitt first appeared in rob Liefeld’s Youngblood #4 in 1992. This comic in its mass production could probably be found in some 50 cent long boxes at some conventions or your local comic shop. Wouldn’t it be fun to see Image one up Marvel to show them how a Hulk movie should be done?

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idwlogo.gifAn Image hero that used to be on board would have been a second choice for an Image Comic movie, but is now with IDW. He’s was originally from the defunct Capital Comics line. His name is Badger. Only a few things need to be known about this guy to understand why it would indeed be a successful movie. First and foremost, he’s a master of the martial arts. Second, he’s a Vietnam vet and third Badger has a multiple personality disorder. What fun! IDW (Hollywood, whoever here) would have multiple angles here. You’d have the excellent fighter dude, the war hero and a hero that suffers from being different people. Think Chuck Norris meets Me, Myself and Irene. Yes this would be a hoot! Check out Badger’s first appearance from 1983 in Badger #1, a cheap comic that would have some upside if the character was put into a more predominant role in some sort of hero/villain universe. Badger would be an entertaining movie with lots of jokes and with some serious as* kicking.

Well that’s about it for my comic book movie list. Do know that my list changes on a daily basis! These are just a few that came to my head as a thought if someone were to ask ‘what comic movie do you want to see made?’ There are thousands of characters and over 70 years to choose from. What would be your choices? Think of some outside the box and we’ll talk about them right here on Project Fanboy.

See you all soon and remember to turn off your cell phone when reading this article. We need quiet in this theater.

Invest wisely. Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz

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