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(Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. This article is used as a guide for investments and more so for entertainment purposes. Any opinions or expression of investments should be used as a judgment upon the investor, not InvestComics. Please use your own discretion when investing and have fun.)

InvestComics Hot Picks – New Release Comics on 8/6/14

See Guardians of the Galaxy? Fun movie! No worries, no spoilers here, just some money to be made.

There are total gimmie’s within the speculation market this week. First you have Spread (2014 Image) #2. Spread #1 (InvestComics recommended) sold out very quickly and issue number two is sold out already as well. Nailbiter #1 was also recommended by InvestComics and the series continues to sell out with Nailbiter (2014 Image) #4 already empty on the warehouse shelf. Be sure to stay very close to this series. And another recommendation from IC is showing no signs of slowing down; Enormous (2014) Ongoing #2. Imperial (2014 Image) #1 also looks to be headed down to the sold out road.

[scrollGallery id=364]

Genius (2014 Image) #1 will be sold out by new release day. Genius was originally a Top Cow Pilot Season book back in 2008. Now it’s back and sold out.

ComixTribe had a big hit on their hands with Epic on Free comic book day. The number one issue sold out and now Epic (2013 ComixTribe) #2 looks to be headed in that same direction. In order for this series to succeed, and it probably will, is to release the comic on time with no delays. The story and character(s) are already captivating. Being on time and great story telling usually equates to success, that goes with many comic titles, but Epic will be a special comic if the longevity of an on time comic can sustain itself. On time, longevity equals a good book to get in on the ground floor here.

Spider-Verse will officially start this week in Superior Spider-Man (2012) #32. If by some reason you missed the most comprehensive Spider-Verse/Spider-Man checklist on the planet earth, then you should really check out; InvestComics: The Spider-Verse/Spider-Man Checklist. It’s a must checklist for any collector. With that said, Adam Kubert will be contributing to the new Superior Spider-Man book with a Spidey story. One of Adam’s first Spidey work came in 1995; Spider-Man Holiday Special #1.

Moon Knight (2014 5th Series) #6 will feature the New Black Spectre. The original Black Spectre first appeared in Moon Knight #25 (1982). And as a side note. InvestComics has been bullish on Moon Knight for years now. We are still bullish.

Here are the rest of the InvestComics Hot Picks and great probable reads; Nightworld (2014 Image) #1, Harbinger Omegas (2014) #1, Capt. Victory and the Galactic Rangers (2014 Dynamite) #1, and Howtoons Reignition (2014 Image) #1.


Invest wisely, Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz



With Great Responsibility Comes Great…Resurrection

New York, NY (January 13th, 2014) – Marvel Entertainment is excited to announce the triumphant return of Peter Parker as everyone’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man this April in an all-new AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1. In 2012, the comic book world was shocked to find that Doctor Otto Octavius, aka Doctor Octopus, had switched bodies with Peter Parker and, in the process, left Peter Parker to die in Octavius’ cancer-ridden shell. Since then, Octavius has been fighting crime by his own dark methods in the pages of The Superior Spider-Man.

Teased throughout the entire run of The Superior Spider-Man, written by Dan Slott (The Mighty Avengers, She-Hulk), Peter’s presence never quite left his body and is now set to regain control and show the world who Spider-Man is – and no one could be more excited than Dan Slott himself. “I’ve been a Spider-Man fan since I was eight years old. Of COURSE I want to see Peter back! He is the one, true Spider-Man,” says Slott.

With Peter Parker swinging back into action in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1, Slott, including fan-favorite artist Humberto Ramos (The Spectacular Spider-Man, Pete Parker: Spider-Man), are returning readers to intense and highly kinetic web-slinging action. Senior Editor, Stephen Wacker says, “The entire creative team is incredibly excited to bring readers the next stage in Spider-Man’s life. And I can promise you that the plans for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, over the next year, will be the biggest Spidey epic yet!”

However, the question on everyone’s mind has not been the “when”, but the “how” Peter Parker returns from the dead and Slott is quick to tease just that. “In a strange and terrifying way. And… possibly… at a very great cost. Remember, nothing is ever easy for Peter Parker. It’s one of the reasons he’s a true hero,” says Slott.

Every FIRST ISSUE bearing the All-New Marvel NOW! branding includes a code for a free digital copy of that same comic on the Marvel Comics app for iOS and Android devices.


Once again, the biggest creators bring you the biggest characters in the biggest stories…and it’s happening NOW!


AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1 lands on comic book shelves this April! For more on Spider-Man & All-New Marvel NOW!, please visit and join in the conversation on Twitter with hashtag #AmazingSpiderMan.

Amazing_Spider-Man_1_Cover Amazing_Spider-Man_1_Martin_Variant Amazing_Spider-Man_1_Opena_Variant


About Marvel Entertainment, LLC

Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of more than 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. For more information, visit


InvestComics Hot Picks #296

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(Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. This article is used as a guide for investments and more so for entertainment purposes. Any opinions or expression of investments should be used as a judgment upon the investor, not InvestComics. Please use your own discretion when investing and have fun.)

DawningB2P25Welcome to the InvestComics Hot Picks

InvestComics Publications released its second book yesterday. The Dawning #2 is now available to purchase on the website and some local retailers. The issue contains more twist and turns as we get some more questions answered and some more unanswered questions too! If you’d like to purchase The Dawning #2 – click right HERE. Be sure to tell all your comic book buds about the new InvestComics Publications and The Dawning! Join the InvestComics Star_Wars_1_Dark_Horse_investcomics_CGCPublications Facebook page to discuss The Dawning and to catch upcoming projects from IC Pub. Click HERE to be directed there now.

Don’t forget, in association with Ratchet City Comics; The Star Wars #1 (Dark Horse) CGC signature series comic signed by Brian Wood is still up for grabs if YOU help us get to 3000 Likes by Christmas! Share the InvestComics Facebook page everywhere (let us know you did so) and once we reach 3000 (by Christmas Day), you may win! What a fantastic way to celebrate the holidays. Share, share, share!

There are an abundance of comics to check out this week. The list is long, but the week is very soft. That said I’ll be sure to let you know which comics to put your emphasis on. Not much here, so look for those back issues.

InvestComics Hot Picks – New Comic Releases 11/27/13

One standout comic this week could be Nova (2013 5th Series) #10. Last week with the mention of Nova #19 (1978), many fans were very puzzled by this. I received a few messages on the board, Instagram, and personal email saying “Nova? Really?” Yes Nova, really. If you haven’t been paying attention, let me fill you in a bit.

Marvel Studios are about to embark on a whole new universe of pictures and change everything. Yes they are going to change the way movie goers watch “space/cosmic” films with the release of one film; Guardians of the Galaxy. What this particular film will do is open up the flood gates to introduce Marvel in space; their Cosmos if you will. Yes the film will have to fare well in order for the initial steps to be taken, to progress. If all goes well (which it should), Marvel Studios will be on their way to building a cosmic storyline on the big screen as no one has ever done before (besides Star Wars of course, calm down). Now there is one point though, which has been mentioned on InvestComics a few times, what about failure? What happens WHEN, not IF, When a Marvel Studios movie does not meet expectations at the box office? This will in fact happen, it’s inevitable. It will be very interesting to see how Disney reacts to the bad box office draw. One thing is for certain however, the comic book market will be affected to a degree. The prices will drop back into place where they probably should be and level off. The constant influx of various movies and television show announcements are driving prices batty for quite some time now. THIS will be the crash, NOT the variants, 3D covers, etc. The hyperbole will drive pricing back to reality if expectations are not met in the mainstream. Would you pay $10,000 for a Walking Dead CGC 9.9? Yes someone did. THAT is what you call a bad investment. $10,000 on a first appearance 9.9 of Green Goblin, Lois Lane, or even Wolverine makes sense. These characters are household names. Walking Dead is a hot zombie television show right now. It will eventually run its course and no longer be hot anymore. Granted, good story, good show, but its zombies….that’s it. Yes anyone can say “it’s about the character development and how we follow them” but in actuality, no zombies, no show. Not bashing the show, giving a dose of speculation reality here. Spending $10,000 on the number one issue is a bit of an oversight on that buyers part, but maybe, just maybe I’ll be wrong on this.

[scrollGallery id=321]

So back to Nova, as explained Marvel Studios will take the leap into space. It’s a risky one with Guardians because no one really knows of them. Rocket Raccoon will be the star in this one, so it’s best you stock up on him. Anyway, Nova has been mentioned in passing by Marvel and through some rumors. If Marvel is reaching out into the space universe, what’s not to think Nova won’t be a part of that? Same with Warlock, Silver Surfer, Death, and maybe Rom! Remember him? How cool would that be to have a Rom movie? Yes wrestling with that toy company can get dicey, but what Disney wants, Disney gets. What it all boils down to is making sure as a speculator that you have all of your Cosmic ducks in a row. Pick up the rare first appearance, those odd number one issues, the status quo change books, and the rare Thanos variants. It will pay dividends down the line IF the Guardians of the Galaxy movie does well. Nova (2013 5th Series) #10 will play pretend and solict this comic as the 100th issue. Gotta love the restarts, five of them for Nova to be exact here. The comic will come with all sorts of variants. The prize variant will be the JG Jones Incentive. A $60 book that can see some decent gains if handled properly. Nova #10 will star the NEW New Warriors (another potential space team down the road). Check out the first appearance of the New Warriors (“old team”) in Thor #411 (1989). A must own.

We like intros don’t we? Of course we do! Ultimate Spider-Man (2012 Marvel Universe) #20 will introduce a new villain named Whirlwind, so check that out. Kick-Ass 3 (2013 Marvel) #5 will do some introducing themselves with a new villain team. Infinity Hunt (2013) #4 plants the seeds of Marvel’s next major event. Are we tired yet of these major events? And speaking of Infinity, Infinity (2013 Marvel) #6 will conclude with an oversized issue as Thanos fights everyone! And incidentally, Iron Man #55 is Still a must buy. Avengers Assemble (2012) #21 hints at the team Inhumans. The Inhumans are about to have a breakout year next year. Get on top of Fantastic Four #45 (1965) for the first appearance of the Inhumans. Staying on topic with the Avengers, Avengers Arena (2012) #18 will see its final issue this week. With more death and a launching pad for something else. Something major will be happening in All New X-Men (2012) #19 so be sure to glance through that book. Damian Son of Batman (2013) #2 is sold out for the most part on the retail level. The variants are completely sold out. The Andy Kubert black and white variant would be a nice CGC sig series flip book. Forever Evil Argus (2013) #2 will highlight Deathstroke. One of the baddest dudes in the DC Universe. If you’re a regular reader of this column each week, you already know that InvestComics is a huge Deathstroke supporter. I have always felt that the Deathstroke character is on the cusp of some serious play, but DC doesn’t know exactly what to do with him (i.e. Nightwing). Yes they finally put him on television (sparingly), but that’s not enough. Get this guy going already. Bigger role on the show, movie appearances, chop chop DC! A huge recommendation throughout the years on InvestComics has been The New Teen Titans #2 (1980) and it will continue to be in BUY mode with InvestComics. And for those keeping score at home, Forever Evil Argus #2 variant is sold out, which means absolutely nothing on the speculator side of things. Geoff Johns will be hitting all out on Aquaman (2011 5th Series) #25. The conclusion to the “Death of a King” storyline. The new Superior Spider-Man event begins this week; The Darkest Hour in Superior Spider-Man (2012) #22. Venom will have his first run in with Superior Spidey in this issue. This should be very interesting. In the “in case you missed it” department, DC will release Sandman Overture (2013) Special Edition #1. The issue will feature a bunch of useless extras if you’re interested.

IDW will bring back a cult favorite in Sam Keith’s Maxx Maxximized (2013 IDW) #1. A collector can buy the first appearance of Maxx in the overprinted Darker Image #1 (1993).

Black Science (2013 Image) #1 will be THE Image Comic to grab this week. Already sold out at the retail level, but the $10 Midtown Comics variant will be the one to get if this comic makes an impact in the aftermarket. IDW’s Mr Peabody and Sherman (2013 IDW) #1 variant is sold out. Never Ending (2013 Dark Horse) #1, Quest (2013 Zenescope) #1, and Sledgehammer 44 Lightning War (2013) #1 are all on the verge of selling out.

Invest wisely,

Jay Katz

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The Dawning #1

InvestComics Hot Picks #289

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Welcome to the InvestComics Hot Picks for New Comic Releases on 10-2-13

The DC 3D madness is finally over! Rejoice and collect your monies in the aftermarket because interest will wane very quickly. In actuality it already has! Prices have been coming down at a rapid rate and if you haven’t sold yet, you may be late to the party. As already told here on InvestComics Hot Picks, you had to watch the 3D market very closely because of the hype surrounding the comics. The gimmick was going to be short lived as there will be a couple of those rare variant 3D’s that will survive the aftermath of the collapse. The best investments should be held for all of those first appearances pointed out during the 3D run here on InvestComics. Picking up a few of those first appearances should ensure that if a few of these villains bust out, make a comeback, a name for themselves, become the next ‘Bane’ or ‘Venom’ character for a major character, you will own that first appearance and be ahead of the curve!

InvestComics Hot Picks 10-2-13

[scrollGallery id=309]

Besides the sold out gimmick of the 3D covers, DC does in fact have a hit on their hands. Forever Evil is in fact hitting a home run with fans alike. Forever Evil (2013DC) #2 is completely sold out this week across the board. The prize this week will be the Black & white variant. Grab this; sell it on Ebay for a 25% return or possibly more very easily; immediately. Do not hold onto these comics folks. These are not life changing altering moments within the DC Universe, barring of course plotlines we are not aware of! There are some great storylines going on within these pages, but nothing is foreseen to change the market value or demand to sustain the trend upwards.

A trend in the comic book solicits market also continues however in Green Lantern (2011 4th Series) #24 this week. The words uttered so many times “…nothing will be the same, WE MEAN IT!” have been spoken far too often, but we as fans eat it up! Check out what writer Robert Venditti will bring to the table. Oh yes and the solicit also makes another common reference; “Lanterns will die”. Looking forward to it!

Batman Black and White (2013) #2 will bring legendary artist Jim Steranko to a Bat book again. Mr. Steranko will provide the gorgeous cover for this wonderful new series this week. It’s amazing to note that this legend has never provided as much DC artistry over his career. He’s thought of more as a “Marvel” guy, but when he does pencil any DC hero/villain, people take notice! With Batman though, his first official Batman work came in 1998’s Batman Black & White hardcover. Hard to fathom that given the profound career, he added Batman to his resume in 1998! The Batman work came in form of a tip-plate within the hardcover. Awesome, amazing stuff here folks.

In wrapping up DC here, Movement (2013 DC) #5 will debut the group ‘Graveyard Faction-death for hire’. Two sold out Vertigo books come our way this Wednesday; Hinterkind (2013 DC/Vertigo) #1 and Witching Hour (2013 DC/Vertigo) #1. The pleasant surprise here has to be the sold out Witching Hour #1. As a $7.99/70 pager’ all things point to the awesomeness of Vertigo. Even though the trend of a new book debuting with a $7.99 price tag, it usually tends to make some collectors/readers a little apprehensive, it doesn’t matter here though. Fans know this is going to rock! All 70 pages…..

Marvel Comics brings back a Marvel Knights Spidey book this week. Hooray! Check out the almost sold out regular cover Marvel Knights Spider-Man (2013) #1 this Wednesday (Variant cover sold out). The first Spider-Man Knights came in the 2004 by the same title and lasted only 22 issues. Maybe this time we’ll buck that trend and go longer! With writer Matt Kindt and artist Marco Rudy on board, it looks like a success already! And with a new Marvel Knights book, comes a new Marvel Max book too! What a great week! Take a look at Fantomex Max (2013) #1 miniseries at your local shop this week. It probably won’t disappoint. If this feeler goes over well, and fans demand more Fantomex, you better already own New X-Men #128 (2002). This would be the first appearance of Fantomex. Another three Marvel titles are on the cusp of sellouts and collectors should be put on alert. Captain America Living Legend (2013) #1 will be the highest alert. With writer Andy Diggle/artist Adi Granov on board and the introduction of a villain named Volkov, look for a possible aftermarket bump here. Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble (2013) #1 is based on the animated television show, but it’s the bonus Lego Marvel Comic within the extra sized issue here that has InvestComics intrigued. And finally from Marvel, any fan of Superior Spider-Man should probably take a look at All New X-Men Special (2013) #1 this Wednesday.

Here’s a quick list of sold out debut comics and number two comics coming your way this Wednesday. Bushido (2013 Image) #1, Shadow Now (2013 Dynamite) #1, Codename Action (2013 Dynamite) #2, Reality Check (2013 Image) #2, Grindhouse Doors Open At Midnight (2013) #1, Pirate Eye Murder at Ten Knots (2013) #0, Lady Rawhide (2013 Dynamite) #2, Occultist (2013 Dark Horse) #1, and Mocking Dead (2013 Dynamite) #2.

That’s it for this week. Check out some covers of the week below. Invest wisely.

Newsletter, sign up!

Jay Katz     

InvestComics Hot Covers 10-2-13

[scrollGallery id=310]

EVERY #1 ISSUE of 2013 – All New Comic Book Series Debuted This Year and Sales Stats

Comics Best Selling First Issues 2013

EVERY #1 ISSUE OF 2013 – All new comic book series debuted this year and sales stats

Report by Terry Hoknes of

The following massive chart is to be a basic index to all the new comic series that debut each month.  Its a quick look at the most ordered and best selling #1 issues of every single month plus a great reference to look back at and see what comics are likely to be future hot books.  As we all know the industry has always invested the most in #1 first issues  So now you have a list of all of them at your fingertips showing their print runs.  This list also includes one-shots, Annual #1′s and #0′s as well.

The first column is the comics rank for the month for #1 issues.  The second column is its overall rank for all comics that month.

so far this year Marvel has had the #1 ranking #1 issue of the month 4 out of 6 times.

Jupiters Legacy and Walking Dead:  Governors Special are the only #1 issues non-DC/Marvel to sell over 50,000 copies.

Only 13 #1 issues so far this year had sales of over 100,000 copies.

Only 3 #1 issues so far this year had sales of over 200,000 copies

Top Selling #1 issues so far of 2013 (plus how many copies Diamond still has in inventory as of today)

1 JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #1 311,000 – Diamond has 3,500 copies left

2 SUPERMAN UNCHAINED #1 251,456 – Diamond 22,000 copies left

3 GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #1 211,000 – Diamond 1,000 copies left

4 SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #1 188,000 – Diamond 0 copies left

5 UNCANNY X-MEN #1 177,000 – Diamond 1,800 copies left

6 X-MEN #1 177,000 – Diamond 0 copies left

7 AGE OF ULTRON #1 174,000 – Diamond 1,200 copies left

8 BATMAN SUPERMAN #1 143,457 – Diamond 15,700 copies left

9 WOLVERINE #1 117,000 – Diamond 1,800 copies left

10 NEW AVENGERS #1 116,000 – Diamond 0 copies left

11 THANOS RISING #1 114,000 – Diamond 0 copies left

12 JUPITERS LEGACY #1 105,000 – Diamond 0 copies left

13 SAVAGE WOLVERINE #1 102,000 – Diamond 100 copies left


JUNE 2013
1 1 Superman Unchained 1 $4.99 DC 251456
2 2 Batman Superman 1 $3.99 DC 143457
3 10 Kick-Ass 3 1 $2.99 Marvel 78035
4 34 Lazarus 1 $2.99 Image 48030
5 46 True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys 1 $3.99 Dark Horse 42613
6 59 Larfleeze 1 $2.99 DC 36638
7 75 Bubblegun 1 $1.00 Aspen 28517
8 77 Astro City 1 $3.99 DC 27700
9 87 Daredevil Dark Nights 1 $2.99 Marvel 25736
10 94 X-Files Season 10 1 $3.99 IDW 24270
11 124 100 Bullets Brother Lono 1 $3.99 DC 17489
12 128 Masters of The Universe Origin of Hordak 1 $2.99 DC 17113
13 136 Extinction Parade 1 $3.99 Avatar 16061
14 137 American Vampire The Long Road To Hell 1 $6.99 DC 16042
15 139 Herobear and the Kid Special 1 $3.99 Boom 15491
16 158 Uncanny 1 $3.99 Dynamic Forces 13192
17 163 Marvels Thor Dark World Prelude 1 $2.99 Marvel 12528
18 177 Thumbprint By Joe Hill 1 $3.99 IDW 11185
19 184 Wild Blue Yonder 1 $3.99 IDW 10840
20 197 Godzilla Rulers of The Earth 1 $3.99 IDW 9813
21 211 Marvel Backlist Reading Chronology 1 $1.99 Marvel 8837
22 214 Transformers Monstrosity 1 $3.99 IDW 8562
23 217 Baltimore The Inquisitor One Shot 1 $3.50 Dark Horse 8309
24 222 Malevolent Mr Burns 1 $3.99 Bongo 8048
25 227 Six Gun Gorilla 1 $3.99 Boom 7730
26 238 Mouse Guard Legends of the Guard Vol. 2 1 $3.50 Archaia 7116
27 243 Crow Curare 1 $3.99 IDW 6607
28 246 Breath of Bones A Tale of the Golem 1 $3.99 Dark Horse 6465
29 251 Captain Midnight 0 $2.99 Dark Horse 6290
30 254 Spongebob Comics Annual Giant Swimtacular 1 $4.99 United Plankton 6137
31 258 X-Men 1 $3.99 Marvel 5664
32 259 Screwed 1 $2.99 Zenescope 5656
33 262 Fathom Elite Saga 1 $3.99 Aspen 5499
34 264 Grimm Fairy Tales Annual 2013 1 $5.99 Zenescope 5396
35 265 All New Secret Skullkickers 1 $3.50 Image 5346
36 266 Superman Unchained 1 Combo Pack $5.99 DC 5336
37 267 Liberator 1 $3.50 Black Mask 5266
38 274 Grimm Fairy Tales Demons Unseen 1 $3.99 Zenescope 5142
39 286 My Little Pony Color Me Treasury Ed 1 $9.99 IDW 4810
40 306 A1 1 $3.99 Titan 3981
41 310 Atomic Robo Savage Sword of Dr Dinosaur 1 $3.50 Red 5 3848
42 330 Aspen Splash 2013 Swimsuit Spectacular Anniversary Ed 1 $3.99 Aspen 3310
43 339 Sesame Street 1 $3.99 Ape 3175


MAY 2013
1 1 X-Men 1 $3.99 Marvel 177633
2 24 Ten Grand 1 $2.99 Image 57216
3 40 Wake 1 $2.99 DC 44867
4 44 Batman The Dark Knight Annual 1 $4.99 DC 43175
5 49 Earth 2 Annual 1 $4.99 DC 41325
6 56 Regular Show 1 $3.99 Boom 38466
7 63 Avengers Enemy Within 1 $2.99 Marvel 34205
8 70 Adventures of Superman 1 $3.99 DC 30992
9 72 Red Hood And The Outlaws Annual 1 $4.99 DC 30157
10 74 Movement 1 $2.99 DC 29246
11 77 Green Team 1 $2.99 DC 27775
12 90 Charismagic Vol. 2 1 $1.00 Aspen 25212
13 95 Bounce 1 $2.99 Image 24259
14 96 Catwoman Annual 1 $4.99 DC 24228
15 98 Sesame Street 1 $3.99 Ape 23765
16 104 Chin Music 1 $2.99 Image 22383
17 112 Adventure Time Annual 1 $4.99 Boom 20975
18 133 Black Bat 1 $3.99 Dynamic Forces 16328
19 137 Uber 1 $3.99 Avatar 16109
20 139 Iron Man Coming of Melter 1 $3.99 Marvel 15871
21 143 Grimm 1 $3.99 Dynamic Forces 15455
22 148 Image Firsts Walking Dead 1 $1.00 Image 15254
23 153 Battlestar Galactica 1 $3.99 Dynamic Forces 14356
24 156 Dream Merchant 1 $3.50 Image 14024
25 157 Smallville Season 11 Special 1 $4.99 DC 13988
26 172 King Conan Hour of the Dragon 1 $3.50 Dark Horse 12566
27 174 Shadowman 0 $3.99 Valiant 12252
28 179 Archer & Armstrong 0 $3.99 Valiant 12076
29 183 12 Reasons To Die 1 $3.50 Black Mask 11834
30 195 X 1 $2.99 Dark Horse 11071
31 196 Suicide Risk 1 $3.99 Boom 10913
32 199 Clive Barker Next Testament 1 $3.99 Boom 10797
33 206 Doomsday.1 1 $3.99 IDW 10230
34 213 Lobster Johnson Satan Smells A Rat One Shot 1 $3.50 Dark Horse 9846
35 215 Grimm Fairy Tales Wonderland Down Rabbit Hole 1 $2.99 Zenescope 9734
36 221 Injustice Gods Among Us (3rd print) 1 $3.99 DC 9162
37 223 Occupy Comics 1 $3.50 Black Mask 8977
38 224 Transformers Prime Beast Hunters 1 $3.99 IDW 8975
39 226 Image Firsts Peter Panzerfaust 1 $1.00 Image 8756
40 230 Image Firsts Invincible 1 $1.00 Image 8424
41 231 Transformers Spotlight Hoist 1 $3.99 IDW 8373
42 233 Grimm Fairy Tales Robyn Hood Wanted 1 $2.99 Zenescope 8242
43 237 Image Firsts Saga 1 $1.00 Image 8091
44 238 Dream Thief 1 $3.99 Dark Horse 7927
45 243 Edgar Allan Poes Fall of the House of Usher 1 $3.99 Dark Horse 7650
46 249 Half Past Danger 1 $3.99 IDW 7048
47 259 Damsels Mermaids 1 $3.99 Dynamic Forces 6564
48 268 Avengers 1 $3.99 Marvel 5963
49 279 Grimm Fairy Tales Hunters Shadowlands 1 $2.99 Zenescope 5408
50 281 Grimm Fairy Tales Werewolves Hunger 1 $3.99 Zenescope 5356
51 288 Akaneiro 1 $3.99 Dark Horse 5172
52 292 Uber 0 $4.99 Avatar 5084
53 293 John Carpenters Asylum 1 $3.99 Storm King 5081
54 296 East of West (3rd print) 1 $3.50 Image 5024
55 334 Cyborg 009 Chapter 000 One Shot 1 $1.00 Archaia 4131
56 337 Solid State Tank Girl 1 $3.99 Titan 3985
57 338 X-O Manowar One Dollar Debut Edition 1 $1.00 Valiant 3953
58 343 Harbinger One Dollar Debut Edition 1 $1.00 Valiant 3816
59 346 Archer & Armstrong One Dollar Debut Edition 1 $1.00 Valiant 3759
60 347 Bloodshot One Dollar Debut Edition 1 $1.00 Valiant 3722
61 352 Shadowman One Dollar Debut Edition 1 $1.00 Valiant 3593
62 365 Legend of Oz Scarecrow 1 $3.50 Big Dog 3334


APRIL 2013
1 2 Thanos Rising 1 $3.99 Marvel 114720
2 3 Jupiters Legacy 1 $2.99 Image 105437
3 41 Ultron 1 $3.99 Marvel 44854
4 60 Jirni 1 $1.00 Aspen 35777
5 78 Batman Lil Gotham 1 $2.99 DC 27591
6 85 He Man And The Masters of The Universe 1 $2.99 DC 25254
7 110 Harbinger Wars 1 $3.99 Valiant 18729
8 111 Miss Fury 1 $3.99 Dynamic Forces 18441
9 120 Star Wars Darth Vader & Ninth Assassin 1 $3.50 Dark Horse 17278
10 139 Invincible Universe 1 $2.99 Image 14526
11 144 TMNT Villain Microseries: Krang 1 $3.99 IDW 13689
12 150 G.I. Joe Cobra Files 1 $3.99 IDW 13231
13 162 Dark Tower Gunslinger Evil Ground 1 $3.99 Marvel 12473
14 167 Danger Girl Trinity 1 $3.99 IDW 12063
15 169 Abe Sapien Dark & Terrible 1 $3.50 Dark Horse 11783
16 178 Uber 0 $3.99 Avatar 10849
17 191 1 For $1 Mind Mgmt 1 $1.00 Dark Horse 9926
18 193 East of West 1 $3.50 Image 9742
19 206 Grimm Fairy Tales Robyn Hood Vs Red Riding Hood 1 $5.99 Zenescope 8883
20 208 Transformers Spotlight Trailcutter 1 $3.99 IDW 8690
21 209 House of Gold & Bones 1 $3.99 Dark Horse 8635
22 210 Colonized 1 $3.99 IDW 8521
23 211 Miniature Jesus 1 $3.99 Image 8363
24 217 Adventure Time 1 $3.99 Boom 7854
25 221 X 0 $2.99 Dark Horse 7502
26 222 Grimm Fairy Tales Unleashed 1 $5.99 Zenescope 7497
27 225 Polarity 1 $3.99 Boom 7459
28 226 1 For $1 The Massive 1 $1.00 Dark Horse 7398
29 228 Kiss Solo 1 $3.99 IDW 7177
30 231 Grimm Fairy Tales Unleashed 0 $1.99 Zenescope 7103
31 233 Grimm Fairy Tales Unleashed Vampires Eternal 1 $3.99 Zenescope 7009
32 240 Guardians of Galaxy 1 $3.99 Marvel 6681
33 248 Star Wars 1 $2.99 Dark Horse 6306
34 253 Last of Us American Dreams 1 $3.99 Dark Horse 6032
35 254 Dungeons & Dragons Cutter 1 $3.99 IDW 5986
36 260 Sex 1 $2.99 Image 5668
37 262 Witchblade Day of the Outlaw One Shot 1 $3.99 Image 5636
38 263 TMNT Color Classics Micro Series Leonardo 1 $3.99 IDW 5615
39 265 68 Jungle Jim 1 $3.99 Image 5488
40 272 Dark Shadows Year One 1 $3.99 Dynamic Forces 5270
41 284 Mighty Skullkickers 1 $3.50 Image 4856
42 299 Mice Templar IV Legend 1 $3.99 Image 4377
43 362 Steam Wars 1 $3.99 Antarctic 2399
44 367 Rogues 1 $3.99 Amigo 2230
45 380 Bodie Troll 1 $2.99 Red 5 1981
46 392 Victorian Secret Agents 1 $3.95 Antarctic 1676
47 405 Helheim (2nd print) 1 $3.99 Oni 1354
48 407 Neozoic Traders Gambit 1 $3.50 Red 5 1345
49 410 Last Zombie 1 $3.99 Antarctic 1323


MARCH 2013
1 1 Guardians of the Galaxy 1 $3.99 Marvel 211312
2 2 Age of Ultron 1 $3.99 Marvel 174952
3 4 Wolverine 1 $3.99 Marvel 117669
4 35 East of West 1 $3.50 Image 49518
5 62 Constantine 1 $2.99 DC 37564
6 72 X-Termination 1 $3.99 Marvel 33377
7 78 Shrugged Vol. 2 1 $1.00 Aspen 30657
8 79 Ultimate Comics Wolverine 1 $3.99 Marvel 29537
9 98 Sex 1 $2.99 Image 23630
10 105 Star Wars Legacy 1 $2.99 Dark Horse 21600
11 115 Justice League of America 1 $3.99 DC 19225
12 127 Ame Comi Girls 1 $3.99 DC 16558
13 139 Lost Vegas 1 $3.50 Image 15273
14 140 Mark Waid Green Hornet 1 $3.99 Dynamic Forces 15114
15 149 Sledgehammer 44 1 $3.50 Dark Horse 13446
16 152 Five Ghosts Haunting of Fabian Gray 1 $3.50 Image 13163
17 154 G.I. Joe Special Missions 1 $3.99 IDW 13104
18 159 Judge Dredd Year One 1 $3.99 IDW 13013
19 165 BPRD Vampire 1 $3.50 Dark Horse 12474
20 171 Helheim 1 $3.99 Oni 11877
21 187 Walking Dead Michonne Special 1 $2.99 Image 10703
22 192 Time Warp 1 $7.99 DC 9964
23 202 Transformers Spotlight Bumblebee One Shot 1 $3.99 IDW 9098
24 212 Transformers Fall of Cybertron 1 $7.99 IDW 8092
25 242 Drew Hayes Poison Elves 1 $2.99 Ape 6052
26 243 Savage Skullkickers 1 $3.50 Image 6007
27 244 Tmnt Color Classics Micro Series Donatello 1 $3.99 IDW 6000
28 246 Doctor Who Classics 1 $3.99 IDW 5954
29 252 Injustice Gods Among Us 1 $3.99 DC 5543
30 259 Superior Spider-Man 1 $3.99 Marvel 5335
31 263 Deadpool Killustrated 1 $2.99 Marvel 5209
32 274 Young Avengers 1 $2.99 Marvel 4890
33 283 Deadpool 1 $2.99 Marvel 4671
34 293 Bionic Man Annual 1 $4.99 Dynamic Forces 4313
35 296 All Crime 1 $3.95 Art of Fiction 4204
36 355 Grimm Fairy Tales St Patricks Day Spec 1 $5.99 Zenescope 2903
37 371 Grimm Fairy Tales St Patricks Day 1 $5.99 Zenescope 2326
38 376 Zombies Vs Cheerleaders Vol. 2 1 $3.99 3 Finger 2186
39 384 Sixth Gun Sons of the Gun 1 $3.99 Oni 2053
40 389 Best of Zenescope Special Ed 1 $6.99 Zenescope 1987
41 400 Cavewoman Oasis 1 $3.75 Basement 1683


1 1 Justice League of America 1 $3.99 DC 307734
2 2 Uncanny X-Men 1 $3.99 Marvel 177463
3 10 Secret Avengers 1 $3.99 Marvel 85267
4 14 Nova 1 $3.99 Marvel 80857
5 15 Guardians of Galaxy 0.1 $3.99 Marvel 80344
6 30 Fearless Defenders 1 $2.99 Marvel 53688
7 34 Walking Dead The Governor Special 1 $2.99 Image 51355
8 62 My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle 1 $3.99 IDW 34435
9 64 Legend of the Shadowclan 1 $1.00 Aspen 33246
10 78 Justice League of Americas Vibe 1 $2.99 DC 27051
11 79 Avengers Assemble Annual 1 $4.99 Marvel 27028
12 80 Katana 1 $2.99 DC 27021
13 93 Alpha Big Time 1 $2.99 Marvel 22778
14 103 Young Romance New 52 Valentines Day Special 1 $7.99 DC 20963
15 108 Shadow Year One 1 $3.99 Dynamic Forces 19310
16 116 G.I. Joe 1 $3.99 IDW 17553
17 117 Star Wars 1 $2.99 Dark Horse 17441
18 123 Garth Ennis Red Team 1 $3.99 Dynamic Forces 16724
19 126 Superior Spider-Man 1 $3.99 Marvel 16427
20 139 Powers Bureau 1 $3.95 Marvel 14698
21 142 Ghostbusters 1 $3.99 IDW 14442
22 144 Star Wars Dark Times Fire Carrier 1 $2.99 Dark Horse 14308
23 153 Snapshot 1 $2.99 Image 13337
24 163 Son of Merlin 1 $1.00 Image 12575
25 166 Rocketeer Hollywood Horror 1 $3.99 IDW 12488
26 179 Fairy Quest 1 $3.99 Boom 10728
27 182 Transformers Spotlight Megatron One Shot 1 $3.99 IDW 10356
28 197 Dejah Thoris & Green Men of Mars 1 $3.99 Dynamic Forces 8932
29 205 Baltimore Widow & The Tank One Shot 1 $3.50 Dark Horse 8071
30 208 Five Weapons 1 $3.50 Image 7721
31 209 Crossed Annual 2013 1 $5.99 Avatar 7613
32 215 Uncanny Skullkickers 1 $3.50 Image 7271
33 218 Grimm Fairy Tales Jungle Book Last of the Species 1 $3.99 Zenescope 7090
34 237 Professor Frink Fantastic Science Fictions 1 $3.99 Bongo 6395
35 238 Red Sonja Unchained 1 $3.99 Dynamic Forces 6275
36 239 Dia De Los Muertos 1 $4.99 Image 6179
37 241 Grimm Fairy Tales Madness of Wonderland 1 $3.99 Zenescope 6150
38 245 Grimm Fairy Tales Valentines Day Special 2013 1 $5.99 Zenescope 6036
39 258 Hellraiser Dark Watch 1 $3.99 Boom 5528
40 280 Kill Shakespeare Tide of Blood 1 $3.99 IDW 4820
41 285 Hawkeye 1 $2.99 Marvel 4727
42 286 Mylo Xyloto 1 $3.99 Bongo 4723
43 329 Sixth Gun Sons of the Gun 1 $3.99 Oni 3526
44 404 NFL Rush Zone Season of the Guardians 1 $3.99 Action Lab 1459


1 1 Superior Spider-Man 1 $3.99 Marvel 188182
2 4 New Avengers 1 $3.99 Marvel 116280
3 6 Savage Wolverine 1 $3.99 Marvel 102530
4 10 Uncanny X-Force 1 $3.99 Marvel 86187
5 18 Young Avengers 1 $2.99 Marvel 71254
6 29 Batman And Robin Annual 1 $4.99 DC 52244
7 45 Morbius Living Vampire 1 $2.99 Marvel 43883
8 48 Before Watchmen Dollar Bill 1 $3.99 DC 42308
9 49 Green Lantern Corps Annual 1 $4.99 DC 41836
10 53 Star Wars 1 $2.99 Dark Horse 39663
11 58 Deadpool Killustrated 1 $2.99 Marvel 36771
12 59 Green Lantern New Guardians Annual 1 $4.99 DC 36674
13 72 Threshold 1 $3.99 DC 29312
14 86 Superboy Annual 1 $4.99 DC 23694
15 96 Injustice Gods Among Us 1 $3.99 DC 20733
16 108 TMNT Secret Foot Clan 1 $3.99 IDW 18315
17 110 Punisher Nightmare 1 $3.99 Marvel 17932
18 111 Masters of the Universe Origin of He Man 1 $2.99 DC 17866
19 128 Star Trek Countdown To Darkness 1 $3.99 IDW 15753
20 149 Dark Tower Gunslinger Sheemies Tale 1 $3.99 Marvel 12985
21 153 Doctor Who Prisoners of Time 1 $3.99 IDW 12752
22 179 Mars Attacks Transformers 1 $3.99 IDW 9805
23 183 Image Firsts Walking Dead 1 $1.00 Image 9327
24 185 Mars Attacks Kiss 1 $3.99 IDW 8946
25 188 Mars Attacks Real Ghostbusters 1 $3.99 IDW 8695
26 189 My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic 1 $3.99 IDW 8605
27 192 Transformers Spotlight Thundercracker 1 $3.99 IDW 8327
28 196 Marvels Iron Man 3 Prelude 1 $2.99 Marvel 7951
29 197 Todd The Ugliest Kid On Earth 1 $2.99 Image 7879
30 201 Adventure Time Fionna & Cake 1 $3.99 Boom 7644
31 213 Insurgent 1 $2.99 DC 7143
32 215 Mars Attacks Zombies Vs Robots 1 $3.99 IDW 7024
33 218 Black Beetle 1 $3.99 Dark Horse 6993
34 224 Bionic Man Vs Bionic Woman 1 $3.99 Dynamic Forces 6753
35 227 High Ways 1 $3.99 IDW 6453
36 242 End Times of Bram & Ben 1 $2.99 Image 6009
37 243 Repossessed 1 $2.99 Image 5952
38 256 Emily & The Strangers 1 $3.99 Dark Horse 5409
39 271 Marvels Thor Adaptation 1 $2.99 Marvel 5068
40 280 Deathmatch 1 $1.00 Boom 4814
41 289 Answer 1 $3.99 Dark Horse 4572
42 297 Deadpool 1 $2.99 Marvel 4330
43 309 Grimm Fairy TalesAnimated Series 1 $3.99 Zenescope 4064
44 372 Crawling Sky 1 $3.99 Antarctic 2627
45 381 Kolchak & Honey West 1 $3.99 Moonstone 2265
46 390 Plume 1 $3.99 Devil’s Due 1844
47 440 Fubar Winter Special 1 $2.99 Alterna 969


Thanks to John Jackson Miller at  for the initial Diamond sales figures data – see complete monthly Diamond sales chart and more stats at this site !

I am always happy to hear your comments and thoughts/criticisms on any of my posts.

Terry Hoknes (author) of Hoknes Comics loves analyzing statistics and watching the growth and fall of comic titles over a period of time.  He sells all of the latest hot back issue secondary market new comics at and also self-publishes a series of books called “Investing In Comic Books” that focus on the Golden, Silver and Bronze ages of comics.


a newly costumed SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN and SCARLET SPIDER Team up

MARVEL has revealed the SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN/SCARLET SPIDER crossover in SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN TEAM-UP #2 and SCARLET SPIDER #20. But that’s not all, the covers reveal an all new costume for the now (apparently) Parker-less Superior Spider-Man.

After THE ASSASSIN’S GUILD send Kaine to NY to try to kill Wolverine, Kaine decides to stop in Manhattan and check on his “brother” (read source material for his cloning) Peter Parker. It goes less than perfectly, apparently ending with huge ramifications for Kaine.

Check out the interview with Chris Yost on Marvel’s page to get the full story.

Spidey1 Spidey2 Spidey3



Slott & Ramos Send Spidey On A Mission Into The Heart Of Crime

New York, NY—April 4th , 2013— This July, the chart topping creative team behind Amazing Spider-Man #700, Dan Slott & Humberto Ramos, go straight to the steps of Shadowland in Superior Spider-Man #14! This all-new story arc, launching during Superior Spider-Month, gives fans a whole new look into the world of Superior Spider-Man,  great for lapsed and new readers alike!


Continuing his personal quest to show the world why he is truly the superior Spider-Man, Otto Octavius looks to add cleaning up the City of New York to his list of accomplishments! But what’s his plan of attack? Eliminate Shadowland. All of it. With the Kingpin and Hobgoblin running crime throughout the city for far too long and nobody daring enough to take them down, the Superior Spider-Man takes matters into his own hands!


Superior Spider-Man #14 marks a drastic change for the character AND the series. He’s got new allies, a new look, and an all-new agenda,” explained Slott.  “And we kick it off with a moment that will LITERALLY change the face of New York in the Marvel Universe! In ANY incarnation of ANY book with ANY character called Spider-Man, you have NEVER seen a Spider-Man operate like this before! Forget Superior Spider-Man Month! This chapter kicks off the Superior Spider-Man AGE!”


And just when you see what Superior Spider-Man is really capable of when given the opportunity – fans everywhere will be screaming for more!


This July, Superior Spider-Month turns it up a notch as Slott & Ramos wage war against Shadowland inSuperior Spider-Man #14!


SuperiorSpiderMan_14_CoverSUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #14

Written by DAN SLOTT Art & Cover by HUMBERTO RAMOS



To find a comic shop near you, visit www.comicshoplocator.comor call 1-888-comicbook.
Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. For more information visit

Robot Chicken’s Kevin Schinick unleashes SUPERIOR CARNAGE

A New Beast Unleashed – SUPERIOR CARNAGE #1!

Shinick & Segovia Put A Superior Spin On A Deadly Classic

New York, NY—April 3rd , 2012— This July, the red-hot creative team of writer Kevin Shinick(Avenging Spider-Man, Robot Chicken) and Stephen Segovia (X-treme X-Men, Thor) unleash a supercharged new beast into the world ofSuperior Spider-Man with Superior Carnage #1! This five issue limited series, launching duringSuperior Spider-Month, gives fans a whole new look into the world of Superior Spider-Man – great for new and lapsed readers alike!


The homicidal villain, Carnage, is deteriorating in the confines of his asylum—but his fellow inmates are not giving up just yet! Watch as their Frankenstein-style experiment unfolds for better or for worse. Can they restore the deadliest of the symbiotes to its former glory, or better yet, do they have what it takes to build a more dastardly, more sinister, moresuperior Carnage?


“This is a Carnage story that will send shivers down the backs of anyone who reads it,” explained Sana Amanat, Editor, Marvel Entertainment. “What Kevin and Stephen have planned for the character is unlike any Carnage story that’s come before it, and surely will be one that will have fans demanding more of when it’s all said and done. Want to know why people love Carnage so much? Jump on here.”


But with a catatonic Kasady, who will emerge? The Beast or the Man?


“I’m really excited to be working onSuperior Carnage. It’s very rare that you can say the words “Like you’ve never seen him before!” and truly mean it,” explains Shinick. “But Stephen and I have been working on some great designs for what happens when the Wizard attempts to turn Carnage into an agent of evil the way the Avengers converted Venom for good! Plus now that Cletus Kasady has essentially been lobotomized, readers (and the Wizard) are going to encounter a monster very different from what they were expecting.”


This July, Shinickand Segovia restore life and grotesque brutality to one of Spider-Man’s greatest threats inSuperior Carnage #1!


SuperiorCarnage_1_CoverSUPERIOR CARNAGE #1






To find a comic shop near you, visit www.comicshoplocator.comor call 1-888-comicbook.
Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. For more information visit

Spencer & Lieber upgrade the bad-guys with THE SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN ongoing


New York, NY—April 2nd, 2013— This July, critically acclaimed writer Nick Spencer and Eisner Award winning artist Steve Lieber put fans in the shoes of the all-new Sinister Six with The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #1! This all new ongoing, launching duringSuperior Spider-Month, gives fans a whole new look into the world of Superior Spider-Man,  great for lapsed and new readers alike!

With superior power comes superior responsibility…and superior villains!  Boomerang, Shocker, Speed Demon, the Beetle, and Overdrive take a cue from the Superior Spider-Man and get upgraded for a new era of evil – and the score of a lifetime! It’s a tale of suspense that’ll turn the Marvel Universe upside down – as only THE SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN can!

“The beauty of the Spider-Man world has always been that for all the web-slinging action and adventure, Peter Parker lives in the world outside your window and his villains reflect that,” explains Tom Brennan, editor, Marvel Entertainment. “The new world ofSuperior Spider-Man demands a look at the lives, lies, schemes and dreams of his villains.  Spider-Man’s evolved – will his villains as well?”

Following the embarrassing beating fromSuperior Spider-Man #1, can Boomerang and crew rebound to prove once and for all they can make it in the big leagues?

“This is a book about the working class guys; these are not the Kingpins or Green Goblins or Doc Ocks of the world,” explains Spencer in an interview with “These are the small-time crooks looking for a quick score so they can pay their alimony and get the loan shark off their back. A lot of the book is from Boomerang’s perspective, and he’s very much aware of that—and he sees this new Sinister Six he’s formed as one last big shot at real money and real power. He’s got a lot riding on this.”

This July, Spencer and Lieber tangle with the Spider-Verse’s newly-infamous villains inThe Superior Foes of Superior Spider-Man #1!


SuperiorFoesOfSpiderMan_1_CoverTHE SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN #1






To find a comic shop near you, or call 1-888-comicbook.

Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. For more information

The FF Get Superior In AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #17!

AvengingSpiderMan_17_Cover Doc Ock, Baby Sitter?

The FF Get Superior In AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #17!


Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Avenging Spider-Man #17 from the red-hot creative team of Chris Yost & Paco Medina! The Superior Spider-Man is forced to work with the FF as the literal future comes crashing in on them, threating to destroy the Foundation itself and expose Spider-Man’s ultimate secret! Can Spider-Man play nice with the kids of the Future Foundation while keeping the future at bay? Find out this February inAvenging Spider-Man #17!



Written by CHRIS YOST


FOC – 2/4/13, ON-SALE – 2/27/13



To find a comic shop near you, visit www.comicshoplocator.comor call 1-888-comicbook.
Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. For more information visit

InvestComics Hot Picks #252

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Welcome to the InvestComics Hot Picks for new comic releases on 1-16-13.

It’s only a couple of weeks into the New Year and the comic book aftermarket is rocking n’ rolling! Star Wars #1 (IDW), Amazing Spider-Man #700 variant and Superior Spider-Man have made some noise. Let’s see if InvestComics can find you collectors more comics to look out for with the new releases…..


[scrollGallery id=213]

With Spider-Man firing on all cylinders right now, Marvel Comics is striking while iron is hot. Not anything to do with Tony Stark here, but with Peter Par…err….Doc Ock. This week Doc Ock takes to the pages of Avenging Spider-Man (2011) #16 as the new Spidey. The comic will guest star Wolverine and the X-Men. Although the guest spots are nice, this isn’t really the draw of this particular comic. Neither is the first Superior Spidey appearance in this book. The draw will be the new creative team of Christopher Yost and Paco Medina. Avenging Spider-Man (or is it Avenging Superior Spider-Man now?) has been a solid book for the most part, let’s see if the new team can sustain this or take it to another level. Well, another level will have to be done here because of the temporary layoff of Peter. It all depends on how well the storytelling will play out and if fans will buy it. As for the aftermarket of Superior Spider-Man, if you hold anything of value that you think you can flip for some quick cash, do so now. If you’re holding onto a comic that does not have Peter Parker as Spidey, It’s a commodity losing its value as the clock ticks on waiting for the return of Peter. Then once Parker does come back, you have great storytelling within your hands with no monetary value to it, which is okay if you don’t care about that stuff.

Superior Spidey will making another stop this week; Daredevil (2011 3rd Series) #22. So this will be the first team of the new Spider-Man and Daredevil, which is a complete a non factor. The issue boasts the return of Stilt-Man though! (Another non factor) But if one is so inclined to seek out a very cheap first appearance, Stilt-Man would be the way to go. Look for the very early Daredevil #8 issue from 1965 to find the ridiculous villain known as Stilt-Man! A VF/NM copy can be in your hands in the $150/$200 range. Here’s a nice selling point though. If somehow you can nab a real good copy, talking a NM copy here at or around the $200 mark, send it off to get a handsome grade of a 9.8, you have probably just made some money back. There are only six 9.8 graded copies out of 422 total graded. Not a bad idea to try and find that elusive 9.8 or higher here.

…Another year another number one Wolverine issue…..ho-hum. Savage Wolverine (2012) #1 features Wolverine in the Savage land. So what is the new Marvel NOW! to do with our most overused/floundering badass in the Marvel Universe you ask? Well you just throw some hot babes in the book that should do the trick! No really, that’s what they’re doing. No joking. The solicit says that’s the direction of the new Wolverine book; “Wolverine is all brawls, babes…” We all knew he was a stud, so what’s the surprise here right? The surprise may be in the first babe appearing in this comic. Shanna the She-Devil? That’s a character you don’t hear that much from these days. Shanna first appeared in her self- titled book Shanna the She Devil #1 (1972). The same applies here as it did with the previous mentioned back issue book within this article, but more so for this comic. There are only nine graded 9.8 out of 137 grades. A Near Mint $30 comic (a 9.8) could probably snag you some more dough in the graded Ebay market. Don’t think so, go try it and send InvestComics its 10%. Thank me later. Oh and a cover by the legendary Jim Steranko?? Ah yes, nice indeed.

It’s been over a year now that the new DC 52 has been upon us. A few surprises, a few not so surprises, a few “what?!” moments, a few “who cares?” moments and then the enviable retelling of origins that most fanboys are not excepting. Too bad DC says to you! It’s not about YOU, it’s about two things folks; a new story to tell (entire universe was stale) and MONEY! So with that rant we come to Team 7 (2012 DC) #4 which includes the “secret” origin of DC’s badass Deathstroke (has anyone seen him on Arrow? Translates nicely to television, now if only the movies would get going…..). So if you’re in the market looking for one of the most underrated villains in quite some time, look no further than Slade Wilson a.k.a. Deathstroke. He won’t be flying under the radar for much longer if he keeps popping up on Arrow and continues to be an awesome force on that show. InvestComics has been saying it for years, actually the first InvestComics magazine ever (7 years ago) featured The New Teen Titans #2 (first appearance of Deathstroke) as a major pickup and has gained ground ever since. Things are not much different today folks. WHEN (not IF) this character breaks out onto the big screen, it will be in a major way. He will be everything Marvel wants out of the Punisher that it’s not getting. So is there any draw backs to owning this $50 NM issue? Well for one, there are over 700 graded issues out there. 141 which are 9.8 graded. In most cases this would be very top heavy in regards to the aftermarket, so what does this mean for THIS particular comic though? If you can score a 9.8 after spending $50 on this comic, you have done yourself some justice. You will easily double your monies on Ebay with this grade. In most cases though, this would not work because of the overflow at the top here, but this character already commands the attention it’s getting and will continue to do so as time goes on. Now once this dude hits the movie screen, look out because your profits will go significantly higher. The bottom line here? Buy a beautiful $50 aftermarket 9.8 grade and get rewarded nicely.

Although DC is touting the debut of a NEW writer to the DC house, Robert Venditti is anything but “new”. He’s been around a little while and is just now getting around to the halls of DC Comics. One of Robert’s first work appeared in The Surrogates #1 from 2005 (Top Shelf Productions). Look for that comic in some 50 cent long box at your local comic shop.

Two number one issues from DC hit the shelves this week. Insurgent (2012 DC) #1 and Threshold (2012 DC) #1. Insurgent will be an all new series starting from the ground up, while Threshold lives off of the Green Lantern universe.

Other number one issues to check out this week are High Ways (2012 IDW) #1 from legend John Byrne, Black Beetle (2012 Dark Horse) #1 and Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth (2012 Image) #1 (which wins best title of the week).

That’s it for this week. Be sure to sign up for the InvestComics Newsletter! See you next week.

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


[scrollGallery id=214]


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The Future of SPIDER-MAN Is Marvel NOW!

Superstars Dan Slott & Ryan Stegman Bring Spider-Man to the Next Level!

New York. NY—August 10, 2012— ThisJanuary, the Web-Head embraces a new chapter in his life inSuperior Spider-Man #1, kicking off the all-new ongoing series from the amazing creative team of writer Dan Slott and artist Ryan Stegman! As part ofMarvel NOW!, Superior Spider-Man  joins a number of titles that will take the Marvel Universe in an exciting all-new direction, as the industry’s top creators join the top Super Heroes to deliver all-new ongoing series, great for new and lapsed readers alike!


Peter Parker has spent a lifetime living up to the responsibilities his powers foisted upon him but his Amazing story finally ends dramatically in the historic Spider-Man #700. NOW! the new Spider-Man has arrived and he is better in every single way. Smarter, stronger…Superior.


“Spider-Man has learned a lot during his time as a super hero, making him not just amazing anymore, he’s more than that,” said Axel Alonso, Editor In Chief, Marvel Entertainment. “Dan and Ryan have Spider-Man on a path that will challenge him in every way. Just because Spider-Man is Superior, it doesn’t mean things are even close to getting easier!”


Marvel NOW!is the culmination ofMarvel ReEvolution, the groundbreaking new initiative to evolve the comic book experience through innovation. WithSuperior Spider-Man, Marvel NOW! ensures fans will discover an entirely new perspective in the adventures of Spider-Man.


“This is still very much the world of Spider-Man. There may be a new Spider-Man here, doing things in a new and different way, but you’re going to see the Spider-cast reacting to this,” said writer Dan Slott in an interview with “You’re going to see how this Spider-Man will deal with our Spider-Man’s villains. How will he react to this Spider-Man’s supporting cast? That is clearly the world of this book. The world hasn’t changed, just the hero.”



Each issue ofSuperior Spider-Man includes a code for a free digital copy on the Marvel Comics app for iOS and Android devices. Additionally, each issue of Superior Spider-Man features special augmented reality content available exclusive through theMarvel AR app – including cover recaps, behind the scenes features and more that add value to your reading experience at no additional cost.


“Not only does every book with the Marvel NOW! logo feature a new superstar creative team and blockbuster story, but they also come with all-new incentives for our retailer partners,” explained David Gabriel, Senior Vice-President of Sales, Marvel Entertainment.. “We want to make sure every comic shop nationwide is fully stocked to meet the high demand we’re already seeing for Marvel NOW! And want to make sure their voices are heard throughout this exciting time. Stay tuned for more news on how Marvel will be working directly with retailers to make sure our programs address their needs.”


An all-new direction! An All-New Spider-Man! All-new justice! This isSuperior Spider-Man NOW!


ThisJanuary, Dan Slott and Ryan Stegman swing a new chapter in Peter Parker’s life inSuperior Spider-Man #1!



Written by DAN SLOTT

Art & Cover by RYAN STEGMAN



To find a comic shop near you, visit www.comicshoplocator.comor call 1-888-comicbook.
Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. For more information visit