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Let’s all put our hands together for the return of “Extra!” Yay!

Now, you may have noticed that “JOSEPH!” has been missing. No worries. Although the strip will be on sabbatical for awhile that doesn’t mean it’s completely on vacation. Truth is, we’re taking that time to produce a 64 page graphic novel titled “JOSEPH! The Family Album”.

In the meantime we’ve got “Ramiro” premiering this week (hilarious if you haven’t seen it yet) and, as you can see below, “Extra” is back. From time to time we’ll keep you posted about the development of the “JOSEPH!” graphic novel and we’re always on the look-out for new talent and cartoon strips.

Thanks for checking in. Now check out this week’s all new “Extra”.

PS: Dear, Disney. Please do not sue us.


Jan 25th


Thanks for all the votes last week. As you can see your choice was LARGE, and here it is.

Very soon Gary and I will be making a kit for submission to King Features. For that kit we will need two Sunday comics and this is the first that will be included in that kit, although formatted for display here at IC Web Comics.

Thanks for all the support!

Jan 19th

























We’re trying something new here at IC Web Comics and we want you to vote on exactly HOW you like to view “JOSEPH!”

Version 1 above is slightly smaller than the view below. For a bigger and clearer image just click on each individual panel.

Below is version 2.









Okay, so now is your chance to vote. Which of these layouts do you prefer – how do you like to view “JOSEPH!” Let us know.

JOSEPH! Behind the Scenes





Unlike the hacks who simply throw “whatever” up and in the air and hope it comes together as a “comic book” we professional cartoonists take our jobs seriously. There’s no time for fun and there’s certainly no room for mistakes. It’s a brutal work environment here at IC and if the editors catch you “surfing” when you should be “working” there’s going to be hell to pay. I mean “real” “trouble”. For one they take away your ability to use quotation marks for the rest of your article, but okay! I quote guess unquote I will just have to do my quote best unquote.

Putting out a quality cartoon strip like “JOSEPH!” takes minutes a day. First we begin with the writing. As the writer it’s my job to wake up everyday, pound my head against the bathroom sink and pray to God for the day’s inspiration. After the spots have cleared and I’ve picked myself up from the bathroom floor I then come to this very keyboard and through the power of typing 10 words a minute I am able to pound out God’s inspirational humor in the form of an artist’s script. The first twenty minutes of work is usually drivel like, “David, stop banging your head against the bathroom sink.” at which point I immediately go to the kitchen sink. Later, much later, I return to the keyboard and thus begins the day’s work.

Typically I do not use old fashioned script terms like “panel”, or titles to indicate which character is saying what. The reason for this is the fact that artist Gary T. Becks is not a trained monkey but an actual man. Here’s an example of a script, exactly as I wrote it – no edits. Promise.


Joseph is standing in front of the box office and a teenage girl is behind the window or counter.

I’d like one ticket for that zombie movie, please.

Is that for the later showing?

same scene, different expressions.

No, I have to get inside the movie playing now. my kids are in there.

If you already bought a ticket you can in with your stub.

same scene, different expressions.

I tried but that little Usher wouldn’t let me in.

usher? Usher isn’t little anymore. He’s like some old dude now. He’s like fifty.

Sigh. Just give me the ticket.

Okay. Some might see that as incomprehensible, but once you give them a banana they usually calm down. Gary on the other hand is a friggin’ genius. He’s able to understand my nonsense from p1 as meaning panel 1.

So let’s take a look at what he crafted from my so-called script.

Yup. Pretty straight-forward.







What about panel 2?

All I had written in the script was “same scene, different expressions.” Despite my mother’s insistence I am not an artist, so I can only imagine this might prove challenging, if not annoying, for most artists. Editors, and many writers, HATE this kind of scripting. Just ask Robert Heske. He’d never write a script like this. But for me this kind of freedom given to the artist absolutely works, and works every single time. To prove this point let’s take a look at panel 3.


As a reminder, here’s the description:

same scene, different expressions.

I tried but that little Usher wouldn’t let me in.

usher? Usher isn’t little anymore. He’s like some old dude now. He’s like fifty.

Sigh. Just give me the ticket.


Gary’s work for this panel was a huge surprise to me. My intention for the joke was the girl had misunderstood what Joseph was telling her. She thought he was talking about the performance artist “Usher”. Teenage girls are always thinking about something else when adults are talking to them.

What we see here is a joke that works in two ways. By illustrating the usher as an old dude Gary fit the joke in that Joseph had been waiting a very long time. This is why Gary is a genius. And not a trained monkey.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to be flogged for using quotations for the word Usher. And here’s the final product. Not that you were wondering. But yeah. That’s how it’s done.

JOSEPH!’s Top 10


JOSEPH!’s Top 10 of 2011



While this is from a strip readers have not seen yet it’s a great example of why I as the writer love Joseph himself. Here we see an every-day father trying his best not to lose his little girl to a modern society obsessed with entertainment and the distractions of video games, etc.




























This past year has been about JOSEPH! as a series finding its footing. When Joseph is sick one day and needs to stay home Jesus and his best friend Lil’ D. force him to pet-sit Lil’ D.’s cat Lucius, who happens to also be sick. This particular strip is showing us what kind of world JOSEPH! is set in. For one, it’s a world in which animals can talk. This is just the start of the series establishing itself, much like a television series must do in its first season. There’s much more ahead in 2012 and we will see this is a world in which anything can happen. Yes. “anything”.




How can you see the face of this sad little girl and not want to punish her older brother? Ruthie is not just any little girl. She’s the little sister of the future savior of all humanity. But at this point in time Jesus is a 14 year old boy who wants to hang with his best friend and not be pestered by his 10 year old sister. But when Jesus and Lil’ D. played a prank on Ruthie it backfired. She got him back when she sewed all the openings in his pants closed.







Okay. I’m about to give something away here. This strip is based on a true story. When I was 14 we had some neighbors with a little girl of about 10 years. She was adorable and used to love when I came over and entertained her in the playroom of their basement. I was 14 so it was way not cool to tell my friends about this little embarrassing fact so there are only a handful of people who previously knew this story. One day her parents asked me to baby sit and even offered to pay me. Cool. I could buy that Prince tape I was wanting. Totally rad. After a few hours the little tyke grew hungry and led me to the kitchen where she began to order what she wanted. Not wanting to disappoint my young fan I quickly unloaded the fridge and cabinets of everything she said she wanted. The specifics can be imagined. Let’s just say I was never asked back to baby sit again. But hey. At least my fan was happy. Sometimes I wonder what happened to her. Hope she grew up healthy.





Like many dad’s all across America Joseph is just a little proud of his driving skills. But when he doesn’t listen to his wife Mary to stop for gas his pride gets them stuck in the middle of nowhere with no gas. Normally Joseph is always telling Jesus to refrain from using miracles, but in this case he makes an exception. Jesus decides to exploit the situation. Of course.



Here’s another good example of me pulling from real-life for source material. This is another true story, and this time given to me by my friend Ashley Auld from her own childhood. There’s so much for me to love in this panel alone. The looks of exasperation and surprise on the faces of Jesus and Lil’ D. are great, but the whole defiant stance of Ruthie is priceless. Love it!



For many people Halloween is the best time of year. If you’re a kid it’s essential for a healthy lifestyle. Only one thing can compete with Christmas and that’s Halloween. In the world of JOSEPH! there is no Christmas because Jesus hasn’t grown to fulfill his destiny yet. Only Hannukah and Saturnalia. As you’ve seen most recently we’re going to treat Christmas as Jesus’ birthday. And that makes sense.



Zombies are huge! I never thought I would get caught up into the rage over the undead but AMC’s The Walking Dead has made me a convert. I purposely avoid the comics so I’m not spoiled to any potential plots. This strip came about when I was joking with friends about the acronym ADD. “After Death Disease”. We also joked about Skeletor visiting his doctor: “I’ve got no friggin’ lips, man!” But I’d rather avoid copyright infringement.






It amazes me that so many people can caught up into local weather reports during a POTENTIAL storm. It doesn’t even need to be raining for them to interrupt your favorite shows just to tell you, “Hey, it’s gonna rain!”


Local news stations are in competition with one another. As such, they sell fear to keep you glued to the TV for six hours, getting viewers in a panic that they and their loved ones are going to die when they slip on the dew outside their doors. But hey. Better safe than sorry.






The number one strip of 2011 is our big premier at InvestComics. It really set the tone for what readers were going to see and what they could expect. Ruthie wants to play Wizard Boy and Jesus and Lil’ D. are forced to play with her. After Ruthie annoys her brother to use his wand he decides he’s going to show off just a bit and shows us he doesn’t need a wand. Ruthie taddles on her brother of course, exclaiming, “Daddy! Jesus is using miracles again!”

2011 is just the start. At the end of 2012 (yes, we’ll still be here!) our readership will be larger and we’ll have fun letting others vote to choose the top 10. What can you expect in 2012? Robots, gay aliens, monsters, girl trouble. Ya know. Typical stuff any father of a 14 year old boy destined to be the savior must endure. Because when God tells you to raise his only begotten son you do whatever you have to.

-David Paul

Oct. 28th

“Joseph!” will return this Monday to celebrate Halloween and begins all new adventures in FULL COLOR! And be sure to come back this weekend to catch the “Joseph! Marathon”. If you missed any of the strips from the first story arc you can  get caught up before the new adventures begin. In the meantime enjoy the return of “Boidtawkin” along with a new “extra”.

Zombie Spectacular!









This year we’re starting a whole new tradition. In honor of our favorite comic book/TV show/soon to be movie (you know it’s gonna happen!) we’re celebrating zombies. It’s true that this year’s offerings are scarce. We had hoped to bring in more strips featuring your favorite monsters. Perhaps next year there will be more. Much more. So here’s a challenge: Do a web search for zombie cartoons and post a link below. In the meantime, here’s today’s “Joseph!” along with a bonus re-run.

IndieCreator with Publisher and Letterist David Paul

Revisiting with Writer, Comic Creator, Publisher and Letterist David Paul

If you are a diehard, long-time frequenter of this column, you may recognize the name “David Paul” as an IndieCreator déjà vu. You’d be right! I first interviewed David a  few years ago when I started this column (gasp, has it been that long?). David was one of the first dudes I “met” (meaning we interfaced over the Web) when I entered the comic book biz. He was a letterist on a few of my stories  in my Heske Horror anthologies (Bone Chiller, 2012: Final Prayer) and even interviewed me back when he was a contributor to Project Fanboy. Now  I return the favor (again) as David embarks on a new venture: a-very-funny-but-you-don’t-want-to-laugh-in-front-of-your-Catholic-priest strip called JOSEPH. The comic strip is a modern day parable of Jesus − but as an insouciant teen who hangs out with Satan’s spawn. The moral isn’t about Religion; it’s about, well − being a teen and, in a quirky way, about living with a dysfunctional “family”.

Before we hasten on the path to Hell, I should also point out that David is a contributor to InvestComic’s ONE AND DONE anthology, as well as does kick-ass reviews for this venerable website. And the dude’s a drummer. Rock on, David Paul…!

1)  How did you come up premise for the hysterically unholy web comic JOSEPH? And did a bolt of lightning strike you immediately afterward?

(DP:)  This is funny. It sounds ridiculous but I had a dream that I was writing it. It was something very vivid. When I woke up it just wouldn’t leave and so I thought, well why not?! So I started writing all my artist contacts and friends to tell them about it and originally I was going to call it “Jesus!” … like something you exclaim before a truck hits you and you die.

All the artists loved the idea and wanted to do it. But you know artists − always busy. The only artist who wanted it and actually did anything with it was Gary T. Becks. I mean he took the idea and ran! When I saw his character studies of both Joseph and Jesus I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was the dream coming to life!


2)  How do you toe the line between funny irreverent and blasphemous “damn-you-to-hell”? From the dozen or so strips I’ve seen, you do it well.

(DP:)  Well the thing is I just don’t care. Wait. I take that back. I do care. But the thing I care about is if it is funny. I mean really, that’s all that matters. I think the people who did this sort of thing best was Monty Python. Or even Mel Brooks. They really pushed it. Come on. Blasphemy is funny! But in the beginning, just after Gary did his first character studies, I was concerned that it just wouldn’t fly. So I did the only thing I could do and I found religious people to show it to. I thought for sure they would tell me I was going to hell. But everyone who saw it reacted very positive to it. An old friend of mine is a minister and he finds it hilarious.  

3)  How did you find the artist? Tell us why he’s the right man for the job!

(DP:)  I knew Gary’s work from the web comic Mazscara and I was such a huge fan I just always wanted to work with him. I probably became annoying enough to where he eventually just gave me some work to letter. I think my first work for him was “Fiendy” which was published in Heavy Metal a while back. That got some cool responses, so we kept at it. I’m actually working for him on another long-term project right now called The Humorville Hillarions, but that’s something that will not be ready for submission for a long time yet. But yeah, when I had that dream I sent him the idea and like I said, he took it and ran. It was just something very surreal when I saw those first character studies.


4)  What goes into creating a comic strip, and what advice do you have for anyone who wants to go down that road?

(DP:)  I’ve read somewhere before that Charles Schulz felt like it was something that he had to do. That if he didn’t do it (every day) then Peanuts would have found another way to get out of him. And I tell you the truth: Ever since that dream “Joseph!” has been exploding out of me.

I write these short strips almost every day, sometimes as many as 12-14 strips a day, and there is no end in sight. I could see myself as an old man still writing these strips and the well from which they come from would be nowhere near even half empty, let alone dry. If I’m fortunate enough to be an old man and look back on my life and still be writing “Joseph!” I’ll be a happy old heretic and then I can advise any who would dare think about taking on an ongoing cartoon strip. For now I can really only say that a writer writes. If it’s cartooning that you honestly want to write, then 1) it must be funny, and 2) repeat Step #1.

5)  2012 is coming fast – any plans to make that “End Times” hoopla a storyline in the strip?

(DP:) Well, see? Now you’ve gone and given me ideas. And there are so many ideas floating around right now I can’t even guess what I’m going to write about. But off the top of my head I’d like to see Joseph looking at Jesus on that very special day when nothing happens and saying, “Don’t you have somewhere to be?”

6)   Who is your favorite character in the strip – and is there any “David Paul” in the Jesus with a teenager attitude character?

(DP:)  I love Ruthie. To me little girls are the world. They can just look at you in a certain way and say things in a certain way that will break your heart. If you don’t do whatever it takes to put a smile on her face and make her laugh, then you haven’t done your job. Hearing her say, “I love you” is the best thing in the universe.  And if any little up-start even thinks about hurting her, you’ll drop-kick him across the yard. 

As for 14 year old modern-day-Jesus, there are only a few sources I can draw from. One of those is my own youth. Dads, we were all boys once so we all know what that’s about. But the other source comes from my observations of kids today. When I write a conversation with Jesus and Lil’ D. it’s usually based on the way kids talk today. That’s not too far from the way I used to talk when I was 14. Come on, dads. Think about some of the words we used to use. Some of us even used the word “word”.   

 7)  You are a writer, letterist, and indie publisher. What’s the most fun you’ve had working on a project?

(DP:)  I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve done because I only work on those projects I genuinely want to work on. Sometimes it’s professional and I get paid for it. Most of the time it’s not. I’m okay with that because I’m happy. I love everything else that I am doing, yes. But I have to say that the absolute most fun I have had is right here, right now with “Joseph!”.

I get to write this cartoon strip every day and it brings me so much joy to do. And now that InvestComics is going to be the exclusive home to “Joseph!” I now get to do it for others to enjoy, and not just satisfy the voices in my head. …oh, the voices!  

8)  For a while, you published a webzine called RocknRoll Graphix.  What did you learn from that process? And would you ever self-publish a magazine again?

(DP:)  I learned so much that I just can’t possibly regret that experience. It was a massive failure. I tried things that didn’t work. At all. I’m not a business man. I was a good editor. But when it came to trying to run it like a business I just fell on my face. I borrowed a lot of money to make that thing happen and in the end it flopped. But I still don’t regret it. It was a great experience. As for doing it again, I would only go down that road if it was with a partner who knew much more about real business than I do and could tackle that.  

9)  Your book NAKED VITALITY was nominated for a National Poet Laureate’s award. Tell us about it and where we can get it.

(DP:)  My deal with the publisher actually expires this coming May. After that the book will be out of publication. It’s still available on Amazon and a few other sites, I think. I am proud of that book but it did not do well. When you receive literary nominations, unless you have a name or someone with a name is promoting it (*eh-hem*… Oprah!), then the work goes unnoticed and unappreciated.  

10) What is you most awesome unpublished literary work that you want the World to know about?

(DP:)  Man, you go for the jugular! Okay. I will put it this way: It is never up to the artist what he will be remembered for. Once you have created the work and presented it to the public, it is no longer yours. It is now the sole property of Humanity. Perhaps Melville in his lifetime didn’t want to be known for Moby Dick. After all, it was a failure. Not only was he a novelist, he was also a short story writer, essayist, and poet. We don’t know what he wanted to be known for. Certainly not a giant book about a whale that failed miserably. 

Wait. I forgot the question. Oh, yeah! I want the world to know about “Joseph!”.   

11)  What are your plans to make Joseph mainstream in 2012? Anything else on your plate?

(DP:)  I’ve tried to take control over my creations before. “Joseph!” is starting a life of its own. I’m curious to see where it will go so I am not going to try and force anything. My primary focus is just going to be writing the best cartoon strip I can.

And, oh boy. Do I have things on my plate! Amongst (do people still use that word?) all the lettering I’m doing on various projects I’m also writing under different names. Just started a studio with the artists Jason Lenox and Cindy A. Joubert called Ugli Studios with one of those other names. I’ll still be writing quite a bit under my own name, making contributions here at InvestComics. Something I’m very excited about is that Jay Katz (CEO InvestComics) has made me Web Comics Manager. So I’m now in charge of running web comics here at IC. I’ll be doing my best to recruit creators to bring their comic strips here and join “Joseph!” in making the world a better place.  

12)  Just as there were 12 Apostles, you get 12 Questions. What websites have you been associated with as a comic book reviewer, and what are the top five books that have blown you away?

 Well, recently I have made contributions to THWP! 

 Top five? Let’s see, in no particular order…


  • Chew
  • Hulk: The End
  • Batman: The Widening Gyre
  • Maus
  • The Dark Knight Returns






Thank you, David! We welcome you to the InvestComics family and look forward to reading you and JOSEPH! until, well (gulp) … Hell freezes over!


An award-winning indie comic creator and screenwriter, Bob Heske is currently writing/producing a micro-budget horror film called UNREST (http://www.indiegogo.com/unrest). Bob wrote THE NIGHT PROJECTIONIST, a vampire horror series to be published by Studio 407 (http://www.studio-407.com) with film rights optioned by Myriad Pictures. Through his Heske Horror shingle, Bob self-published his critically acclaimed horror series COLD BLOODED CHILLERS. Bob’s trade paperback BONE CHILLER (a “best of” CBC anthology) won a Bronze medal in the horror category at the 2009 Independent Publisher Book Awards. His “end times” anthology 2012: FINAL PRAYER  was also released in late 2009. Email him at info@coldbloodedchillers.com.


Meet the Cast

click to enlarge










Before his adopted son can unite all of humanity in peace and harmony he must first survive being a teenager. But can Joseph survive raising a teenage boy whose best friend is the son of the devil? Yeah, well. You try raising a teenager who happens to be the Son of God!






As a hard working contractor who loves his family Joseph is   willing to do whatever it takes… for a peaceful evening. But the people who surround him are making that impossible.







Fourteen year old Jesus only cares about video games, texting, movies, music, nu tech and girls. He reminds his dad that being a teenager doesn’t have to be boring. “Yo.”

The kid’s best friend won’t reply to any other name than Lil’ D. If his father wasn’t the Imperial Lord of the Underworld maybe he wouldn’t care about the eternal damnation of your soul. Wait. That’s one of his older brothers.







Then there’s the kid sister Ruthie. At ten this is not a little girl who goes neglected. But sometimes she makes getting her way worth the trouble.

It’s tough for a man who only wants peace in the house.





Who Are the Creators?

David Paul is the author of Naked Vitality, a nominee for several literary awards and the 2004 International Library of Poetry Silver Award Cup recipient. His works in graphic novels include the award-winning Cold Blooded Chillers by Heske Horror and he is a long time Heavy Metal magazine contributor. He works as a comic book and graphic novel letterer, collaborating with numerous artists. Samples of his work can be viewed at his DeviantArt gallery here
and here

Gary T.  Becks was born in the Washington DC metropolitan area June 18, 1968.  He became interested in writing and music at the age of 6,  and after a few years of collecting comic books became inspired to draw his own. Mostly a self taught artist, his style is a mix of both Japanese Manga and American comic influences.

In 1992 he moved to Los Angeles and completed his first comic series called Vixen 6 which was adapted into a screenplay.

In 2001 he started the series Mazscara, a webcomic whose story elements mix horror, drama and fantasy. At the same time he began to discover 3D software such as  zBrush, Cinema 4D and Poser, which took his art in a whole different direction. G.T is currently working on several 3D projects as well as two new comic series called the Humorville Hillarrions and Fiendy.

His art portfolio can be viewed here :



Joseph! starts tomorrow. Do not miss it!