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Aquaman, seven series number one issues, two of which were limited series. None of the regular series made it past 77 issues. What does this mean exactly? Well it means that Aquaman was never a character taken very seriously. Always on the receiving end of the joke. Nowadays things are a bit different (many thanks to Geoff Johns), although the character still holds the stigma of being a lame duck in many circles, Warner Brothers will be going all in with a solo movie release. Rumor has it that he’ll first appear in the Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice first, then we’ll see the solo movie a couple of years later. It’s then we’ll see if the world is truly ready for a live action Aquaman movie.

It was writer Geoff Johns that vowed to make Aquaman a cool character. He’s achieved this feat with many naysayers saying it couldn’t be done. Now the transition to film will be the defining moment for the most powerful water character in the entire DC Universe.

Below are some key Aquaman appearances throughout the years. First appearances, number one issues, appearances in other comics, etc. Debuting from 1941, there are plenty of comics to look for here. Plenty of affordable books along the way here too.

Please remember as always here on InvestComics, read the disclaimer. With that said, there will in fact be books that are not on this list. They were probably inadvertently missed. No problem, list your favorite book below or in the comment section in one of our social media outlets. Also remember that the Aquaman movie comes out in 2018, there are no right or wrong answers here.


Aquaman Checklist

More Fun Comics #73 (1941) First appearances of Aquaman and Green Arrow. Golden Age.

Worlds Finest Comics #6 (1942) Aquaman first appears with Batman and Robin in the same comic. They are not together in the same story, Aquaman is featured in a backup.

Adventure Comics #229 (1956) First Silver Age. First appearance of Topo, Aquaman’s pet octopus.

Adventure Comics #260 (1959) Key origin issue. Also dubbed as the first Silver Age origin issue.

More Fun Comics 73 InvestComics

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Worlds Finest Comics 6 InvestComics

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Adventure Comics 260 InvestComics

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Adventure Comics 229 InvestComics

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Adventure Comics #269 (1960) First Aqualad appearance.

The Brave and the Bold #28 (1960) First appearance of the Justice League of America and Aquaman is on the team.

Superman #138 (1960) First time appearing in a Superman comic.

Justice League of America #1 (1960) First Justice League comic.

Adventure Comics 269 InvestComics

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Brave and the Bold 28 InvestComics

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Justice League of America 1 InvestComics

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Superman 138 InvestComics

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Detective Comics #293 (1961) Before the first Aquaman series debuted, there were backup stories in this title. This is the first of those backup stories.

Showcase #30 (1961) The Aquaman “tryout” issue. The origin of Aquaman.

Showcase #32 (1961) First appearance of The Creature King of the Sea.

Aquaman #1 (1962) Aquaman’s first solo series and first appearance of Quisp.

Aquaman 1 1962 InvestComics

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Detective Comics 293 InvestComics

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Showcase 30 InvestComics

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Showcase 32 InvestComics

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Aquaman #11 (1963) First appearance of Mera.

Aquaman #15 (1964) First appearance of Dr. Deering.

Aquaman #18 (1964) Aquaman weds Mera. The Justice League of America were invited. Rumor has it they had their own table. Very rowdy crowd when they drink.

Green Lantern #29 (1964) First time appearing in a Green Lantern comic. Pencils by Gil Kane.

Aquaman 11 InvestComics

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Aquaman 15 InvestComics

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Aquaman 18 InvestComics

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Green Lantern 29 InvestComics

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Aquaman #21 (1965) First appearance of Fisherman.

Aquaman #22 (1965) First appearance of Siren.

Aquaman #23 (1965) First appearance of Aquababy.

Aquaman #24 (1965) First appearance of Karla.

Aquaman 21 InvestComics

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Aquaman 22 InvestComics

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Aquaman 23 1965 InvestComics

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Aquaman 24 InvestComics

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Flash #158 (1966) First time in a Flash comic.

Teen Titans #1 (1966) Aquaman appearance.

Aquaman #26 (1966) First O.R.G.E and first Huntress Silver Age. This is not the same O.R.G.E. As in Batman Confidential #1 (2007).

Aquaman #29 (1966) First appearance of Ocean Master.

Aquaman #30 (1966) Justice League of America appearance. Story titled; “The Death of Aquaman”.

Flash 158 InvestComics

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Teen Titans 1 InvestComics

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Aquaman 26 InvestComics

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Aquaman 29 InvestComics

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Aquaman 30 InvestComics

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Aquaman #33 (1967) First appearance of Aquagirl.

Aquaman #35 (1967) First appearances of Black Manta and Dr. Vulko.

Aquaman #37 (1968) First appearance of Scavenger.

Aquaman #42 (1968) A classic Nick Cardy Black Manta cover.

Aquaman #54 (1970) First appearance of Thanatos. No Not Thanos, Thanatos.

Aquaman 33  InvestComics

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Aquaman 35 InvestComics

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Aquaman 37 InvestComics

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Aquaman 42 InvestComics

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Aquaman 54 InvestComics

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Wonder Woman #215 (1974) First appearance in the Wonder Woman title.

Superman #379 (1983) First Bizarro Aquaman appearance.

Swamp Thing #24 (1984) Aquaman (JLA) appearance. Alan Moore writes.

Aquaman Vol 2 #1 (1986) Post Crisis origin story.

Aquaman Special #1 (1989) A retelling of Aquaman’s origin. Written by Keith Giffen and Robert Fleming. Art by Keith Giffen and Curt Swan.

Wonder Woman 215 InvestComics

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Superman 379 InvestComics

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Swamp Thing 24 InvestComics

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Aquaman 1 1986 InvestComics

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Aquaman Special 1 InvestComics

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Aquaman Vol 3 #1 (1989) This five issue mini-series was a continuation of the Aquaman Special from a couple of months prior. Brought to us by the same creative team.

Atlantis Chronicles (1990) The title says it all. Seven issue limited series. Written by Peter David. Plenty on first appearances throughout.

Aquaman Vol 4 #1 (1991) This series made it up to lucky number 13.

Suicide Squad #61 (1992) First Aquaman (JLA) appearance in a Suicide Squad comic.

Deathstroke the Terminator #13 (1992) Aquaman (JLA) appearance.

Aquaman 1 1989 InvestComics

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Aquaman 1 1991 InvestComics

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Deathstroke 13 InvestComics

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Suicide Squad 61 InvestComics

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Aquaman: Time and Tide (1993) A four issue mini series from writer Peter David.

Superboy #9 (1994) First full appearance of King Shark.

Aquaman Vol 5 #1 (1994) This series would become the longest lasting series of all the volumes. Peter David begins the series as writer. First appearances of villains Bres and Charybdis.

Aquaman Vol 5 #4 (1994) First Kimon Tanaka, later becomes Demon Gate. Lobo appearance.

Aquaman Vol 5 #26 (1996) First Demon Gate.

Aquaman 1 1994 InvestComics

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Aquaman VOL 5 1 1994 InvestComics

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Aquaman VOL 5 4 InvestComics

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Aquaman Vol 5 26 InvestComics

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Green Lantern: Circle of Fire (2000) This two issue story was written by Brian K. Vaughan. Aqauman (JLA) appearance.

Superman Emperor Joker #1 (2000) A one shot featuring a ton of guest stars and JLA (Aquaman). Written by Joe Kelly and Jeph Loeb. Spectacular cover by Ed McGuinness.

Green Arrow #16 (2001) First appearance in a Green Arrow comic. Written by Kevin Smith and art by Phil Hester. One of Aquaman’s greatest adversaries appears in this comic; Black Manta. Great Matt Wagner cover.

Aquaman Vol 6 #1 (2003) A new direction for Aquaman; “The New Wave”. Written by Rick Veitch, pencils by Yvel Guichet and cover by Alex Maleev. This series lasted 57 issues.

Aquaman Vol 6 #5 (2003) First appearance of The Thirst.

Aquaman 1 2003 InvestComics

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Aquaman Vol 6 5 InvestComics

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Green Arrow 16 InvestComics

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Green Lantern Circle of Fire 1 InvestComics

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Superman Emperor Joke 1 InvestComics

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Aquaman Vol 6 #21 (2004) First appearance of Eel.

Aquaman Sword of Atlantis #40 (2006) Title change in Vol 6. Written by Kurt Busiek, Art and variant cover by Butch Guice.

Aquaman Vol 7 #1 (2011) New 52 Aquaman series written by Geoff Johns and art by Ivan Reis. Geoff actually made Aquaman a cool character. The series did well under his watch.

Swamp Thing #1 (2011) A New 52 Aquaman appearance written by Scott Snyder.

Aquaman 1 2011 InvestComics

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Aquaman Sword of Atlantis 40 InvestComics

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Aquaman VOL 6 21 InvestComics

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Swamp Thing 1 New 52 InvestComics

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Aquaman Vol 7 #16 (2013) First appearance of The Dead King.

Secret Origins #2 (2014) A New 52 secret origins story featuring Aquaman.

Aquaman and The Others #2 (2014) First appearance of Legend.

Superboy #0 (1994) Cameo (first appearance of Killer Shark.

Aquaman Vol 7 16 InvestComics

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Secret Origins 2 InvestComics

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Aquaman and the Others 2 InvestComics

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Superboy 0 InvestComics

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If you’re a coffee drinker or a hot cocoa drinker, then you need to have this super cool Carnage mug. Marvel Heroes Full Character Molded Mug Carnage mug is unbelievably awesome. There is only one available on Ebay right now if you want to grab it. That’s if your local shop didn’t get any in of course, but this mug….wow.


A new Batman Black & White Series Original Mini Statue By Dave Johnson hits this Wednesday. A gorgeous statue for any Batman collector. Hard to find any on Ebay right now, so click the link and check out what is available as far as the Batman statues go. It may show up in there soon.

Two cool statues coming out of the CW television shows. Arrow statue from Gentle Giant. Check it out, very nice detail here and only a little over a hundred bucks. Also Flash TV Action Figure. Sadly, there are no Flash figures currently on Ebay.

Batman_InvestComicsArrow_InvestComicsRocket Raccoon gets the full size treatment from NECA. A 3 footer that will set you back about $325. That’s pretty good for a raccoon you don’t have to feed or worry about tearing up your home.

Funko will release a the Vinyl Vixen Harley Quinn Vinyl Figure. Awesome looking figure here.

Walking Dead gets another Minimates treatment. Check out the Walking Dead Minimates Series 7 Assortment Case.

Also from Minimates; Marvel Minimates Series 61 Avengers Age Of Ultron Movie Assortment Case.


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Comic Broker Report – November 2014 (part 2)


Here’s a quick part 2 for November!


Aquaman 7,7b  ( first appearance of Kahina )

Is Kahina the Seer going to be in Batman v. Superman?  If so this is the one to buy.


Arrow 1 ( first Laurel Lance )


Batman 417 ( first appearance of KGBeast )

Another odd rumor for Batman v. Superman puts the KGBeast in the mix!  God I hope this happens.  At one time this comic could not be bought cheap.  Now it should be no problem.


Aquaman 35 ( first appearance of Black Manta )


Setting up the Aquaman film is going to part of  Zack Snyder’s plan and who is going to challenge the king of the oceans?  This one won’t be easy to find and even in poor condition it’s gonna set you back a few bucks.

Batman Annual 2 ( first Eric Border )

I cannot say much about this without spoiling the surprise!



The rumor of the president’s death in Batman v. Superman have some speculating that Lex’s grand design might center around taking the presidency for himself.  If this proves to be the case look for these to get hot:

Adventures of Superman 581, President Luthor Secret Files, Superman 162-165, Man of Steel 108-110,  Action Comics 773

He was elected in the Lex 2000 one-shot.

Iron Man vs Whiplash 1b ( First appearance of Igor Vanko? )

The Agent Carter series has been busy casting all sorts of crazy Marvel characters but this one might be the strangest.  Only mentioned by his son Whiplash in Iron Man 2 it appears that we will see just how the interaction between Howard Stark and Igor really played out!  As far as I can tell he first appeared here:





DISCLAIMER: Please remember that the comics I pick here are not sure bets. I only provide educated information. Any investing market represents an element of risk. Buy and sell carefully.

InvestComics Hot Picks #342

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InvestComics Hot Picks – New Release Comics on 10/22/14

360_20050921201924_large2056970Not much in the way of sold out items this week except for books like Alice Cooper #2, Southern Dog #2, and a Shaman #1 variant cover. But more important books to keep an eye on this week…….

If you’re a regular reader of the InvestComics Hot Picks, you would not only be greatly informed, but you would know that I have been bullish (buyer) on The New Teen Titans #2 (1980) for about 8 years now. Nothing has changed except that Deathstroke will be getting more attention this week with the release of his own ongoing series; Deathstroke (2014 DC 2nd Series) #1. I cannot stress enough just how much this dude is on the cusp of greatness. He’s appeared on the Arrow show with much fanfare and fans cannot seem to get enough. Now DC releases the solo series and what could be next? Well, DC/WB just announced their 10 movies coming out within the span of the next 6 years. Yes that’s right 10 movies in 6 years. We’ll see about that, but that’s not the focus point here. The focus point is the character Deathstroke. If DC/WB have a clue, they will include Mr. Slade in one of these 10 films. And they probably will. Getting prepared for the coming of Deathstroke will only cost you between $99-$125 for a raw copy of The New Teen Titans #2 (First Deathstroke) (1980). I implore you to buy this comic.

The Catwoman comic gets a new creative team. Definitely check out Catwoman (2011 4th Series) #35.

With all of the excitement of the new Gotham series comes Arkham Manor (2014) #1. Look for some interest with this one.

17276_20070115140205_large2058872Two older Marvel characters make an appearance this week. One with a new look and the other as he was back in 1983. Axis Hobgoblin (2014 Marvel) #1 will feature the Hobgoblin as he once was back in his first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #238 (1983). And in All New Invaders (2013) #11, we get a brand new look for Iron Cross. His first appearance was in The Invaders #35 (1978).

Cyclops (2014 2nd Series) #6 will feature the debut Marvel artist Javier Garron. He’s done a few things for DC and IDW, but this marks his debut into the Marvel fray.

Hard to believe that Edward Scissorhands made his appearance on the big screen 24 years ago. Even more peculiar is the fact that there is no comic adaptation of this dude……until now. Edward Scissorhands (2014 IDW) #1 will follow Edward 50 years after the movie. If you’re a fan of Eddie, this one is for you!

Other cool comics to check out this week; The awesomeness of all awesome team-ups, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ghostbusters (2014 IDW) #1, 13 Coins (2014 Titan) #1 by fan favorite Simon Bisley. An attention getter out of the gate. Memetic (2014 Boom) #1, and Image Comics brings us Goners (2014 Image) #1. You should check out this interesting plot line before they’re all……..gone.






























That’s it for this week. See you soon.

Invest wisely. Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz

Comic Broker Report – October 2014 (part 2)

 THE COMIC BROKER’S REPORT – September 2014 pt. 2

Reaction to this month’s article has been about as hot as my sister skinny dipping with a recently diagnosed thyroid problem.  To make up for that I have decided to add some extra selections for this month.  An update would have sufficed but it ballooned with a bunch of new pics and since become a part 2.  Some of these may have already been spotlighted by others on the web and if that it true then those author’s are by far much better than me and should receive emails from any reader telling them so!  Enjoy your Labor day weekend folks!

The Pulse 11,13


With A Jessica Jones show coming up on Netflix how long before Danielle Cage makes an appearance?

The Flash: Iron Heights

Girder is an obscure DC villain who first appeared in The Flash: Iron Heights, an excellent prestige format book by industry greats Johns and Ethan Van Sciver.  The character has been cast to appear in the upcoming Flash TV show.


Flashpoint 1 2011

Farooq/Blackout is an even more obscure character than Girder.  Though he appears first in the well printed/underwhelming Flashpoint 1 (also by Johns ) the issue is rare depending on which version you seek out.

Sketch variant, third printing, George Perez variant, SDCC and Canadian Expo edition

1803234-5_28b1531d26 1803235-6_c0cef89a06 1922792-flashpoint_01__2nd_printing_variant_ 1966697-01_2nd 2757581-01_fanexpo 2757583-01_fanexpo_cropped

 Tales of Suspense 59 ( First Appearance Jarvis )

Jarvis will be cast for the Agent Carter show.  The famous butler to heroes first appeared in this classic series from Marvel.


Doctor Who Weekly 17 ( First appearance of Abslom  Daak )

Fan favorite and Dalek Killer, Abslom Daak could finally be appearing on screen.  His first appearance is really going to be tough to find in high grade though.


The Avengers 167 ( First appearance of Carina )


In the comics she’s The Collector’s daughter but if you’ve see the GOTG film then you know that she’s not to happy with her position.  It’s great little role by an unknown.

The Flash 245 ( First appearance of the Floronic Man )

Del Toro’s Justice League Dark is going to feature many of DC’s best characters who deal in magic and mysticism.  The legendary director  has expressed a desire to include The Floronic Man.  This is his first appearance.


Note:  The Floronic man appears in The Atom 1 but he does not become the Floronic Man until this Flash issue.

Secret Six 7 ( first appearance of Komodo )


Arrow is looking to feature a ton of DC characters in the upcoming season including Komodo!

The Flash Volume 2 Issue 28  ( First Linda Park )


Green Arrow 17 variant ( First Komodo DC new 52 )

This variant is going to be the one to collectors will want.  It also features Jeff Lemire’s writing debut for Arrow and that’s enough to make this reader buy!   Simon Lacroix is an expert archer in his own right and may turn out to be one of the more exciting TV characters if he is adapted well from the source material.


The Eternals 7 ( First appearance Eson the Searcher )

One of the more obscure appearances ( and my personal favorite! ) from the GOTG film!


Hulk vs. Iron Man 2  ( First Extremis Hulk )

first extremis hulk

Captain Atom ( First General Wade Eiling )

The General is rumored to play a significant role on Arrow!  This one may not see much in the way of market gains based on a higher print run but for fans of Arrow it’s a must own and can probably be found in a dollar bin.

first general wade eiling

Peter Parker, Spider-Ham 12 ( First Galactypus )

pps 12 first galactypus

If you haven’t been reading Ultimate FF then you need to start right after you finish reading this.

Superman Day of Doom 1 of 4


Man I sure hate mini -series and not because of the format.  For some reason collector’s frown upon them especially modern  buyers and sellers.  In this cases fans of the upcoming Gotham show and the Gotham Central comic should want this one.




Comic Broker Report – September 2014

Everyone likes a quickie.  Enjoy!

Venom Lethal Protector 1 ( Gold, Newsstand, Black Cover Error )

First Appearance of Ann  Weying


These days many people have been infected with Venom.  Marvel has actually done a pretty good job in this area.  Mania may be my favorite but Ann Weying is right behind her!

Her best cover by far!


Dark Horse Insider 6


Sam Rami made a bit of a splash at this years SDCC by announcing a possible TV show for his Evil Dead property!  First appearance of Ash and the famous book bound in skin is in this hard to find preview series.

Earth x  0 ( First Female Thor )

thor earth x

Earth X 005-000

Despite being set in a different time and alternate Universe this is the first appearance of a female Thor.  If you can find a depiction of a woman wielding the power of Thor prior to this book please let me know!  So why is a female Thor important?  Well it looks like Marvel is changing some things including the sex of one one of its most popular heroes.  Bad idea?  Time will tell but until then there is sure to be a lot op speculation on who will hold the hammer.

Tales of Suspense 59 ( First appearance of Jarvis )


The upcoming Agent  Carter show will feature a familiar face, the original Jarvis.  With all the hype J.A.R.V.I.S. is getting surrounding Avengers 2 it sure is nice to hear that one of the Avengers most beloved characters will be showing up on the small screen.

Sensation Comics 1: First Wildcat


Wildcat may be coming to season 3 of Arrow but your chances of finding his first is pretty much zero.  The cover is pretty cool though so I decided to post it for you all!  That’s if for this month!





Oh and I really want this SDCC treat!



Comic Broker Report – August 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 657,658:  First Future Foundation Suit


Yeah I know Marvel has overdone it with the Spidey suits but this one might be the best to date.  Made of unstable molecules it never has to be cleaned!  It’s really all the benefits of Venom with out the mind altering alien infestation!

Note: There are some second printings that are worth a look too.
Superman ( New 52 ) 32: First Ulysses


So there are plenty of variants for the start of the  Johns/Romita jr.  era.  The rarest is the 1:100 retailer but the Bombshell is my personal favorite and is actually affordable.
X_Men Battle of the Atom 1: First Raze

3286196-01a 3286393-01d 3286395-01c 3286396-01b 3718054-16

The alternate future offspring of Wolverine and Mystique appears first here.  As far as I am concerned the  Deadpool hash tag swag variant is the one to buy!
  Secret Avengers 4: First Manifold


One of my favorite modern characters is Manifold.  Nuff said.
First Adam Hughes art: Eagle 6

eagle 6 first hughes

Hughes cover are fast becoming favorites amongst collectors.  If you are looking for his first pro work, he did a pin-up in this forgotten comic.

 Venom 31: First Mania


It doesn’t matter how many times Venom replicates the results are almost always cash cows for Marvel.  Mania is the most recent transformation of the pesky alien and she’s actually a pretty cool character.  It helps that this  was the best Venom series to date.
Aunt Eunice: Batman 23.1


Ok I have major issues with this issue.   Jackanapes is one of my favorite Morrison character creations so when DC decided to give him the lamest origin they could I cringed.  I am currently rewriting his origin in my spare time and if DC fails to pick it up I am going to post in here for free and the few people who read my stuff can bash me at will.  So why am I picking this issue?  It turns out the Joker may have had an abusive Aunt who looks eerily similar to the Clown Prince of Crime!
The Great Society: New Avengers 16


Hickman’s Great Society sucked me in right away I just can’t wait to see more of these characters especially Norn!
2000 A.D. 1170: First Jock published work

first jock

Much like Hughes, Jock’s work is catching on with fans ( see Detective 880,881 ).  This issues of 2000 A.D. published his first pro work.
Nightbreed 13: First Rawhead Rex


A TV show is coming for Nightbreed?!?!  WTF!  If you haven’t seen the cult classic I recommend it especially when the Director’s Cut is released.   Epic published a 25 issue series with  1 and 25 being the toughest to get.  Collector’s shouldn’t forget about this issue though with a sick cover and the first comic appearance of Rawhead Rex!  If he makes it to show this one will explode.


Outsiders 11,12: Katana Origin


The Brave and the Bold 200 has her first appearance and is also a final issue making it key for this upcoming  CW Arrow character.  Even the DC Sampler 1 should see some love from collectors.  I would include these issues in the Katana collection too.





Sam Wilson as Cap!  Already happened…



Comic Broker Report – April 2014

It seems like every day there’s some new announcement for comic film and T.V. adaptations.  Today it’s Superior from Mark Millar!  No matter what it is critical that studios keep putting out films like The Winter Soldier.  As long as that happens studios will continue to harvest the back issues bins and extract things like Squee! and Dreadstar!  Here are this month’s recommendations:

Detective Comics 457


Is Holly Hunter playing Leslie Thompkins in Zack Snyder’s sequel to Man of Steel?  If she does go grab multiple copies of this one.  Not

Note:  This one is highly speculative.  Nothing has been confirmed.


Ok so Summer Glau is still being type cast but she looks good as Ravager/Rose Wilson, daughter of the mega popular Deathstroke on CW’s Arrow.  As far as I can tell these would be the issues to buy:

Deathstroke 15 ( first Rose Wilson )


Teen Titans 1/2 Wizard ( first Ravager costume? )


Teen Titans Vol. 3  # 8


On the show Summer plays Isabel Rochev who is also a major player in the current comic series and like the comic version, she takes over Oliver’s company.  But Rochev and Wilson are two different people in the comics.  It looks like Arrow’s Rochev is simply a cover identity to hide the Wilson name.  But if you are wondering where Rochev appears first, here ya go:

Green Arrow Volume Four  1B (  1:25 Ethan Van Sciver Variant )


Marvel Graphic Novel 3: Dreadstar

So by now it’s known that Dreadstar is getting the film treatment.  Epic 1,2,3 are all keys if you ask me but this one might prove to be very tough to find in high grade/first print.


This isn’t easy to find either!

Marvel’s 1985 Dreadstar Patch


Green Team 8


So DC announced the return of the Teen Titans.  This is why you are already seeing price jumps for DC Comics Presents 26.  So what does the Green Team 8 have to do with the Titans?  Read the last page of this underprinted DC New 52 title  for a shocker!

Runaways 1


Here’s one I would buy now.  Eventually this Marvel gem will make it to the big screen.  Oh and it’s written by an industry legend.

Dead Letters 1


Other folks on the web have already shed some light on this one.  There are variants for issue one but the print run for the reg cover was so low that I would buy it as well.  This is one you can find on shelves now if your LCS  orders a wide variety of titles.

New Mutants 25


The sequel to X-Men Days of Future Past has already been confirmed by Director Brian Singer.  Once we learned that the Age of Apocalypse story is central to the plot I am sure fans of Legion rejoiced.  Prof  X’s son plays a big role in AOA and if he’s a part of the next film look for this issue to explode.

Warrior 1 ( Signed Only )


Death of a WWE great leads to quick monies.

Invincible 110


Sometimes collecting comics for a long time can make one feel as though they have seen it all.  So when  a comic is released by the creator of the Walking Dead with some truly adult subject matter, collector’s should take notice.  In this case we also have a comic has a pretty low print run.  Demand for this book will climb over the next month but there just aren’t enough to go around.

Note:  I would grab issue 44 as well!

Sword of Azrael 1


This one is cheap and well written.  Because the replacement Batman could end up in a film I suggest a little speculation here.   There’s also a DF signed edition and a Silver Series reprint.

Metal Hurlant 1


This one is impossible to find.    Corben fans should be pleased that this series is on T.V.

I feel Sick 1,2


It’s not just Squee that’s hot!  I suspect all this creator’s comics will continue to set fires for the foreseeable future.

DMZ 14


So Scalped has been optioned ( Thanks to this webpage for informing me! )  Similar to Y the Last Man 37, this issue had a preview of the series most just don’t know about!








Comic Broker Report – March 2014 (Updated)

There is nothing I can say today that will take me away from watching Season one of True Detective in one sitting.  You should be doing the same, right after you read this though!


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos 27 ( First Eric Koenig )


So Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. still has not sparked the interest as I had hoped it would.  Uninteresting characters ( not including Bill Paxton ) will do that but when Patton Oswalt was announced as reformed Nazi Shield Agent Eric Koenig, I started to smile.  The ranks of shield could start filling up with some wonderful characters from Marvel’s past but unless the clairvoyant is M.O.D.O.K. I sill won’t be pleased.

Young Men 24


Rumors of the Psychotic Captain America, William Burnside appearing as the villain in Captain America 3 have been a hot topic this week.  Early  reviews of The Winter Soldier have been overwhelmingly positive and Marvel has already started chirping about the third film in the franchise.  So who is William Burnside?

The general consensus is that he first appears here although he may have appeared earlier in  All Select 9 ( unconfirmed ).  Burnside is an interesting idea for a film antagonist.  He’s a man so obsessed with Steve Rogers he tries to become him!  It’s also possible he could appear in film as The Grand Director.

Captain America 231 ( First Burnside as The Grand Director )

first burnside as grand director cap 231

Captain America vol 5.  4, 7 ( 2006 )


These I like because of Brubaker, a man who will go down as the most influential Cap writer of the last 20 years.  Though Burnside is only shown via flashback in 7 they could be key down the road.  Considering the current importance of Issue 6, 6b,1 and the,14 reprint- I would buy now and hold.  Cap 153-155 are a good Bronze Age bet too!

Amazing Spider-Man 359, 360


Collectors and buyers love them some ASM 361 and the 361 2nd print but Carnage’s roots can be traced back to issue 354.  These issues remain key to the development of the character despite their awful covers.  Also the cover to issue 361 is published first in issue 359.

Green Arrow ( new 52 ) 24     1 for 25 Variant Cover by Andrea Sorrentino

Arrow continues to surprise viewer with excellent episodes.   Bodyguard to Oliver Queen John Diggle is the best example of this.  He has become so popular that Jeff Lemire introduced him into the mainstream DCU in this issue:

arrow 24 first john diggle

but he actually appeared a little earlier in this 1:5 variant, out of continuity comic:

arrow 1 first john diggle

Note: There regular cover for this series is a photo cover.

Oni Color Special 2001

Ellen Page is going to star in Rucks’s Queen and Country.  I have mentioned Queen & Country 1 & the FCBD issue when the property was first optioned by Fox.  Don’t sleep on this issue though.  It features a very Early appearance of Tara Chace and one of her only appearances outside of Queen & Country.  The Powers appearances and cover don’t hurt either now that it too has been optioned by Sony for the Ps4.


Action Comics 835 ( first in Continuity Livewire ),  Superman Adventures 5  

supe adv 5 first livewire1081527

Here’s some major speculation for you.  Much like Squirrel Girl, I love oddball first appearances of cool characters that could see increases in value down the road.  Livewire represents what I love most about comics and selling them for profit.  The key appearances of Livewire are cheap.  They are a safe bet and if you buy them you will probably want to hang on to them whether the market on them changes or not.

The Clone Wars 1 ( First Ahsoka Tano )

lStar Wars Clone Wars 1 first Tano

With Disney and Marvel taking over from Dark Horse a new era for Star Wars Begins.  Over the last 20 years there hasn’t been much to rave about in the way of new characters though.   Tano is one great exception.  Grab her first appearance now especially if your a fan of a universe experiencing a major shift in structure.

Note: There is a variant for this limited to 1000 copies.





UPDATE:  Are the Hunters the next big problem for Rick and company on AMC’s The Walking Dead?  Seeing how appearances of supporting characters are lighting up Ebay, issues 61-66 ( Fear the Hunters ) will be even harder to acquire if this rumor proves to be true.  61 and 63 are already key books thanks to the first appearance of Chew.


Nova 19 ( First Appearance Marcus Daniels, Blackout )


Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D. continues to add villains!  I just hope Blackout doesn’t wear his original costume!

The Inhuman 11


Korath the Pursuer is coming to the GOTG film.  Yay.

I’m not sure if this movie can handle any more characters but in this case the 35 cent price variant is the one to track down!






InvestComics Hot Picks #252

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Welcome to the InvestComics Hot Picks for new comic releases on 1-16-13.

It’s only a couple of weeks into the New Year and the comic book aftermarket is rocking n’ rolling! Star Wars #1 (IDW), Amazing Spider-Man #700 variant and Superior Spider-Man have made some noise. Let’s see if InvestComics can find you collectors more comics to look out for with the new releases…..


[scrollGallery id=213]

With Spider-Man firing on all cylinders right now, Marvel Comics is striking while iron is hot. Not anything to do with Tony Stark here, but with Peter Par…err….Doc Ock. This week Doc Ock takes to the pages of Avenging Spider-Man (2011) #16 as the new Spidey. The comic will guest star Wolverine and the X-Men. Although the guest spots are nice, this isn’t really the draw of this particular comic. Neither is the first Superior Spidey appearance in this book. The draw will be the new creative team of Christopher Yost and Paco Medina. Avenging Spider-Man (or is it Avenging Superior Spider-Man now?) has been a solid book for the most part, let’s see if the new team can sustain this or take it to another level. Well, another level will have to be done here because of the temporary layoff of Peter. It all depends on how well the storytelling will play out and if fans will buy it. As for the aftermarket of Superior Spider-Man, if you hold anything of value that you think you can flip for some quick cash, do so now. If you’re holding onto a comic that does not have Peter Parker as Spidey, It’s a commodity losing its value as the clock ticks on waiting for the return of Peter. Then once Parker does come back, you have great storytelling within your hands with no monetary value to it, which is okay if you don’t care about that stuff.

Superior Spidey will making another stop this week; Daredevil (2011 3rd Series) #22. So this will be the first team of the new Spider-Man and Daredevil, which is a complete a non factor. The issue boasts the return of Stilt-Man though! (Another non factor) But if one is so inclined to seek out a very cheap first appearance, Stilt-Man would be the way to go. Look for the very early Daredevil #8 issue from 1965 to find the ridiculous villain known as Stilt-Man! A VF/NM copy can be in your hands in the $150/$200 range. Here’s a nice selling point though. If somehow you can nab a real good copy, talking a NM copy here at or around the $200 mark, send it off to get a handsome grade of a 9.8, you have probably just made some money back. There are only six 9.8 graded copies out of 422 total graded. Not a bad idea to try and find that elusive 9.8 or higher here.

…Another year another number one Wolverine issue…..ho-hum. Savage Wolverine (2012) #1 features Wolverine in the Savage land. So what is the new Marvel NOW! to do with our most overused/floundering badass in the Marvel Universe you ask? Well you just throw some hot babes in the book that should do the trick! No really, that’s what they’re doing. No joking. The solicit says that’s the direction of the new Wolverine book; “Wolverine is all brawls, babes…” We all knew he was a stud, so what’s the surprise here right? The surprise may be in the first babe appearing in this comic. Shanna the She-Devil? That’s a character you don’t hear that much from these days. Shanna first appeared in her self- titled book Shanna the She Devil #1 (1972). The same applies here as it did with the previous mentioned back issue book within this article, but more so for this comic. There are only nine graded 9.8 out of 137 grades. A Near Mint $30 comic (a 9.8) could probably snag you some more dough in the graded Ebay market. Don’t think so, go try it and send InvestComics its 10%. Thank me later. Oh and a cover by the legendary Jim Steranko?? Ah yes, nice indeed.

It’s been over a year now that the new DC 52 has been upon us. A few surprises, a few not so surprises, a few “what?!” moments, a few “who cares?” moments and then the enviable retelling of origins that most fanboys are not excepting. Too bad DC says to you! It’s not about YOU, it’s about two things folks; a new story to tell (entire universe was stale) and MONEY! So with that rant we come to Team 7 (2012 DC) #4 which includes the “secret” origin of DC’s badass Deathstroke (has anyone seen him on Arrow? Translates nicely to television, now if only the movies would get going…..). So if you’re in the market looking for one of the most underrated villains in quite some time, look no further than Slade Wilson a.k.a. Deathstroke. He won’t be flying under the radar for much longer if he keeps popping up on Arrow and continues to be an awesome force on that show. InvestComics has been saying it for years, actually the first InvestComics magazine ever (7 years ago) featured The New Teen Titans #2 (first appearance of Deathstroke) as a major pickup and has gained ground ever since. Things are not much different today folks. WHEN (not IF) this character breaks out onto the big screen, it will be in a major way. He will be everything Marvel wants out of the Punisher that it’s not getting. So is there any draw backs to owning this $50 NM issue? Well for one, there are over 700 graded issues out there. 141 which are 9.8 graded. In most cases this would be very top heavy in regards to the aftermarket, so what does this mean for THIS particular comic though? If you can score a 9.8 after spending $50 on this comic, you have done yourself some justice. You will easily double your monies on Ebay with this grade. In most cases though, this would not work because of the overflow at the top here, but this character already commands the attention it’s getting and will continue to do so as time goes on. Now once this dude hits the movie screen, look out because your profits will go significantly higher. The bottom line here? Buy a beautiful $50 aftermarket 9.8 grade and get rewarded nicely.

Although DC is touting the debut of a NEW writer to the DC house, Robert Venditti is anything but “new”. He’s been around a little while and is just now getting around to the halls of DC Comics. One of Robert’s first work appeared in The Surrogates #1 from 2005 (Top Shelf Productions). Look for that comic in some 50 cent long box at your local comic shop.

Two number one issues from DC hit the shelves this week. Insurgent (2012 DC) #1 and Threshold (2012 DC) #1. Insurgent will be an all new series starting from the ground up, while Threshold lives off of the Green Lantern universe.

Other number one issues to check out this week are High Ways (2012 IDW) #1 from legend John Byrne, Black Beetle (2012 Dark Horse) #1 and Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth (2012 Image) #1 (which wins best title of the week).

That’s it for this week. Be sure to sign up for the InvestComics Newsletter! See you next week.

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


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Looks like GREEN ARROW won’t be the only DC Comics character hitting the small screen. For at least a few episodes, he’ll be joined by THE HUNTRESS. According to ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, The Huntress will be played by Australian TV actress Jessica De Gouw. This isn’t the first time on TV for either character, though these are new versions. SMALLVILLE featured a Green Arrow who headed the Justice League, and Huntress was the lead on the very short lived BIRDS OF PREY series.