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Every  week before new comic book day, here are the Top 5 NEW comics to speculate/read from this Wednesday. This list is pulled straight from the latest InvestComics Hot Picks.

From: InvestComics Hot Picks #380

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Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders 1 InvestComics

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Hot Picks based on new comics coming this Wednesday 7/15/15

Book of Death #1 – Valiant Entertainment’s next big event big. They continue to churn out quality.

Ant-Man Annual #1 – A Hank Pym/Scott Lang team-up, a villain from the past comes back, and an introduction of a new character. Yes, this is a pick up this week.

Harley Quinn #18 – An appearance by Captain Strong. His last known appearance was in 1986.

Action Comics #421 (1973) – The first appearance of Captain Strong and the original cover to this weeks Harley book.

Marvel Team-Up #65 (1978) – The first U.S. appearance of Captain Britain.

Here are the rest of the comics that appeared on this past week’s InvestComics Hot Picks #380 (Click the link to read now!) Click the Red links below to buy/bid now if your comic shop is not able to hook you up!

Invincible #1 – First full appearance of Invincible.

Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders #1

MArvel Team-Up 65 InvestComics

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Marvel Feature #1 – First appearance of the Defenders.

Rivers of London Body Work #1 (Titan Comics)

Godzilla In Hell #1 (IDW Publishing)

Island #1 (Image Comics)

Mercury Heat #1 (Avatar Press)

SDCC 2015 – The full Ebay list of San Diego Comic Con Exclusives.


Invest wisely. Read comics.

Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz

InvestComics Hot Picks #380

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Invincible 1 InvestComics

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Hot Picks based on new comics coming this Wednesday 7/15/15

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Another slow week for the speculator. This means, as it always does, time to hit those bins hard, and scour the walls at your local shop for that gem.

Not too much coming out of a relatively quiet Thursday from the San Diego Comic Con. A couple of things; DC’s Vertigo imprint announced 12 new titles coming this fall, Hasbro’s Stormtrooper figure (the black series) caused near riots, and Image’s Invincible should have a video game/cartoon or something going by next year. Click the red link to buy the first full appearance of Invincible right now. We await several things from SDCC 2015. A possible full trailer for Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, a look at the Justice League team together, plus a surprise was announced that includes Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill. Image Comics’ Outcast trailer, Marvel news, Valiant Entertainment news, and whatever else we aren’t expecting! Be sure to stick with the InvestComics social media for possible tidbits on some key comics regarding the show.

And click HERE for the full list of exclusive items for SDCC 2015. A boatload of goodies!

MArvel Team-Up 65 InvestComics

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Marvel Feature 1 InvestComics

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Harley Quinn #18

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Action Comics 421 InvestComics

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Harley Quinn #18 features an appearance by Captain Strong. His last known appearance was in 1986. Welcome back Captain! The neat cover here actually not only pays homage to a 1973 cover, but it also happens to be the first appearance too. Action Comics #421 (1973) is the first appearance of Captain Strong and the original cover to this weeks Harley book. Here’s the thing, a 9.6 on Ebay right now is only $200. Yes granted, we’re talking a fourth rate character, but still a better buy than a majority of these ridiculous variants at $200. InvestComics has always said to sell your moderns and buy those back issues. Well here’s your chance. A first appearance from 1973 that includes names like Curt Swan and Dick Giordano in it? 9.6 for $200 no less? A no-brainer here.

Now let’s talk about another Captain arriving this Wednesday. Check out Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders #1. Looks like a fun book. It’s always great to see Captain Britain in a title isn’t it? A comic InvestComics has been recommending for years now; Marvel Team-Up #65 (1978). It’s the U.S. Debut of Captain Britain. A comic written by Chris Claremont, drawn by John Byrne, and a cover from George Perez/Joe Sinnott. We recommended this comic when it was a $1 book for years. Now it seems to have climbed a bit from that $1 bid. Should have listened! Seriously though, what is not to love about this comic? And this also applies to the Defenders as well. Their first appearance; Marvel Feature #1 (1971). We recommended at $50. Should have listened!

Ant-Man Annual 1 InvestComics

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Book of Death 1 InvestComics

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Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders 1 InvestComics

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Godzilla in Hell 1 InvestComics

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Ant-Man Annual #1; this comic has it all really. A Hank Pym/Scott Lang team-up, a villain from the past comes back, and an introduction of a new character. Yes, this is a pick up this week.

While we eagerly await possible news coming from the Valiant Entertainment group at SDCC, we can look forward to Book of Death #1 this Wednesday. Valiant will start their all new event saga right here. Written by Robert Venditti, art by Doug Braithewaite and Robert Gill. Yes a hit for sure brewing here. Looking forward to a great read.

Here are a few more comics to check out on new comic book day; Rivers of London Body Work #1 (Titan Comics) is sold out. Godzilla In Hell #1 (IDW Publishing). Island #1 (Image Comics). Mercury Heat #1 (Avatar Press).

Be sure to check out the InvestComics Facebook page regarding SDCC 2015 comic picks. Also check out all of the SDCC 2015 exclusives right HERE.

Island 1 InvestComics

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Mercury Heat 1 InvestComics

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Rivers of London 1 InvestComics

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Invest wisely. Read comics.

Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz


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Comic Broker Report – April 2015


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Skybound has signed an exclusive film deal with Universal. The should ignite some speculation concerning the current Skybound catalog.  Here are my pics:

Beyond Invincible and the Walking Dead there are other comics produced by the Skybound imprint that are pretty darn good!

Witch Doctor Preview #0

The medical horror comic series from Brandon Seifert first appears in this preview.  The subsequent mini is worth a look also.


Invincible #43

OK there are so many Invincible books to pick ( including many others from other Image titles like Noble Causes, Savage Dragon, Tech Jacket, MOTU etc.)   Issue 43 is one I have not mentioned before though.  Anissa appears on the cover to issue 44 and she has become an infamous Invincible antagonist.  But the cover to issue 44 appears at the conclusion to issue 43.


Birthright #1 ( NYCC )

This is my favorite title from Skybound and it is the hardest cover to find!


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I thought this one was dead in the water especially since Orphan Black has a similar concept but according to the Skybound’s deal this is still in development.

Walking Dead 103 variant and remark DF variant ( first appearance of Clone series )


Issue 1 variant for Clone


Others to look at:  Thief of ThievesManifest Destiny, Ghosted, Brit, Science Dog

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Lexus SDCC (First Melinda May)

If you haven’t been watching Agents then you are still missing out.  I keep telling people this because the show has become must see TV for Marvel fans. Filled with obscure Marvel U references and gripping action, the show is both fun and part of the larger Marvel film world.  Though Coulson is a fan favorite and Daisy/Sky/Quake has made issue 2 and 5 of Secret Wars worth some cash it is Melinda May who is increasing become the show’s powerhouse character.


Unwritten #12

Izombie is a hit with viewers and as a result House of Mystery Annual 1, issue 1a and 1b have seen serious increases  in cost.  Unbeknownst to many Izombie was previewed here too!


Click on the RED links or comic covers to purchase/bid on Ebay right from this article.


Here is yet another reason to suggest the SB paperback-first appearance of Lando who is getting his own comic!

Star Wars Tales 23 ( photo cover ) is the first appearance of Revan.  Kylo Ren’s costume sure looks similar to the EU character.

23845_20060112163339_largefirst revan

Star Wars: Clone Wars 3 ( First Captain Rex )

One of my favorite characters from Star Wars is Captain Rex and it was just announced that he will be returning on S2 or Rebels! THis is his first comic appearance and the cover is sick!

first captain rex

Galaxy Quest: Global Warning 1

One of the greatest cosmic comedy films ever is coming to TV via Paramount!  There are a limited number of comics available.  This one is a key.



Suicide Squad 67

Other than issues 1,6,23,49 there aren’t too many comics from this series worth collecting.  When DC decided to resurrect certain titles for final issues during the Blackest Night crossovers fans were treated to one of the better concepts the company has ever come up with.  This one just might be the best SS cover I have ever seen!



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InvestComics Hot Picks #320

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(Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. This article is used as a guide for investments and more so for entertainment purposes. Any opinions or expression of investments should be used as a judgment upon the investor, not InvestComics. Please use your own discretion when investing and have fun.)

InvestComics Hot Picks – New Release Comics on 5/21/14

If you haven’t joined the InvestComics group on Facebook: Investing in Comic books 101 (IC Poet Society), you really should. There are some real collectors giving their advice on the market, giving new books to hunt down, and talking comics in general. Come join Gary, Aaron, Jeremy, Cliff, Paul, and many others as they sound off and help everyone get an edge on the spec market! Click the above link for an invite.

A few things you should check out on the InvestComics Ebay page. The sold out Walking Dead #127 is available; A CGC Signature Series (J. Scott Campbell) Variant Superior Spider-Man #29 has been reduced. Get this before it’s gobbled up. And a Superior Spider-Man #30, marking the return of Peter Parker. Go check out the auctions and bid away! Click HERE to go now.

There are a few comics for the speculator to definitely check out this week.

One of the first books that should be on your radar is MPH (2014 Image) #1. There happens to be a rare occurrence with this book. It was picked up by a Hollywood producer, who’s credits consist of the Transformers, G.I. Joe, and Red to name a few. This marks a time within the comic book genre that a comic book pre-release has been optioned for a movie. What does this mean to the collector? Well it probably means that MPH will be sold out and going for a few bucks on Ebay. So if you see it on the shelf at your local comic shop, get it and reap the benefits.

[scrollGallery id=351]

Invincible (2003) #111 will begin an all-new direction and Image Comics will let comic collectors know it. Look at all of the number one numbers sprawled out all over that cover. It seems more of a mock to the DC/Marvel guys/gals, but still a new direction nonetheless. A definite pick up because it’s completely sold out on the distributor level. So I guess the number one thingy works!  It’s also available in a super cool sketch cover. Do note too that InvestComics has been saying for years that Invincible will be huge one day. Be it a cartoon, movie, and or a television show, but this character will have a big breakout one day and you better be prepared.

The hot series Saga looks like it will heat up again with Saga (2012 Image) #19. All new characters and new storyline will bring renewed interest to this already hot title. This comic is not available for reorder, it’s sold out.

Marvel Comics will bring back a team from 1981 this week. Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends! Although it’s not solicited that way, it’s still the team from 1981. It does something about their “amazing friendship”, but we get it. The team consisted of Spidey, Iceman, and Firestar. Amazing X-Men (2013) #7 will star the team and if you’re interested, the first appearance of this team happened in Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends #1 (1981). Deadpool (2012 3rd Series) Annual #2 will have Wade playing dress-up. Dressing up as Spidey. That’s always fun. Maybe he’ll make the ultra InvestComics Spider-Verse Checklist right HERE!

Justice League (2011) #30 will have all sorts of cool things going on in it. New team, new villain, and it feels like a fun read. The new Batman ’66 (2013 DC) #11 will feature just about every Batman ever. That should be fun too!

Indestructible (2013 IDW) #6 will introduce a new villain. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 30th Anniversary Special (2014) #1 will be a nice book to pick up. It’s chock full of various artist contributing to the likes of TMNT. The thing to do with this particular comic is to get both Eastman and Laird’s signature on it (CGC witness of course) and grade it. It will bring many happy returns to you.

Warlord of Oz (2014) #1 will bring the Wizard of Oz unto another whole new level as only Zenescope can. It’s just about to reach the sold out status at the distributor. Although Zenescope puts out a fantastic product, the spec market is never too kind. The turnover value is never that good if at all actually. That said, they put out some great stories!

There are some Independent comics that you may want to pull off the new wall this week. Ordinary (2014) #1 is not only sold out, but it might be one of those that gets some Hollywood looks.  Two more comics to possibly look at the same way are Last Broadcast (2014 Boom) #1 and Henchmen (2014) #1. Henchmen #1 is already sold out.

The rest of the pot; Legend of Bold Riley (2014) #1 (sold out), Itty Bitty Bunnies In Rainbow Pixie Candy Land (2014) #1, and Littlest Pet Shop (2014 IDW) #1.


Invest wisely.

Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz

Comic Broker Report – April 2014

It seems like every day there’s some new announcement for comic film and T.V. adaptations.  Today it’s Superior from Mark Millar!  No matter what it is critical that studios keep putting out films like The Winter Soldier.  As long as that happens studios will continue to harvest the back issues bins and extract things like Squee! and Dreadstar!  Here are this month’s recommendations:

Detective Comics 457


Is Holly Hunter playing Leslie Thompkins in Zack Snyder’s sequel to Man of Steel?  If she does go grab multiple copies of this one.  Not

Note:  This one is highly speculative.  Nothing has been confirmed.


Ok so Summer Glau is still being type cast but she looks good as Ravager/Rose Wilson, daughter of the mega popular Deathstroke on CW’s Arrow.  As far as I can tell these would be the issues to buy:

Deathstroke 15 ( first Rose Wilson )


Teen Titans 1/2 Wizard ( first Ravager costume? )


Teen Titans Vol. 3  # 8


On the show Summer plays Isabel Rochev who is also a major player in the current comic series and like the comic version, she takes over Oliver’s company.  But Rochev and Wilson are two different people in the comics.  It looks like Arrow’s Rochev is simply a cover identity to hide the Wilson name.  But if you are wondering where Rochev appears first, here ya go:

Green Arrow Volume Four  1B (  1:25 Ethan Van Sciver Variant )


Marvel Graphic Novel 3: Dreadstar

So by now it’s known that Dreadstar is getting the film treatment.  Epic 1,2,3 are all keys if you ask me but this one might prove to be very tough to find in high grade/first print.


This isn’t easy to find either!

Marvel’s 1985 Dreadstar Patch


Green Team 8


So DC announced the return of the Teen Titans.  This is why you are already seeing price jumps for DC Comics Presents 26.  So what does the Green Team 8 have to do with the Titans?  Read the last page of this underprinted DC New 52 title  for a shocker!

Runaways 1


Here’s one I would buy now.  Eventually this Marvel gem will make it to the big screen.  Oh and it’s written by an industry legend.

Dead Letters 1


Other folks on the web have already shed some light on this one.  There are variants for issue one but the print run for the reg cover was so low that I would buy it as well.  This is one you can find on shelves now if your LCS  orders a wide variety of titles.

New Mutants 25


The sequel to X-Men Days of Future Past has already been confirmed by Director Brian Singer.  Once we learned that the Age of Apocalypse story is central to the plot I am sure fans of Legion rejoiced.  Prof  X’s son plays a big role in AOA and if he’s a part of the next film look for this issue to explode.

Warrior 1 ( Signed Only )


Death of a WWE great leads to quick monies.

Invincible 110


Sometimes collecting comics for a long time can make one feel as though they have seen it all.  So when  a comic is released by the creator of the Walking Dead with some truly adult subject matter, collector’s should take notice.  In this case we also have a comic has a pretty low print run.  Demand for this book will climb over the next month but there just aren’t enough to go around.

Note:  I would grab issue 44 as well!

Sword of Azrael 1


This one is cheap and well written.  Because the replacement Batman could end up in a film I suggest a little speculation here.   There’s also a DF signed edition and a Silver Series reprint.

Metal Hurlant 1


This one is impossible to find.    Corben fans should be pleased that this series is on T.V.

I feel Sick 1,2


It’s not just Squee that’s hot!  I suspect all this creator’s comics will continue to set fires for the foreseeable future.

DMZ 14


So Scalped has been optioned ( Thanks to this webpage for informing me! )  Similar to Y the Last Man 37, this issue had a preview of the series most just don’t know about!








InvestComics Hot Picks – 10 Comic Creators List

Here is a quick list of some of the most influential artists and writers in comics!  Not all of these are relevant in the current market but I bet you will be surprised to find what comics gave them their big break!


1. Brian Bendis

Quivers 1


Click To Buy/Bid

This comic was written by the modern Marvel legend.  Look back in his catalog  and you will find he has done some obscure stuff.  One of the best dialogue writers of his age, Brian continues to churn out quality work.

Other notable early comics:  Parts of a Hole, Caliber Presents 23, Torso, Jinx, Batman Chronicles 23

2. Brian K. Vaughn

Tales of Apocalypse 2 ( Marvel )


Click To Buy/Bid

This is probably not the comic you would think of when the creator of Saga and Y the Last Man comes to mind but early on he wrote Ka-Zar, Captain America and this forgotten X-Men related issue!

Other notable early comics: Cable 43, What if 112, Wolverine 131 (slur  error )

3.  Jim Lee

Solson Christmas Special Samurai Santa 1 ( Solson Publications )


Click To Buy/Bid

This one should remind us all that Alpha Flight 51 was not Lee’s first pro work!  Those who collect Lee likely know this by now but it should be repeated. This comic is very tough to find.

Other notable early comics: Alpha Flight 51 of course!

4. Frank Miller

Twilight Zone 84 ( Gold Key ) Whitman Variant


Click To Buy/Bid

So one of the most prolific writers in comics was first published in what?  That’s right!  The man who revolutionized Daredevil, Batman and others has one of the more rare first efforts.  There’s a Gold Key logo cover but the Whitman is the one to have!

5. Scott Snyder

The Human Torch: The 70th Anniversary Special ( Marvel ) Marcos Variant


Click To Buy/Bid

Scott Snyder has yet to prove that he has any staying power in this industry but so far he’s doing a pretty good job!  His Batman run has redefined the character and is one of the few modern examples of how to successfully craft a reboot of an icon.

Other notable early comics: American Vampire 1 ( all versions ), Iron Man Noir 1-4

6.  Mark Millar

2000 A.D. 643


Click To Buy/Bid

Mr. Millar has become one of the more successful writers of the last decade.  With  movie adaptions of works like Wanted and Kick-Ass, it appears  as if he’s here to stay.  Mark Millar’s early DC work includes Batman LOTDK 79 ( DC ) which is a cheap snag at any shop but his first pro work was in 2000 A.D.

Other notable early comics: Saviour, 2000 A.D. 648, Swamp Thing 140

7.  Chris Ware

Eclpse GN Series: Floyd Farland


Click To Buy/Bid

Mr. Ware is an indie great.  He has established himself as one of the most creative sequential artists alive today.  But his earliest work was a mess that he hated so much, he offered original art to those who mailed him copies.  Finding it now is nearly impossible.

Other notable early comics:  Raw 2, Zero Zero 5, Pictopia 3

8..  Mike Mignola

The Comic Reader 183


Click To Buy/Bid

Putting any speculation to rest on this legend’s first work was not that easy so I asked the man himself at the Boston Comiccon 2013.  A simple black and white pin-up of Red Sonja was all he had published but it was the start to a career that has influenced so many current artists.

Other Notable early comics: Rocket Raccoon 1-4, What if 39, Comic Reader 184,203

9. Robert Kirkman

Battle Pope 1 ( Funk-O-Tron )


Click To Buy/Bid

The man who penned Invincible, Battle Pope and, oh yea, The Walking Dead has done a fair amount of work for Image.  But his first pro work was in this fabulous series from Funk-O-Tron!!!

Other Notable early comics: Tech Jacket, Inkpunks Quarterly

10. Alex Ross

Terminator the Burning Earth 1


Click To Buy/Bid

Do I really have to list this artist’s accolades?  He’s easily the best comic illustrator in history.  Disagree?  Let me know why!

Other notable early comics: Hellraiser 17, Miracleman Apocrypha 3



( If you read my articles you will see that some of these have been mentioned in the past.  Don’t be alarmed, it has been done intentionally )

InvestComics Hot Picks #264

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[scrollGallery id=241]

…Each and every week the IC Hot Picks brings the fan an almost certainty. A book that will breakout or be on the verge of a major or sometimes minor uptick in the aftermarket. Whether it’s a Bear market (sell) or a Bull market (buy), InvestComics has your back. Hopefully many of you heed this professional advice and pick up the recommended comics at your local shop. Yes the digital age is nice, but your local comic shops are the reason we all love comics. Support your shops fans, it’s important. There is room for everyone on this ship.

So what certainty does the InvestComics Hot Picks have this week you may ask? How about Invincible? If by some strange non-apparent reason you have been living under a rock for the past 10 years or so, Invincible is essentially the modern day Peter Parker. You talk about Xbreakout potential? This character; Mark Grayson is it. With that said, the release of Invincible Universe (2013) #1 this week will prove once again that this Robert Kirkman character is to reign supreme. How much longer before we see Robert’s character on the big screen? Television? Not so much. Invincible would not bode well on the tube. On the big screen is where he belongs and WHEN he does, look out. Yes, look out for Tech Jacket #1 (2002) for his first appearance to explode in the aftermarket when Grayson finds his way to the movie theater.

On a much smaller scale this week fans will see X (2013 Dark Horse) #0 sitting on the new release shelf. Although Killer X from Dark Horse is not as well-known as Invincible, the character stands to be a bad ass if he catches on. His first appearance was in Dark Horse Comics #8 (1993). In 1994 X appeared in his own self-titled book which lasted only 25 issues. The number one issue featured Rick Leonardi on pencils and Jimmy Palmiotti on inks. Don’t let this comic slip through your hands this week; Dark Horse’s version of Batman is here.

InvestComics told you about sex. No not the birds and the bees, but Sex #1 from Image Comics. Was it the lure of the title that made the first comic sellout so quickly that it’s now going to a third printing? Well all indicators’ point to this NOT being the case. Crappy stories in today’s market do not go back to the printer that often. The 90’s maybe, that’s a different story. In today’s market, fans and collectors are much wiser; they’re not going to be fooled with the prism/die-cut cover anymore. It’s about substance, about what is in the middle of your ears. Any of the hype issues; death or the president on the cover will eventually wane. So are you in the mood? Feeling frisky? Don’t miss out on more sex with Sex (2013 Image) #2 out this week. Remember, the story must sustain here to remain a hot book. No reason not to think that will not happen though.

Avenging Spider-Man (2011) #19 has its attention on the Sleepwalker character. The appearance of this hero will not boaster sales at all for the Avenging Spidey title, but it will add to an interesting story. We hope. If one feels so inclined to look for Sleep’s first appearance; one can find it in the 25 cent box at your local shop or comic convention. Look for Sleepwalker #1 (1991). Sweet dreams!

With the Iron Man 3 movie hype fast approaching, Marvel brings us Secret Avengers (2013 Marvel) 2nd Series #3. Why is this relevant to the new movie? Why it’s the “deadly new secret” of the New Iron Patriot. Yippee! Iron Patriot first appeared in Dark Avengers #1 (2009). And you already own that book…..right?

Rounding out the InvestComics Hot Picks this week are DC Batman Lil Gotham (2013) #1, Colonized (2013 IDW) #1, Kiss Solo (2013 IDW) #1,andG.I. Joe Cobra Files (2013 IDW) #1.

Check out the 11 Hot Covers this week below.

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Invest wisely.

Jay Katz



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Comic Broker Report – More Modern Heat

The Comic Book Broker’s Report ( March )

By Topher Seal

    This month is sort of a sequel to last month’s article concerning modern comics and the ridiculous prices being paid for new books.   If you love trading in volatile markets then this current comic market is the place for you.  Many collectors may be weary of investing at this time because of the similarity to an infamous bubble from the past.  Anyone who remembers the bad girl/Valiant/gimmick days can attest to what I speak of.   I always suggest caution when playing in the modern arena but many of these books have significantly lower print runs that the 90’s books and the writing is far superior to most of what was produced in those days.  ( Many Valiant titles are the exception here.  If you have never read Harbinger,  Archer & Armstrong or Solar then now is as good a time to buy sets as any. ) 

Invincible 19  

imagesThis one hasn’t blown up quite yet but it’s already  scarce due to it being part of one of the greatest superhero comics of the last 10 years.  So what’s so special about it now?  Yet to been confirmed, the similarities are hard to ignore as it is likely the first appearance of the Nowhere Men!  This book came out so long ago that it makes it a very interesting collectible.  Many previews or first appearances happen within the first few months of the title’s release.  In this case the situation is so odd you just have to love Image for it.  They continues to keep putting out great comics like the Nowhere Men.  If prices for early issues continue to skyrocket then this puppy is going to be huge.

Also see the Walking Dead 102 for a color preview of the Nowhere Men! ( look for the 2nd print also!)


Helheim  NYCC Sketch Variant


If you’re like me and you don’t put a premium of many modern variants then here is a rare exception.  Cullen Bunn’s been on fire with the Sixth Gun and much of his recent Marvel work has been great.  His latest work pits viking against Zombie!  That’s a money maker if I have ever heard of one.

Black Beetle 0,1 & DHP Vol. 2 11

dhGritty Pulp comics have a special place in my collection so when Francesco Francavilla’s Black Beetle appeared in DHP 11 I instantly knew he had a hit on his hands.  Francesco has done a limited amount of work but his earliest appears to be in the 1997 Comic Code Illustrated.  Early issues are already drying up so act now.

Judge Dredd Megazine 322


Diggle and Jock’s new Image mini is off to a good start.  Great art and writing almost always generate some buzz especially when the Image logo is on the cover.  The odd thing about this comic is that is was serialized in the Judge Dredd Megazine 322 some time ago.  They are nearly impossible to get in the states.  Buy and hold.

Peter Panzerfaust 8,9

pp imagepppsHook has made his debut in the beloved Image series set to be a TV show.  Issue 8 is his first appearance and 9 has a black cover making it very difficult to find in high grade.  That incredible close up on Hook’s hook doesn’t hurt its chances on the back issue market either.  It’s not often you see such rapid price increases but issue 9 was selling for 20-30 at online auction the day it came out.

Captain America Reborn 6 & Avengers 5 ( 2010 )


Both of these books have extremely rare variants.  If the Age of Ultron is popular with readers look to these two books for the Ultron War’s earliest references.   These issues that look to the future are always big with collectors.

Note:  The Ultron War was mentioned first via blackboard/timeline that has since been a bit overused.  One of my favorite splash pages that peek into the future is in The Amazing Spider-Man 695.  Check it out!

3 Story: Secret Files of the Giant Man ( Dark Horse )

$(KGrHqJ,!jYFDhpjMmUvBREEolh8sg~~60_57Last month I briefly touched on Matt Kindt’s Mind Mgmt and how it has been optioned by Ridley Scott.  If you haven’t read the series I suggest you buy the trade because there is no chance you will be able to purchase this book for cover anywhere online.  It’s a great read and the fact the Matt has included story elements that are specifically NOT being reprinted will make the individual issue that much more valuable.  I also recommend some of his earlier work such as the Pistolwhip Series and this gem above ( also the first appearance of Mind Mgmt. )

and finally…

With Grant Morrison’s Batman run coming to an end with Batman Inc. Vol 2 #8  there are many rumors surrounding the fate of Damian Wayne.  Damian has become a favorite among those who love Batman.   If Morrison kills of the bratty boy wonder it would be a real shame since it’s very hard to create new characters that generate  long lasting popularity.  One of the most satisfying aspects of the young Robin is the possible future where he has sold his soul to the Devil??? to protect Gotham the best way he can.  No matter what happens some of these issues are not that hard to find but that can change real quick.



The Mignola black & white variant above IS very hard to find.  Good Luck!



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Oh Noes! After teasing us with a series of images for potential casualties in INVINCIBLE #100, Image has released the following teaser…apparently, issues #98-#100 will be THE DEATH OF EVERYONE. And, this is Robert Kirkman we’re talking about, so it may not be hyperbole!




Last week, IMAGE COMICS sent several teasers for possible death’s in INVINCIBLE #100, including Allen the Alien, Young Omni-Man, Robot, Atom Eve, and even INVINCIBLE himself, Mark Grayson. (For more go HERE)

They’ve kicked things off this week with a teaser for mark’s Father, hero, turned villain, turned hero-again, OMNI-MAN.

UPDATE: INVINCIBLE #100: The Death of…

UPDATE 8/17 10:48 Image has continued sending teasers proving that no one is safe once writer Robert Kirkman decides to kill off some characters. The first two teasers, featuring Mark INVINCIBLE Grayson and Allen the Alien have been joined by Mark’s sometime teammate, ROBOT; His on and off girlfriend, ATOM EVE; and his younger half-brother, Oliver KID YOUNG OMNI-MAN.
Fans are already reading inot the fact that Mark, Allen, and Robot are all in prone, knocked out, positions, while Atom Eve is fighting back and Oliver is standing, but clearly scared out of his wits!


ORIGINAL STORY 8/14 4:06 PM) Image has been sending out teasers for “THE DEATH OF…” in landmark issue, INVINCIBLE #100. But, WHO exactly will be dying off? Well, where Kirkman is involved, especially post WALKING DEAD #100, NOBODY is safe!


Robert Kirkman’s series returns as ongoing with new creative team

The miniseries that spun out of Robert Kirkman’s original INVINCIBLE universe, GUARDING THE GLOBE, will be back in September as an ongoing series from Skybound/Image Comics.

Phil Hester, just coming off a successful run on THE DARKNESS, will be taking over writing duties from Kirkman and artist Todd Nauck (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, YOUNG JUSTICE) will be handling all the art of the ongoing series beginning with issue #1.

Months before it hits the shelves again, fans will be given a taste of what’s to come from the new creative team on Free Comic Book Day, May 5th.

“The Invincible Universe has outgrown its parent title and I’m very excited about being able to tell larger, more in depth stories with some of the key players from that book in this series,” said GUARDING THE GLOBE creator/writer Robert Kirkman, “Phil Hester and Todd Nauck are well known to fans of superhero comics and I think people are fully aware that they’re going to knock this book out of the park.”

Familiar yet fresh, GUARDING THE GLOBE will appeal to fans of the back-to-basics approach to superhero comics that INVINCIBLE is known for. Heroes both familiar and new struggle to protect Earth in Invincible’s absence. As the Viltrumite War rages on within the pages of INVINCIBLE, the ranks of the Guardians of the Globe are suddenly depleted. The world is in danger, and the team is in search of new blood.

Hester and Nauck have described the first issue of the GUARDING THE GLOBE ongoing as a perfect starting point for those that haven’t read any of the series before.

“When Robert first approached me about this ongoing series, I knew I wanted to be a part of GUARDING THE GLOBE,” said Nauck, whose creator-owned series WILDGUARD was published by Image. “I really respect what Robert’s accomplished so far with the series and I’m having a blast drawing this book. I feel it’s my best work to date. It’s great to be working with Image Comics again!”

“When Robert floated the idea it didn’t take me very long to say yes,” added Hester. “The characters in GUARDING THE GLOBE have the same kind of freshness INVINCIBLE does. It’s a great chance to both pay homage to super heroes and upend them a bit in way that isn’t cynical, but humanizing.”

Each 32-page full-color issue will be available for purchase and reorder in comic book stores and on multiple digital platforms.

ABOUT ROBERT KIRKMAN Robert Kirkman’s success and passionate advocacy for creator-owned comics led him to become the first person invited to become a partner at Image Comics since the company’s inception twenty years ago and he formed his own imprint there, Skybound, in 2010. Kirkman is the creator/writer of the Eisner Award-winning The Walking Dead, long-running Invincible, all-ages Super Dinosaur, The Astounding Wolf-Man, and new title Thief of Thieves, among many others. Kirkman has earned the respect of the comic, writing and television communities and topped the New York Times bestseller list for graphic novels in 2011 and in April 2012, he took the top five spots on both the hardcover and paperback lists. He’s the creator/executive producer and writer of the hit television show, AMC’s The Walking Dead, the highest-rated basic cable drama of all time in the U.S, also an international success in 120 countries and 250 million households. AMC just picked up Thief of Thieves as a series with Kirkman serving as creator/executive producer and writer. is your destination for all news and merchandise for Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead and all Skybound titles.

ABOUT IMAGE COMICS Image Comics is a comic book and graphic novel publisher founded in 1992 by a collective of best-selling artists. Image has since gone on to become one of the largest comics publishers in the United States. Image currently has five partners: Robert Kirkman, Erik Larsen, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri and Jim Valentino. It consists of five major houses: Todd McFarlane Productions, Top Cow Productions, Shadowline, Skybound and Image Central. Image publishes comics and graphic novels in nearly every genre, sub-genre, and style imaginable. It offers science fiction, romance, horror, crime fiction, historical fiction, humor and more by the finest artists and writers working in the medium today. For more information, visit

Walking Dead Checklist

By Topher Seal

So I guess I shouldn’t have sold my graded copy of The Walking Dead 1 (CGC 9.8) a few years ago. Currently there is no comic property seeing more gains than Kirkman’s epic Zombie adventure. You may think you know all the best Dead titles to collect but there are still some gems you might have overlooked and I recommend buying them all (along with some other important Image books!)


Click on the RED links to BUY/BID right from the article.

Walking Dead Weekly #1

This Image series reprints the original series on a weekly basis and has turned out to be just as hot as the regular series.  Issue #1 is the prize but they are all wise investments.

Click to Buy/Bid

Click to Buy/Bid

Current Value:  $20-$30

Ebay sales are up to $60.00 for issue number one having been observed!


Walking Dead Weekly #35

The Last Page of this comic was printed twice and limited to a print run of 900. It is believed that none made it out to the public but if any surface they are sure to be one of the rarest Walking Dead issues.

Value: Unknown (Yet?)


Image First Walking Dead #1

This 2010 reprint was made available to the public for only a dollar!  Now they are just as hard to find as all the others.

Value:  $14-$25


Click on the RED links or comic cover to buy/bid from ALL available Ebay sellers on Ebay.

The Walking Dead #1 Variant

Click to Buy/Bid

In 2008 this variant reprint of issue #1 featured some added bonuses and has since become quite difficult to find in the back issue market.

Value: $25


The Walking Dead #19 (First Michonne)

Internet sales of this series have exploded.  The AMC series is an oblivious hit and with the appearance of Michonne in the season 2 finale things have gotten out of control.  Copies of this have seen huge price increases and are all but extinct on the back issue market.

Value:  $150-$200


The Walking Dead Weekly #19

Even the reprint of Michonne’s first appearance is insanely difficult to find!

Value:  $20-$30

Click on the RED links or comic cover to buy/bid from ALL available Ebay sellers on Ebay.

The Walking Dead #27  (First Governor)

Michonne’s first appearance and the announcement that the Governor will be in season three have generated back issue buzz in this book as well.

Value: $100


The Walking Dead Weekly #27

See above.

Value:  $20-$30

Click on the RED links or comic cover to buy/bid from ALL available Ebay sellers on Ebay.


More Image books you need now!

Capes #1

Kirkman wrote some other titles you may not remember. Capes #’s 1-3 were ok but issue #1 features the true first appearance of The Walking Dead with a preview in the back!!

Click to Buy/Bid

Value: $20.00


The Agents #6

Another forgotten Image title, issue #6 of this series also sports a preview of The Walking Dead.

Value: $20.00


Savage Dragon #102  (Invincible preview)

Click to Buy/Bid

Click to Buy/Bid

Value: $7.00


Tech Jacket #1 (Invincible preview)

Value: 7.00


Brit #7 (Invincible appearance)

Click to Buy/Bid

Click to Buy/Bid

Value: $5.00


Chew #22 (First Appearance Fatale)

Value: $6.00



Click to Buy/Bid

Normally when Hollywood adapts a comic property the back issue market for anything related sees movement in a positive direction even if the movie doesn’t hit big.  In this case John Carter was so bad (gross wise) that the opposite has happened.

These issues along with many other John Carter Comics have either seen no price increases or losses. John Carter is a character of true worth and many of his appearances offer great art and writing making them truly valuable.

The Funnies #30 (First John Carter in Comics, 1939)

Dell Four Color #375 (1952)

Tarzan #’s 207-209 (John Carter of Mars)

John Carter of Mars (Marvel) #18 (First Frank Miller Marvel Art! and there is also a Mark Jeweler Variant of this book!)

John Carter of Mars (Marvel) #28 (Last issue)