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Mark Waid and Warren Ellis each have a number One issue coming this week. 2 Doctors also have number one issues. More inside…..

strangetales110_1963_1500.gifstrange1.gifIt’s sort of funny how Marvel basically said to Stephen Strange, ‘forget you you’re lame, we want a new Sorcerer Supreme.’ Then they say, ‘we’re sorry here is your own ongoing series for your troubles, no hard feelings.’ If I were Stephen, I would put some dark magic on someone’s as* at Marvel for making Doctor Voodoo the new Supreme, but that’s just me. Strange will be alright in the very capable hands of Veteran writer Mark Waid and newcomer artist Emma Rios. Strange #1 will be a quick sellout, so if you miss it don’t fret, a second print to follow soon. If you have some extra cash for a silver age comic this week, look for Strange Tales #110 from 1963. This comic will be cost around the $1500 mark, a comic that might be undervalued with such attention given to this character these days. Look for a VF copy or better and hold on to this comic. The upside is better than you might think with this one. With Marvel tapping into the movie entertainment side of their library so much these days, it’s just a matter of time before the name Dr. Strange comes up and it will.

vengeanceofthemoonknight3.gifmoonknight1_1980_9.gifwerewolf32_1stmoonknight.gifVengeance of the Moon Knight #3 guest stars an original cast member from his first series from 1980. Raoul Bushman first appeared in Moon Knight #1, which was the first solo series for Marvel’s white knight. It’s a real bargain at only $9. With Moon Knight doing so well these days with the ‘Vengeance’ series that 1980 comic is looking nicer at the $9 price tag. Writer Gregg Hurwitz is taking Moon Knight to another level (as mentioned in previous Hot Picks) and should be hovering on your radar screen. The same applies here that applied to Dr. Strange regarding the movie reference. The White Knight though has even more upside than Strange when it comes to value. Werewolf by Night #32 would cost you around $100. This is a tremendous buying opportunity if you can find yourself a nice copy. A purchase here should result in a hold position for quite some time with some great upside here fans.
batman693.gifbatmandocsavagespecial1.gifshadowcomics_1940_9000_1stdocsav.gifBatman #693 debuts a new Arkham Asylum as well as the debut of the Gotham Shield Committee and Black Mask’s Ministry of Death. The latter sounds like trouble don’t it? By the way if you have some cash left over after buying the first appearance of Strange and Moon Knight, take a look-see at the 1940 Shadow Comics #1. This is the first appearance of Doc Savage, which teams up with Batman in Batman/Doc Savage Special #1 this week. It comes in at a heavy $9000. 
punishermax1.gifsword1.gifastonishingxmen3.gifA few number one issues hit the Hot Picks this week
with 2 sleepers and 2 non sleepers. One of the non sleepers will keep you up because all of the heavy artillery he walks around with. The Punishermax #1
series promises to introduce a villain into Frank’s life that will cause more problems to his psyche than ever before. From the looks of it, the cover screams Kingpin and yes he really could be a pain in the as*. Another non sleeper this week will sell out quicker than these dots I have to put between these letters, S.W.O.R.D. #1. This team is a relatively new one, first appearing in Astonishing X-Men #3 a few years ago. So if you like this team and think they have potential, this is the comic to get. If not, well then this is not the comic to get. Your call here! Sleeper one has to go to Ghoul #1. Written by Steve Niles (30 days of Night) and drawn by the LEGEND himself Berni Wrightson. This is a team made in heaven, well in this case made in hell, but you get the idea. Avatar Press will be releasing SuperGod #1. Superheroes worshipped by humans as Gods…..okay Mr. Warren Ellis, you have my attention. This comic is going to sell out quickly so do not miss it.








Don’t forget the Blackest Night crossover’s this week. R.E.B.E.L.S. #10 and Booster Gold #26.








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See you all next week, Invest Wisely

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