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Wonder Woman Checklist



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Dawn  (2)

Dawn of Justice – Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman has made her movie debut in the Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer (Pictured). Now the clock starts ticking as to when WW will get her own solo film, if ever. Can she, will this character be able to hold up in their own film? That’s the million dollar question. A great character with some serious history. There are many directions the Wonder Woman franchise can go, whether any of them work or not is the big question. Not doubting it cannot be done, just a little hesitant to call a WW solo film an absolute winner. For now though, there are plenty of comics to pick up within the 74 years of comic history here; first appearances and key books. Plenty of time as well. We won’t see a solo Wonder Woman title movie for a while. Look for these comics below in the mean time. Some are great pickups right now because the frenzy has not hit.

Dawn  (1)

Dawn of Justice – Wonder Woman

There are many Wonder Woman first appearances and key issues that did not make this list. With the rich history comes a lot of material. Also, the DC universe is a vast and convoluted place. There are too many Earth 2, Earth this, Post Flashpoint, Pre Crisis, Post Crisis, etc. So because of this, there will be misses in this checklist. You are more than welcome to list any comic we may have missed in the comment section below.

Also, many of the earlier comics are not available on Ebay right now. Just because they are not available now does not mean they wouldn’t be later on. Some are in fact available right now, like the very first appearance in All Star Comics #8. Be sure to check back to see if some of the comics you seek have been posted.


All Star Comics #8 (1941) First appearance of Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor. Golden Age.

Sensation Comics #1 (1942) Second appearance of Wonder Woman. Origin. First appearance of the Invisible plane.

Wonder Woman #98 (1958) First Silver Age Wonder Woman comic (some dispute). New Wonder Woman, new origin.

Wonder Woman #178 (1968) First Bronze Age Wonder Woman. All new Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman #1 Vol. 2 (1987) First Copper Age book. First appearance of Hippolyta. George Perez pencils.

All Star Comics 8 InvestComics

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Sensation Comics 1 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Wonder Woman 98 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Wonder Woman #178 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Wonder Woman 1 VOL 2 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid








Sensation Comics #2 (1942) First appearance of Doctor Poison.

Sensation Comics #4 (1942) First appearance of Baroness Van Gunther.

Sensation Comics #6 (1942) The magic lasso makes its first appearance! And here you thought she’s always had it. Nope.

Wonder Woman #1 (1942) The first self titled series. The first appearance of Ares and WW’s origin is retold.

All Star Comics #12 (1942) Wonder Woman joins Hawkman, Spectre Starman, The Atom, Dr. Fate, Sandman, Dr. Midnite, and Johnny Thunder; the Justice Society of America.

All Star Comics 12 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Sensation Comics 4 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Sensation Comics 6 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Sensational Comics 2 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Wonder Woman 1 InvestComics

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Wonder Woman #2 (1942) The first appearance of Earl of Greed, Count of Conquest, and Duke of Deception.

Sensation Comics #9 (1942) First appearance of Doctor Cue/Agent X.

Wonder Woman #5 (1943) First appearance of Dr. Psycho.

Wonder Woman #6 (1943) Priscilla Rich/Cheetah; first appearances.

Wonder Woman #8 (1944) Queen Clea’s first appearance.

Sensation Comics 9 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Woder Woman 5 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Wonder Woman 2 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Wonder Woman 6 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Wonder Woman 8 InvestComics

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Wonder Woman #9 (1944) First appearance of Giganta.

Wonder Woman #11 (1944) The first appearance of Hypnota.

Sensation Comics #59 (1946) First Blue Snowman.

Wonder Woman #21 (1947) First appearance of Queen Atomia.

All Star Comics #36 (1947) The first time Wonder Woman appears with Superman and Batman.

All Star Comics 36 InvestComics

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Sensation Comics 59 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Wonder Woman #11 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Wonder Woman 9 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Wonder Woman 21 InvestComics

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Wonder Woman #28 (1948) First appearance of Villainy Inc.

Wonder Woman #29 (1948) First appearance of Minister Blizzard.

Wonder Woman #31 (1948) First appearance of Trixter.

Wonder Woman #33 (1949) First appearance of Inventa.

Wonder Woman #37 (1949) First appearance of Circe.

Wonder Woman 28 InvestComics

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Wonder Woman 29 InvestComics

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Wonder Woman 31 InvestComics

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Wonder Woman 33 InvestComics

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Wonder Woman 37 InvestComics

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Wonder Woman #45 (1951) Here’s an early retelling of Wonder Woman’s origin.

Wonder Woman #62 (1953) The first appearance of Angle Andrews. There is also a Pizza Hut reprint issue that came out in 1977.

Wonder Woman #70 (1954) First appearance of Angle Man.

Wonder Woman #80 (1956) An explanation as to how the Invisible plane came about.

Wonder Woman #105 (1959) New (altering) origin. Some collectors may claim this issue as the beginning of the Silver Age Wonder Woman. A very key Wonder Woman comic nonetheless.

Wonder Woman 105 InvestComics

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Wonder Woman 45 InvestComics

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Wonder Woman 62 InvestComics

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Wonder Woman 70 InvestComics

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Wonder Woman 80 InvestComics

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Brave and the Bold #28 (1960) Obviously the first appearance of Justice League of America, it’s also the first time Wonder Woman is with the Justice League of America team.

Superman #149 (149) Wonder Woman’s first appearance in a Superman comic. This elseworld type story is named “The Death of Superman”.

Justice League of America #9 (1962) Wonder Woman joins the Justice League. Origin of the JLA.

Green Lantern #29 (1964) First time in a Green Lantern comic.

Aquaman #18 (1964) Wonder Woman’s first Aquaman comic appearance.

Brave and the Bold 28 InvestComics

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JLA 9 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Superman 149 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Aquaman 18 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Green Lantern 29 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid








Wonder Woman #157 (1965) First appearance of Egg Fu.

Brave and the Bold #60 (1965) First Wonder Girl (Donna Troy).

Detective Comics #347 (1966) First time in a Batman’s secondary title. Another death book she appears in too. “The Strange Death of Batman”.

Wonder Woman #179 (1968) First appearance of Doctor Cyber and I Ching.

Brave and The Bold #78 (1968) The first time Batman and Wonder Woman share a comic title.

Wonder Woman 179 InvestComics

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Brave and the Bold 78 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Detective Comics 347 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Wonder Woman 157 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Brave and the Bold 60 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid








Wonder Woman #204 (1973) The old costume makes a return. After only 26 issues.

Flash #276 (1979) First time WW makes her way into a Flash comic.

Justice League of America #184 (1980) George Perez first pencil work on the Wonder Woman character here and a whole bunch of other heroes and Darkseid. What an awesome book to own.

Wonder Woman #288 (1982) The first appearance of Silver Swan.

Wonder Woman #291 (1982) First appearance of the Adjudicator.

Justice League of America 184 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Flash 276 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Wonder Woman 204 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

WW 291 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Wonder Woman 288 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid








Wonder Woman #297 (1982) First appearance of Aegeus.

Batman and the Outsiders #1 (1983) Wonder Woman has yet to appear in a Batman titled book. So far Detective Comics and this one.

Justice League #1 (1987) First Maxwell Lord IV.

Wonder Woman #2 (1987) First Modern Age Steve Trevor.

Batman Annual #15 (1991) The most astounding books within the research of this list. The first time Wonder Woman appears in the Batman title book. Extremely odd how there was absolutely no visit from Wonder Woman in a Batman titled comic since 1941???

Justice League of America #100 (1995) Maxwell Lord’s first appearance; Lord Havok.

Btman and the Outsiders 1 InvestComics

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Batman Annual 15 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Justice League 1 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Wonder Woman 297 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Justice League 100 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid








Wonder Woman #131 (1998). First appearance of Dark Angel. John Byrne writes, pencils, and cover art.

Wonder Woman #143 (1999) First appearance of Devastation.

Wonder Woman #179 (2002) First appearance of Cybogirl.

Supergirl #79 (2003) The first time WW appears in a Supergirl title.

Wonder Woman #196 Vol. 2 (2003) First Veronica Cale.

Wonder Woman 196 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Supergirl 79 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Wonder Woman 131 VOL 2 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Wonder Woman #143 Vol 2 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Wonder Woman #179 VOL 2 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid








Wonder Woman #1 (2006) First appearance of Donna Troy (post Crisis). A.K.A. Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman #14 (2008) The first appearance of Alkyone. And the group The Circle. Created by writer Gail Simone.

Batman #687 (2009) The first Wonder Woman appearance in a regular Batman comic (not the annual). Absolutely crazy here. As said earlier regarding the Batman Annual #15 (1991), It took DC Comics 68 years to get Wonder Woman into a regular Batman comic????? This is amazing. Seriously.

Wonder Woman #604 (2010) First appearances of Minotaur and Cernunnos.

Wonder Woman #605 (2011) First appearances of Anann and Bellona.

Batman 687 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Wonder Woman 1 2006 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Wonder Woman 14 Vol 3 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Wonder Woman 604 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Wonder Woman 605 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid








Wonder Woman #611 (2011) First appearance of Nemesis.

Wonder Woman #1 New 52 (2011) First appearance of Apollo.

Wonder Woman #2 New 52 (2011) First appearance of Strife.

Justice League #12 (2012) The now infamous Jim Lee Superman/Wonder Woman kiss cover.

Wonder Woman #4 New 52 (2012) First appearance of Cassandra.

Justice League 12 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Wonder Woman 1 New 52 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Wonder Woman 2 New 52 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Wonder Woman 4 New 52 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Wonder Woman 611 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid








Wonder Woman #12 New 52 (2012) First appearance of First Born.

Wonder Woman #36 (2015) David Finch takes over as the regular artist on the series. As does Meredith Finch takes over the writing chores.

Wonder Woman #37 New 52 (2015) First appearance of new Donna Troy. Cameo.

Wonder Woman #38 New 52 (2015) First full appearance of new Donna Troy. The David Finch variant is awesome.

Wonder Woman #41 New 52 (2015) A new costume for Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman 12 New 52 InvestComics

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Wonder Woman 36 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Wonder Woman 37 New 52 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Wonder Woman 38 NEW 52 InvestComics

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Wonder Woman 41 InvestComics

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Invest wisely. Read comics.

Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz


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Wonder Woman 2 InvestComics

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Comic Broker Report – October 2014 (part 3)

This month I am smashing together a selection of comics I believe are worth buying at cheap prices if you can find them.  As always suggestions are appreciated and I will attempt to answer any questions or make any necessary revisions.

Like any investments comics represent a risk if you are looking to resell for profit.  Read the disclaimer under Hot Picks if you need further information.


2000 A.D. 377 ( First Judge Fargo )


Here’s a way they can show Karl Urban’s face in a Dredd sequel and give the legendary Judge an origin within a sequel.  All they need to do is cinematically un- retconn the retconn of Judge Fargo’s face as show in this issue.  Fargo and Dredd’s DNA are the same.  As fans know it just ain’t cool to show Dredd’s face.  This is the only time it was done.

Essential Sandman 4

This hard to find reprint of Lucifer’s first has yet to make a blip on collector’s radars.  When it becomes clear that Sandman 4 is out of reach in both availability and price this one should rise in value.


Notable addition:


Youngblood 3 ( First appearance of Supreme )

So the infamous creator of Deadpool has recently teased a Supreme film on Twitter. It appears that studios are interested in another of his creations.  This overprinted issue features Supreme’s first appearance.  As we have learned from NM 98, overprinting doesn’t seem to matter in the marketplace if the character is in demand.


Notable additions:

The Moore issue has many reprints that are more rare than the reg edition I have pictured below.


GLA 1 ( 2nd Squirrel Girl )

Recently her first appearance has been quietly selling for decent money on Ebay.  She’s a fan favorite with few first appearances.  2nd appearances are all the rage right now so here is hers.

2nd squirrel girl

Marvel Graphic Novel 18 ( First Agent Dooley )


One of my favorite actors, Shea Whigham has been cast to play this obscure S.H.I.E.L.D  agent in the upcoming Agent Carter series.  To date this is his only appearance and it’s a tough one to find.

ASM 685b ( Fredzilla appearance )

Big Hero 6 alert!  Characters from the upcoming film have few appearances outside of the mini.  This is one and it’s a difficult variant to track down.

3548529-685-variant fredzilla

Star Wars Tales 4 ( First Ben Skywalker )

As the new film release approaches I will be randomly mentioning key issues that have had some movement on the back issue marketplace.  To my knowledge this is Ben’s first and only.

SWT 4 first ben skywalker

Here is some additional Deadpool speculation.  Supporting characters can drive up prices ( See X-Force 2 ).  These two guys are popular amongst Deadpool readers but there is no guarantee that they will ever be in the film.

Cable & Deadpool 38 ( First Bob Agent of Hydra! )


Cable 3 ( First appearance of Weasel )


Identity Disc 5 ( First appearance of Deadpool’s first wife Gretchen Wilson )


Webspinners 7 ( First Appearance of Merc Monthly )









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InvestComics Hot Picks – New Release Comics on 8/27/14


Ultimate Spider-Man #29

Wool was optioned for a movie. That prompted issue number to be sold out and with that, Wool (2014 Cryptozoic) #2 has sold out now too. Stay close to this series for now. Remember, just because a comic book was optioned does not mean anything will ever materialize. Many times the comic market has a knee jerk reaction to the news and then many are stuck with comics that are impossible to sell. The best we do get though are great stories to read.

This week Superman (2011 3rd Series) #34 sees the introduction of the villain known as Machinist. Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr. are giving the fans what they want, some new life breathe into DC’s flagship title. Is this in fact a first appearance though or just a New 52 first appearance? The Machinist first appeared in Wildstorm #1 (2006).  Same dude? Probably not.

Robert Kirkman’s Outcast continues to garner attention. The latest edition; Outcast (2014 Image) #3 comes out this week. Issue one and two sold out. Look for issue three to follow that trend.

Last week I recommended Teen Titans #16 (1982), It’s the first appearance of Captain Carrot. I was having some fun and wanted to set a trend to make the book hot. This week I will revisit the wacky, but first let me make a point…….quite a few InvestComics Hot Picks ago I explained that Marvel’s Spider-Verse saga was all a basic ploy to see which solo spider books they can possibly get off the ground and sell. Spider-Verse will bring every single Spider-Man character ever front and center. I compiled a huge Spider-Verse list of the many faces of Spider-Man. It’s a list you’d probably want to keep handy given all of the new Spider characters we’ll see popping up or getting their own comic. Like the new Spider-Woman title. How about a new Peter Porker comic? Wait Peter Porker? Yes. Check out Ultimate Spider-Man (2012 Marvel Universe) #29; Spider-Ham has taken over. So expect A LOT more Spidey books and take overs to occur moving onward towards Spider-Verse, before, during and after. Now let’s get back to the wacky stuff. Peter Porker first appeared in Marvel Tails Starring Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider-Ham #1 (1982). The Ultimate Spider-Ham first appeared in Ultimate FF #5 (2014). Awesome! Let Spider-Verse begin! And click right HERE to check out that InvestComics Spider-Verse Checklist, some great hidden gems in there.

[scrollGallery id=368]

Secret Origins (2014) 3rd Series #5 will focus on the character Cyborg. I have recommended DC Comics Presents #26 (1980) countless times throughout the years. This comic of course features the first appearance of the New Teen Titans and several new characters. It’s a very obtainable book, not scarce at all. The main reason for the prices to be where they are at. Cyborg first appeared in DCP #26 and he’s also going to be in the Superman vs. Batman film. Will we also get a Teen Titans spin off from this film besides the Justice League? Most likely yes, so buckle in and get ready for DC Comics Presents to become an even hotter book way down the line somewhere. It’s going to be a way for Warner Bros. to attract that younger core audience. The book is an absolute bargain right now with average RAW prices on Ebay going in the $60 range. A 9.2 graded sold for $135 and a 7.5 sold for $81. So here’s what you do. Buy yourself a high grade raw copy. Get George Perez and Marv Wolfman to sign it (get a witness). Grade it, and you have yourself a wonderful resale right now, but more so in the future.

DC Comics Presents #26 (1980) First Appearance of The New Teen Titans.

Adventures of Superman (2013) 2nd Series #16 will give a semi-Superman history lesson told by Kamandi. This history class won’t be a bore! Various artists contribute to the different Supermen throughout the years. Should be a great nostalgic look and read.

The Fox channel has a hit on their hands with the show Bob’s Burgers. Now that hit series will become a comic book for the first time; Bobs Burgers (2014) #1. Look for the Midtown Comics Exclusive for only $10. Get some of the cast to sign it. Have it witnessed of course and grade it. It’ll be a unique book to resell to a Bob’s Burgers fan.

Face Value #1 from Autism at Face Value brings the topic of autism front and center. Heroes with autism. It’s an important awareness comic that everyone should check out. If you’d like to learn more about autism and donate go right HERE to the Autism Research Institution.

Other comics you definitely need to check out this week are Wayward (2014 Image) #1, Pop (2014 Dark Horse) #1, Jaegir (2014) #0, Hero Cats (2014 Action Lab) #1, Brainstorm (2014) #1, Shinobi Ninja Princess (2014) #1, and Sundowners (2014) #1.

Apocalypse Checklist



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Uncanny 332 ( first Ozymandias )


I doubt you will see an Age of Apocalypse film without this guy!


Marvel GN 17 ( First Apocalypse )


Though unnamed in the GN it looks like this is Apocalypse’s first appearance.  Will this retcon catch on?  If it does this one will skyrocket.

Click on any RED link or comic cover in the article to buy/bid on the comic right now from ALL available sellers on Ebay.


Rise of Apocalypse 1-4


This mini is already selling for decent money.


Uncanny 376



Uncanny X-Men 221 (First Mr. Sinister)


Mr. Sinister is a fan favorite  and central to the AOA plot.  Grab this one now if your lucky enough to find it in high grade.

Click on any RED link or comic cover in the article to buy/bid on the comic right now from ALL available sellers on Ebay.


X-force 37 (Apocalypse gains entry into the Celestial ship)


Any comic that sheds light on the origin of the world’s oldest mutant should jump in price.  In this case we get a glimpse into Apocalypse’s quest for power.  It’s a small tidbit but key to understanding the goals of a powerful mutant.


New Mutants 25 ( First David Haller/Legion ) New Mutants #26 ( first on cover )


Bringing Apocalypse into the cinematic universe is a smart move.  Leading the next film into the AOA storyline would be wise too.   Sony like to adapt stories from the comics so Prof X’s son could be used and that means a whole host of comics will heat up on the back issue market.

Click on any RED link or comic cover in the article to buy/bid on the comic right now from ALL available sellers on Ebay.


X-Men 41 – Legion Quest (First Earth-295/AOA )



X-Factor 23 ( first Archangel )


Everyone should have a copy of X-Factor 24. Simonson’s cover is still impressive all these years later and hey it’s the first appearance of Warren as Archangel right?  Nope.  He appeared in issue 23, in full and wasn’t named for many issues later.  This scenario reminds me of New Mutants 86/87.  Cable appears at the end of issue 86 but because of the iconic cover for issue 87 the actual first appearance isn’t noted.


X-Men 95 ( Identity of Death Revealed )


At this point we do not know who the Horsemen will be.  I would like to see the original horsemen used but Fox likes to tweak the stories making Wolverine the central character.  If the do use him as Death I would want to own this one.


X-Men Unlimited 10


Dark Beast replaces Beast.  I remember a few characters who became quite popular during the AOA run.  Dark Beast was one of them.


Uncanny X-Men 317 ( Red Stripe )


She appears to be one of the more popular characters in the new film.  The enhanced cover is easy to find.  This one is a little more difficult.

Click on any RED link or comic cover in the article to buy/bid on the comic right now from ALL available sellers on Ebay.


X-Men Poster Magazine 4 ( First AOA Blink/ Dark Beast )


Unlike Bishop Blink was great in Days of Future Past!

This one is super rare and could be the first appearance of the AOA Blink and Dark Beast.  I am working to confirm the date of release on this but if you collect AOA related comics you should enjoy the hunt on this one.  It’s not going to be easy.


Tales from the AOA 2


I have mentioned this one before.  Why?  First published work by Brian k. Vaughan!



Click on any RED link or comic cover in the article to buy/bid on the comic right now from ALL available sellers on Ebay.

Age of Apocalypse – Reading Order

Legion Quest
0) Uncanny X-Men #319: Untapped Potential
1) X-Factor #109: The Waking
2) Uncanny X-Men #320: The Son Rises In The East
3) X-Men #40: The Killing Time
4) Uncanny X-Men #321: Auld Lang Syne
5) Cable #20: An Hour Of Last Things
6) X-Men #41: Dreams Die

1) X-Men Chronicles #1: Origins
2) X-Man Annual #1996
3) Tales From The Age of Apocalypse: Sinister Bloodlines
4) Tales From The Age of Apocalypse: By The Light
5) X-Men Chronicles #2: Shattered Dreams
6) X-Man #-1: Breeding Ground
7) Blink #1
8) Blink #2
9) Blink #3
10) Blink #4 (Without Last Three Pages)

11) X-Men Alpha: Beginnings
12) Astonishing X-Men #1: Once More, With Feeling
13) X-Calibre #1: The Infernal Gallop
14) Gambit and The X-Ternals #1: Some Of Us Looking To The Stars
15) Generation Next #1: From The Top
16) Weapon X #1: Unforgiven Trespasses
17) Amazing X-Men #1: Crossing Guards
18) Factor X #1: Sinister Neglect
19) X-Man #1: Breaking Away

Choosing Sides
20) Amazing X-Men #2: Sacrificial Lambs
21) Factor X #2: Abandoned Children
22) Weapon X #2: Fire in the Sky
23) Gambit and The X-Ternals #2: Where No External Has Gone Before
24) X-Calibre #2: Burn
25) Generation Next #2: Hither Comes The Sugarman
26) Astonishing X-Men #2: No Exit
27) X-Man #2: Choosing Sides

Turning Point
28) Age of Apocalypse: The Chosen
29) Factor X #3: Open Wounds
30) Astonishing X-Men #3: In Excess
31) Amazing X-Men #3: Parents of The Atom
32) X-Calibre #3: Body Heat
33) Gambit and The X-Ternals #3: To The Limits of Infinity
34) Generation Next #3: It Only Hurts When I Sing
35) X-Man #3: Turning Point
36) Weapon X #3: The Common Rights of Toads and Men
37) X-Universe #1: Last Stand

38) X-Calibre #4: On Fire
39) Generation Next #4: Bye
40) Astonishing X-Men #4: Holocaust
41) X-Man #4: The Art of War
42) Factor X #4: Reckonings
43) Weapon X #4: Into The Maelstrom
44) X-Universe #2: Dying Breath
45) Gambit and The X-Ternals #4: The Maze
46) Amazing X-Men #4: On Consecrated Ground
47) X-Men Omega: Endings
–) Blink #4 (Last Three Pages)

Any correction are greatly appreciated. 

InvestComics Hot Picks – Single Issue – Superman Adventures 4



In the world a comic collecting we love it when a character takes the market by storm.  Though the jury is out on Livewire she definitely has a shot at becoming the next big thing in comics.  At first glace she doesn’t seem to have much going for her, like a weak origin and a first appearance in Superman Adventures 5 which is by no means a favorite amongst comic fans.  But like HQ she has a killer costume and sometimes that’s all it takes.

If her introduction into the New 52 blows fans away then look out, her small list of past appearances will see  value increase similar to early HQ appearances.

Currently Superman Adv 5 and Action 835 are hot.  With recently sales of 40 and even 100 for Superman Adv 5 no one can deny her electric rise in popularity.  Unfortunately for people who paid a lot for those comics they might be upset to learn that her image appeared first at the end of the previous issue, Superman Adventures 4!  That’s not to say that issue 5 isn’t valuable.  It is her first cover and first appearance in a narrative. It’s just not a first appearance and in comics that is often the most important thing to collect.




Spider-Verse/Spider-Man Checklist


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Spider_VerseWith the recent announcement of the new Spider-Man Event called “Spider-Verse” it got us thinking; how long will it take us to compile a list together for our fans. Well it took a little while, but it was well worth it. In case you’re out of the loop a little bit, Spider-Verse will bring together every single different form of the Spider-Man character ever in a Spidey event series. Sounds like fun!

For fans alike, this should be an absolute thrill ride. The readers will be in eye candy heaven. So what does this mean exactly for the speculator? Well they too will have a joy ride ahead of them. The math is not hard on this one at all. Here is how it will probably go down. Spider-Verse will release and there will be a mad frenzy for many of the Spidey characters. Be it in a suit/Spidey-Armour/power or anything for that matter. Marvel will get wind of the public outcry for say…..the Iron Spider-Man (one of our personal favorites) and they will respond. Bottom line folks, expect some branching out of the Spider-Man Universe for years to come. Be on top of some of the ridiculous ones and the stellar ones before you’re caught without a copy of that NEW popular Spidey character with their own series.

Iron_Spider_ManNow InvestComics fans can search out just about every single different Spider-Man (and female) that pretty much exist right here……on one page.

As we mentioned earlier, one of our favorite Spidey creations has to be the Iron Spider-Man. The late Michael Turner still has one of our favorite modern day comic covers of all time. Civil War #3 (2006) Variant is an absolute beauty (pictured right).

So in no particular order, welcome to the InvestComics: Spider-Verse/Spider-Man Checklist! The list compiles not only the different variations of Spider-Man, but it also includes some of the Spidey villains that have emulated him over the years as well.

(Of course there will be some comics left off or some errors made here. Please speak up if you think you got a good one that was inadvertently left off or if there is a mistake. Also, please keep in mind that some of these characters will never see the light of day in the Spider-Verse event, but having fun here is more important.)

Spider-Verse/Spider-Man Checklist

Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962) – First original Spidey costume.

Amazing Spider-Man #529 – The first Iron-Spider-Man suit. This Bryan Hitch cover really pops. The cover shows the suit in its full glory.

Marvel Team-Up #141 – The first black suit Spider-Man (After AMSM #252)

Amazing Spider-Man #252 (1984) – The first black suit Spider-Man. Need any more than this?

Amazing Spider-Man #365 (1992)Spider-Man 2099 (first appearance) is already making his presence felt in the pages of Spider-Man. Who knows how big 2099 will get eventually…..again.

Web of Spider-Man #70 (1990) – The very first appearance of Spider-Hulk.

Spider-Man 2099 Meets Spider-Man – This graphic novel soft cover features the first Spider-Man 2211.

Web of Spider-Man #117 (1994) – First Ben Reilly as Scarlett Spider.

Spider-Man #21 (1992) – With Deathlok heating up the small screen these days, how about a cyborg Spider-Man? Check out the awesome Erik Larsen cover too! Your first look at Cyber-Spider.

Amazing Spider-Man #329 (1990) – Can you imagine the coolness of having a Captain Universe Spider-Man running around the Marvel cosmic books? Maybe this would be a way for Marvel to sneak in Spider-Man into the Marvel Studio movies. Check out when Spidey goes power cosmic for the first time right here. Erik Larsen at the helm once again.

Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #39 (1980)Spider-Lizard makes his debut here.

Webspinner’s: Tales of Spider-Man #13 (2000) – The official/unofficial first Spider-Man Unlimited.

Web of Spider-Man #100 (1993) – The first Spider-Armor.

Spider-Man #90 (1998) – First Negative Zone Spidey.

Universe X: Spidey #1 (2000)Spiders-Man first appearance. That’s some stretch with the name right? Must have been an all-nighter trying to come up with that name.

Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man #66 (1982) – Spidey is having all sorts of issues with Electro in this comic. So he builds an Electro suit.

Amazing Spider-Man #425 (1997) – The “return” of the Electro suit. Much different (so cool!)

Amazing Spider-Man #100 (1971) Spidey with six arms! Classic Spidey cover and Gil Kane pencils.

Spider-Man #58 (1995) – First appearance of Black Scarlet Spider.

Funeral For An Octopus #2 (1995) – Spider-Man as Octo-Spider-Man!

Spectacular Spider-Man #214 (1994) – The awesomeness of Ninja Spider-Man debuts here.

Spider-Man #25 (1992) – The first appearance of Spider-Phoenix.

Amazing Spider-Man #410 (1996)Spider-Carnage debuts here.

Amazing Spider-Man #367 (1992) Blood Spider first appearance.

Amazing Spider-Man #258 (1984) – Not only an early symbiote appearance, but the first appearance of……..bag head Spidey!! No really, no kidding.

Spider-Man #58 (1995)Leather Jacket Spider-Man!

Spider-Man 2099 #29 (1995) – First appearance of Flipside.

Spider-Girl #5 (1999)Spider-Venom‘s first appearance.

Amazing Spider-Man #682 (2012)Spider-Amour III debuts.

Amazing Spider-Man #656 (2011)Spider-Amour II!

Spectacular Spider-Man #256 (1998) – Another version of the Grocery bag head Spidey!

Spider-Man Noir #1 (2009) – First appearance of Spider-Man Noir.

Amazing Spider-Man #650 (2011) Spider-Man Stealth!

Amazing Spider-Man #569 (2008) – First appearance of Anti-Venom.

Amazing Spider-Man #300 (1988) – First FULL Venom appearance.

Ultimate Fallout #4 (2011) First Miles Morales as Spidey.

Marvel Tails Starring Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider-Ham #1 (1983) – The first appearance of the very awesome Spider-Ham!


Now how about the girls? Yes, over the years there have been variations of Spidey on the female side. The same rules apply here as above, some spider-like villains included. Let’s have a look at them.

Marvel Spotlight #32 (1977) – First appearance of Spider-Woman.

What If? Starring Spider-Man Vol2 #105 (1989) – First appearance of Spider-Girl (May Parker).

Ultimate Spider-Man #98 (2006) – First Jessica Drew as Spider-Woman.

Spider_WomanDeath’s Head II #4 (1992)Death’s Head Spidey.

Amazing Spider-Man #210 (1980) – First Madame Web.

Amazing Fantasy Vol. 2 #1 (2004)Ana Sofia Corazon as Spider-Girl.

Carnage #1 (2010) – First appearance of Scorn.

The Spectacular Spider-Man #263 (1998)Martha Franklin as Spider-Woman.

Venom: Lethal Protector #4 (1993) – First appearance of Scream.

Amazing Spider-Man #375 (1993) – First appearance of She-Venom.

Venom #38 (2013) – The debut of Mania.

Spider-Girl #45 (2002)Felicity Hardy as Scarlet Spider.

Amazing Spider-Girl #14 (2008) – First appearance of Arana.

Amazing Spider-Girl #20 (2008) – Debut of Mayhem (April Parker).


Remember, with great knowledge comes InvestComics.

Invest wisely. Read Spidey.

Jay Katz


Incredible Hulk #180 – First Wolverine PAGE Appearance Ever Up For Auction

Many comic book collectors know that Wolverine’s first appearance is in The Incredible Hulk #181. Then on the other hand, many TRUE collectors know that Wolverine first appeared in the issue prior and not in #181. Why issue #181 commands the money it does and not issue #180 is a debate for another day…….

So now issue #180 will finally get the respect it so deservedly ask for. The original page that features the FIRST ever Wolverine appearance will be up for auction to raise money for Hero Initiative. The page was drawn by Herb Trimpe, written by Len Wein with inks by Jack Abel.

This will be huge and maybe just maybe this will help bump up The Incredible Hulk #180 a bit too!

Click HERE to jump to the Heritage Auctions article.

Incredible Hulk #180_First_WolverineFirst Wolverine Appearance
















Incredible Hulk #180

Comic Broker Report – February 2014 (part 1)

This month it’s all first appearances!  Enjoy!


Thor 337


Not only is Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show bringing Sif and Deathlok to the small screen but we can also look forward to drooling over Lorelei, the sex crazed daughter of the Enchantress!  Anyone who has high grade copies/newsstand editions rejoice!  Fans of Beta Ray Bill  should be pleased  as an increase in value for a this comic is probable.

New Guardians 2 of 12



On occasion a comic comes out of nowhere and blindsides even the most savvy collector.  So where have all the copies of #2 of this forgettable series gone?   Fans of SnowFlame, the cocaine powered villain, have bought most of them.  He only appeared in this comic so until someone writes him into the New 52 this is his first and last appearance.  The good news-you will have better luck finding this comic in a LCS rather than online.


Detective Comics 27 ( New 52 ) has been burning up the back issue market.  But with multiple variants that the majority of fans have no shot at owning unless they are willing to drop a car size payment, I say pass.  But if you love the new and creative character appearances I suggest these cheaper alternatives:

Oh and who is Clayton Parker?

Batman 448 – First Lark


In the future Lark has fallen in some heroic way or she wouldn’t be enshrined in the Cave of the Batmen!

Showcase 96  #3


The Wings of Truth first appear in the Detective Comics issue 27 ( New 52 ) but it looks like they are the evolution of The Birds of Prey who first appeared above.

Talon 0 – First Calvin Rose/Talon aka The Gothamite


Teen titans 7 ( New 52 )


Much like Lark, Harvest is shown in Detective Comics 27 and looks to play a critical role in the DCU for the foreseeable future.

Batman Beyond Unlimited 2


Luke Fox/ Batwing aka Flying Fox


Luke Fox has one of the coolest Batsuits I have ever seen put to paper.  Here he’s a little long in the tooth but imagine all the wonderful adventures he will have from now until he slides into the forgettable frame above!

Batman 9 – first Strix ( Mary Turner )


Despite all the variants  for this issue I recommend it for the debut of Strix.  Now in the Birds of Prey ( and possibly the future Wings of Truth? ) she is a complex character with ties to the Court of Owls.

Note: Strix also appears in issue 9 of Batgirl ( new 52 ) which was released in the same month.


Other Comics:

Elektra Assassin 2 – first John Garrett


One of my favorite actors is coming to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D!  If you can recite Bill Paxton’s pre-drop speech from Aliens then you and I would get along.  Are you wondering who’s going to take on Deathlok? It’s safe safe to assume that Agent Coulson will bring in this cybernetic enhanced heavy to do the dirty work!  Look for his first appearance in this classic Marvel comic!

Captain America 607 – first Beetle ( Lincoln )


Put that badass Beetle suit on a woman and you have a recipe for an undervalued villain just waiting for collectors to notice.

Adventure Comics 69 – first Miraclo

308795-3105-123051-1-adventure-comics first miraclo

The CW is still on track to adapt Hourman.  This one isn’t cheap but rumor has it the Miraclo formula will be an essential component to the show’s formula!

Daredevil 115


Growing debates as to what a true first appearance is can be as fun as they are frustrating. Do you believe Hulk 180 is Wolverine’s first appearance?  If so you may want to look at the end of this Daredevil comic and let me know if your mind changes.

World’s Finest 6  ( first Mentallo )

205399-18006-115314-1-world-s-finest-comic first metallo

Are we being tosses a red Herring from DC?  Latest rumors put Mentallo alongside Lex Luthor as the main antagonists for Superman VS Batman film.  My money is still on Doomsday or at least a cameo of the Kryptonian behemoth but if I’m wrong this issue is gonna jump.






Sandman 5 – first Merv Pumpkinhead!

sandman 5 first merve pumpkinhead

Why you ask?  Cause he’s def the greatest pumpkin related characters in comic history!




If that is Nimrod in the most recent Days of Future Past trailer and on the cover of Empire, you had better stock up on these!

InvestComics Hot Picks #301

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Welcome to the InvestComics Hot Picks

Happy New Year everyone. 2013 was a stellar year for the InvestComics family. So many things were on the positive upswing, and 2014 looks to be an even better year. Record breaking numbers for the website as InvestComics expanded into a vast array of social media. New comer to the InvestComics team Rafael Rosario (Marketing/Media) of Ratchet City Comics has brought a new flavor that has seen InvestComics already taking the next steps to ensure that we are going to be even bigger in the new year. There are things coming that will simply blow away the InvestComics faithful and new users alike.

Teen Titans #44 (1)Teen Titans #44 (2)InvestComics Publications also began this year. A huge undertaking with the website and other media demanding the attention it does. No worries though, the Invest Pub will continue to crank out books in the coming year. Also be prepared for something very special coming in October 2014 from the house of leaders; InvestComics Publications.

All in all, 2014 is shaping up to be a very big year for InvestComics. With lots of changes, new look, new direction, and so much more…….can’t wait! 2014 here we come…..

Last week InvestComics started a new contest. Help get us to 2000 Likes on Facebook and you could win a Tales of the Teen Titans #44 SIGNED by George Perez. That’s right, the first appearance of Nightwing signed by the legend himself. Rules are simple. Share InvestComics on any social media site, let us know, and you become eligible to win. That’s it! The first appearance of Nightwing signed by the legend himself could be yours if we get to 2000 likes by my birthday on January 20th. Share now!

InvestComics Hot Picks – New Release Comics on 1/1/13

DC Vertigo will have a huge hit on their hands this week. Be sure to be on top of Dead Boy Detectives (2013) #1. This Sandman spin off will have the loyalist flocking to the shelves for this one. Not only will the Sandman faithful be a part of the sellout here, but the curious readers and collectors. The Cliff Chiang variant is already sold out and the regular addition is probably on its way to a second print. Want to get in on the ground floor with this hit book? How about looking for a Sandman #25 from 1991. Some dude named Neil Gaiman was on the book at the time, but this comic holds the first appearance of Dead Boy Detectives. So…….what are you waiting for?

[scrollGallery id=327]

Batman The Dark Knight (2011 2nd Series) #26 will be a (mostly) silent book. No reading required here, just lots of pictures. Think of this as the Batman Playboy issue. Although not a new inventive idea by any means, there have been comics with no words in them. In recent history however, one comic seems to stand out above the rest. In 1984 (wait this is 29 years ago! Recent history??) writer Larry Hama had the comic book hobby enthusiast pining for the release of G.I. Joe The Real American Hero each month. With issue number 21 THE silent issue hit. Not only was it a big commercial success, but the comic also featured the first appearance of Storm Shadow. This particular book commands some nice bucks as a graded 9.8 or even a 9.6. Will this silent (almost silent) Batman comic ever be a collectors item? Maybe, maybe not who knows? But it sure is fun reminiscing about that awesome G.I. Joe comic!

If you’re a frequent flyer around here you will know that InvestComics loves covering the variants. This week there will be THE mother of all variants. A $300 Superman Unchained (2013 DC) #5 Jim Lee incentive sketch cover. This beauty falls in the category of; if you got it, spend it because you’ll make your money back three times easily if the comic is graded a 9.8 and signed by Jim Lee. Can the same be said for the very attractive (and sold out!) Twilight Zone (2014 Dynamite) #1? The variants are fetching $100 (25 exist), $75 (50 exist), and $20. Follow the same guidelines as the aforementioned when you do acquire the $100 comic. But of course get the signature of J. Michael Straczynski on this one! So wait a sec here, a 25 copy variant on a sold out comic across the board, signed by J. Michael Straczynski, and a 9.8 grade? Look to triple or quadruple your take back here. This will actually be as big as the Jim Lee Variant as far as aftermarket percentage goes.

There are some other sold out variants to check out this week; like Legenderry A Steampunk Adventure (2014) #1, Revelations (2014) #1, and Lil Ernie (2014) #1.

Dark Horse Comics brings back an old 1940’s hero in Captain Midnight 1 For $1 (2014) #1. This $1 comic will reintroduce Captain Midnight to the modern day. It’s almost sold out, and rightly so! For a buck? If you’re in the market for a Golden Age book, you can check out the first appearance of Cap Midnight in The Funnies #57 (1941). A couple of sold out number one issues to keep an eye on for on new comic book day; From the amazing Michael Linsner comes Sin Boldly (2013 Image) #1, and from Dark Horse Juice Squeezers (2014 Dark Horse) #1.

There are two number one comics coming that are running at a very slow pace out of the gate sales wise. Bad Blood (2013) #1 and Baltimore Chapel of Bones (2013) #1. Maybe they’ll pick up….

And finally, a couple of hot comics with new creators on board to check out. Guardians of the Galaxy (2013 3rd Series) #10 features the awesome artistry of Kevin Maguire and Aquaman (2011 5th Series) #26 features new writer Jeff Parker.

Invest wisely,

Jay Katz

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InvestComics Hot Picks #298

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(Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. This article is used as a guide for investments and more so for entertainment purposes. Any opinions or expression of investments should be used as a judgment upon the investor, not InvestComics. Please use your own discretion when investing and have fun.)

Welcome to the InvestComics Hot Picks

With only 17 days left till Christmas, we still have a little ways to go to get to 3000 likes on the InvestComics Facebook page. If you’d like to help us get there, it would start the greatest giveaway in InvestComics history. Thanks to Ratchet City Comics, a Star Wars #1 (Dark Horse Comics) CGC Signature Series 9.8 signed by writer Brian Wood could be yours IF we get to 3000 on Christmas day. Visit the details and press release right HERE and share, share, share! Let’s get to 3000!

The Dawning #2 from InvestComics Publications has been out for a couple of week. Stop by and order your regular copy or signed copy right HERE.

A rather busy week in the land of IC Hot Picks this week so we’ll be lasering through some of these, keep up!

InvestComics Hot Picks – New Release Comics on 12/11/13

Just a couple of weeks ago, InvestComics were making a statement on how important the Marvel Cosmic Universe will be in a very short while. Actually, InvestComics was reiterating what we have been saying for 7 years now. The particular comic and character we were speaking of was Nova. This week Nova comes into the fold once again. Nova (2013 5th Series) #11 promises to give readers of the Cosmic likeness a very very big surprise in this issue. Not sure what it is, even if I did know, I wouldn’t spoil it. The Marvel Cosmic Universe will have the Marvel U feel the effects, so buckle in tight fans. This is the beginning of what InvestComics has warned you about for years. The Marvel Cosmic Universe is about to take center stage. You best be on top of your Cosmic game.

[scrollGallery id=323]

Uncanny X-Men (2013 3rd Series) #15 will be an Inhumanity tie in with a “new comer” on board. The name is Kris Anka. One of the earliest works of this fine artist can be found in the Image graphic novel PopGun (2007). His earliest comic work came in Guarding the Globe #6 (Image Comics 2011).

Staying on topic with new creators in new places, check out Marvel Knights Hulk (2013) #1 with writer Joe Keatinge and artist Piotr Kowalski. If you are in the market for first works of newer creators, InvestComics can help you out with this one. Joe Keatinge’s first professional work as a colorists came in Masters of the Universe #4 (MVCreations 2004). His first writing duties came in Image Comics’ Ant #8 (2006). As for artist Piotr Kowalski; his first creative output came in his native country Poland in a book by the name Wiat Komiksu #4 (Egmont Polska 1998). His first American stint came in 2011 with Boom Studios’ Malignant Man #1 (2011). So not only do you get a great read with MKH #1 this week, but you get the inside scoop with the creators too from InvestComics. Mighty Avengers (2013) #4 Inhumanity tie in brings readers the New Ronin. The original Ronin first appeared in New Avengers #11 (2005) with that beauty of a David Finch cover. Huntress will be trailing a new villain in Worlds Finest (2012 3rd Series) #18. Check out who that will be. Looks like Owlman has some plans for Ultraman this week in Justice League (2011) #25. In the “in case you missed it department”, Justice League of America #29 (1964) gives us the first ever Ultraman. Doc Savage will get another crack at his own book this week in Doc Savage (2013 Dynamite) #1. The Doc may be appearing on the big screen as rumors do swirl all the time. Will it ever happen? If it does, look for a quick bump and then a quick flat line in his first appearance; Doc Savage magazine #1 (1933).

Comedy break; Two very funny solicits hit this week that have to make the reader/collector smile. First there was Superman Wonder Woman (2013) #3. The verbiage here reads “the ending of this comic is so shocking that it could mean the end of Superman and Wonder Woman together.” Really??! Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kris Humphries may trump these two? We’re only three issues in DC please don’t threaten us with this already. Stop it, please. Too funny. Then you have Wolverine (2013 4th Series) #12. The verbiage reads like this “…the storyline the will change Wolverine as we know him forever!” Really??! Okay.

Now that we had our laugh, let’s get back to some other comics to check out this week. Three must get number one comics this week are sold out and will definitely see second prints following shortly. Krampus (2013 Image) #1, Lunita (2013 Amigo) #1, and Dead Body Road (2013 Image) #1. And for anyone keeping score here, Dead Body Road #1 will be written by Justin Jordan of the highly successful Luther Strode comic. A bit of a surprise with the almost sold out (will be probably by Friday/Saturday) Legends Dark Knight 100 Page Super Spectacular (2013) #1 this week. The reason for the surprise is the $9.99 price tag that accompanies the 100 page of goodness here. Fans are excited about the 100 pager for only $9.99 I guess. Way to go DC! Batman Black and White (2013) #4 brings in some fantastic talent once again. A must get every time it comes out. The future is now with Justice League 3000 (2013) #1. For no other reason than the super talents of Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis on this book, it’s a must check out comic. Uttering the words “new hero” or “new villain” is music to InvestComics’ ears. Check out Cataclysm Ultimate Spider-Man (2013) #2 for the sweet sounds of a new hero. Origin issues are fun too. Check out Astro City (2013 3rd Series) #7 for the origin of Winged Victory.

Here’s a quick list of sold out or about to be sold out number 1 and number 2 comics from this upcoming week (Special thanks to Terry Hoknes for drawing this list up every week!!): Steampunk Cinderella (2013) #1, Code Red (2013 Zenescope) #1, Protectors Inc (2013 Image) #2, Day Men (2013 Boom) #2, Indestructible (2013 IDW) #1, Drumhellar (2013 Image) #2, Halo Escalation (2013) #1, Sherlock Holmes Moriarty Lives (2013 Dynamite) #1, Grimm The Warlock (2013) #1, and Brain Boy (2013 Dark Horse) #0.

That’s it, see you next week. Remember the contest! Let’s get InvestComics to 3000!

Invest wisely,

Jay Katz

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InvestComics Hot Picks #297

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(Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. This article is used as a guide for investments and more so for entertainment purposes. Any opinions or expression of investments should be used as a judgment upon the investor, not InvestComics. Please use your own discretion when investing and have fun.)

Welcome to the InvestComics Hot Picks

Allow me to reminisce a bit; I need to inform everyone on something very spectacular and drive home a point, if there is one…….

There comes a certain time within a startup business that one can be very proud of their personal achievements. Although there have been several for InvestComics (my fourth child), the ones that stick out are the ones I will cherish and tell myself “Hey you CAN truly make this happen”. Meeting and interviewing the mecca of all comic book legends; Stan Lee, twice! That’s one. Having Mr. Lee utter the words of “InvestComics” on video, forever captured, encapsulated in time, that’s two. Meeting and interviewing my late father’s artist hero (which he never met); Bill Sienkiewicz, that’s three. Starting the InvestComics Publishing Company, that’s number four. Watching the traffic numbers climb to a number you’ve envisioned, and then exceeding it each and every year, that’s five. If I continue I will run out of Microsoft paper, but you get the idea here.

Yesterday one of those pinnacle moments happened again. InvestComics was accepted to write articles for Yahoo!. It’s one of those moments like the aforementioned you pinch yourself and say “wow” this is kinda awesome. I will post on Facebook and the InvestComics website the links to check out. They will be Exclusive articles on Yahoo! From InvestComics. These articles will ONLY appear on Yahoo! and no place else. So be sure to click on the links when they are provided so you can bask in the glory with me. Also, I ask to please share them. The articles are very simple now, but will be enhanced; as did everything else with InvestComics when first started. Here are two links to the very first articles on Yahoo!. InvestComics Top 10 – New Comic Releases and Back Issues for 10/30/13 and InvestComics Top Ten – New Comic Releases and Back Issues for 11/6/13. As stated, these articles will be more in-depth with the next releases. Baby steps…

Thanks to you……the fans…. for making this happen. Thank you for all of your support, none of this is possible without you.

Christmas is officially 24 days away. The InvestComics/Ratchet City Comics giveaway is still on, but we need to get to 3000 LIKES on Facebook in order to award the prize! The winner will receive a CGC Signature Series graded 9.8 Star Wars #1 (2013) Dark Horse comic signed by Brian Wood! Click HERE and SHARE the InvestComics Facebook page everywhere! Be sure to let us know so that you can be entered to win!! Let’s get to 3000!!

InvestComics Hot Picks – New Comic Releases 12/4/13

Just like last week’s InvestComics Hot Picks, not much in the back issue department to check out, but plenty of new issues to check out.

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We start the week off with some first appearances that you may want to check out. Avengers (2012 5th Series) Annual #2013 will introduce Zamira. It’s always nice to make sure as a collector to pick up a first appearance in an Avengers book. Knowing full well that annuals don’t usually account to much, but the way things are rolling these days, you never know. So basically, I don’t care that it’s in an annual. Especially that it’s in an Avengers title. The speculator needs to get this comic. The Arrow series on CW is doing quite well for itself these days. The Green Arrow comic is faring okay though. With the release of Green Arrow (2011 4th Series) #26 this week, look for the introduction of some new villains in these pages. In the bizarre first appearance world of comics this week we have Longshot Saves The Marvel Universe (2013) #3. Check out Hulkvengers, Cosmic Carnage, Wolverine King of Vampires among others. Silly, yet once again you never know!

Batman Superman (2013 DC) #6 has our heroes dealing with Mongul. This big ol’ Thanos/Darkseid wannabe first appeared in DC Comics Presents #27 (1980). Check out that Jim Starlin Cover too! Oh of course Jim Starlin is involved with this cosmic character, hello?!

Having a name like Man-Bat is the equivalent of having the name She-Bat, right?? Well anyways, this week in Detective Comics (2011 2nd Series) #26, John Layman brings the She-Bat to the forefront. Here’s a quick trivia question, you must know the answer in 4 seconds flat. Ready? Where is the first appearance of She-Bat…..1,2,3,4 BZZZZ! Time’s up! The first appearance is in Detective Comics #407 (1971) by legend Neal Adams. Now that’s at least a reason to own the book, right?!

If you’re a fan of any Spidey comic these days you will realize that anything is possible with the way a storyline can twist and turn. There may be a similar path this week with Superior Spider-Man (2012) #23. Marvel promises to have the most “cringe-worthy moment is Spider-Man history” happen in this comic. What is worth a statement like that? Well you’ll have to buy the comic to find out. “….In history”, that’s very mighty of them to say isn’t it? Superior Spider-Man #23 is a definite pick-up this week.

Amazing X-Men (2013) #2 features a fan fav Dale Keown variant that’s sold out at Diamond. Possibly a nice CGC Signature Series opportunity here. It’s a $40 variant, so score a 9.8 or higher.                

Inhumanity (2013) #1 variant by Nick Bradshaw is sold out. Inhumans will be a hot commodity for a bit, so be on top of them. Check out last week’s InvestComics Hot Picks #296 for more on the Inhumans.

The popular on-line video game Hawken will get its own comic book this week from Archaia Studios Press; Hawken Melee (2013) #1. It’s almost sold out at the distributor, so be sure to check in on it.

Want to follow the story of three dogs surviving the extinction of the human race in Rover Red Charlie (2013) #1? Sounds a bit over the top right? With proven talent like writer Garth Ennis on this book, one cannot help but see what this is all about.

The latest installment of the Terminator hits this week; Terminator Salvation Final Battle (2013) #1 and the Pete Woods Variant is sold out.

Another zombie book finds its way to the new release shelf this week; Deadworld Restoration (2013) #1. The zombie genre is going to die soon (no pun intended) with too many storylines focusing on dead people that walk around. See last week’s Hot Picks #296 for more on the zombie genre.

What’s not dead on arrival is the new red hot Noir comic from Dynamite Entertainment. Noir (2013 Dynamite) #2 is sold out at the distributor. Look for second prints to follow shortly.

A new creative team will be taking over on Valiant’s Shadowman (2012 4th Series) #13. Be sure to check that out.

There is a “thing” Dynamite Entertainment is doing that is kind of perplexing (not really, they’re making extra cash with these “rare comics”), but maybe cool for the collector/speculator? It’s a question because there is no reasoning behind why they continue to do this to certain comics (other than the cashflow) and they are extremely limited, but we’ll point out a few of them this week. Red Sonja Unchained #4 Cover D High-End Mel Rubi Blood Red Ultra-Limited Cover. There are only 25 of these in existence. The “number” in existence is the running theme here, so check out what applies here for these comics; Dejah Thoris And The Green Men Of Mars #5 Cover G High-End Jay Anacleto Risque Color Ultra-Limited Cover (50 Copies), Lords Of Mars #5 Cover D High-End Mel Rubi Risque Red Ultra-Limited Cover (50 Copies), Black Bat (2013 Dynamite) #7 Cover D High-End Ardian Syaf Black & White Ultra-Limited Cover (50 Copies), and Shadow Green Hornet Dark Nights #2 Cover E High-End Alex Ross Sketch Art Ultra-Limited Cover (25 Copies). I do suppose that if you want to spend a $100 on any of these comics you can, but how exactly do you make your money back on these “investments”? (If you want to call it an investment). Graded CGC Signature Series? How would one sell something that isn’t really in much demand? Getting an Alex Ross sig series on the Shadow Green Hornet Dark Nights #2 is a good start.

Sticking with the Dynamite Comics here, be sure to check out Legends of Red Sonja (2013 Dynamite) #2 with the Frank Thorne exclusive cover. It’s a much cheaper route than the above mentioned. A $3.99 comic limited to comic subscribers at their local comic shops and an initial limited print run. All that for $3.99, not bad.

And finally, from Archie Comics Archie #650 Cover B Variant Fiona Staples World Tour Cover. This awesome variant comes from the red hot series artistry of Saga; Fiona Staples. A $3.99 easy, no brainer pick-up.

Invest wisely,

Jay Katz

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Comic Broker Report – February 2013

The Comic Book Broker’s Report ( February )

By Topher Seal

     I just cannot believe the online market for current comics.  People are throwing down some serious cash during poor economic times for unproven, highly speculative books.  Now I won’t recommend that you go and spend nearly 200 dollars for Peter Panzerfaust 1 or Saga 1 or any Thought Bubble or Hastings Variant but I do suggest you think about the future and put your money in wise investments.  Just because a comic property has been optioned by Hollywood or has a print run under 5k doesn’t mean it belongs in your fireproof long box.  A wise investor studies the market relentlessly and can recognize a bad deal when he/she sees one.  

Don’t Buy: Thor 344, buy this instead:

Thor 347  ( First appearance of Kurse )


Kurse will be in the next Thor movie and while collectors are already hoarding 344 this issue might be the sleeper.

Note: Kurse also has one of the greatest deaths in comics and that issue is very affordable!

Don’t Buy Justice League of America 183-185,


buy this instead:

The Forever People 1 ( First full Darkseid )


So a JLA movie will be coming out to set up the future of the DC Universe’s film franchises and there is already massive speculation as to who will be in the film and what storyline it will follow.  Many are buying up issues 183-185 assuming that elements of this story will be the basis for the film.  That’s too risky to drop the kind of money these books are demanding.  Plus the moment that info was released Darkseid became the new Thanos and appearances have quadrupled in price.  Guides list Darkseid’s first appearance as Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen 134 and his second as 135 but both appear to be cameos.  His first full appearance is in The Forever People 1 and I would also scoop New Gods 2.

Don’t buy The Sixth Gun 1,2,3,4,5,6,……

Buy this instead:

The Sixth Gun FCBD 2011


This wonderful comic by Cullen Bunn has been optioned and is set to film for TV.  Here is an example of a property worth investing in.  If it’s done right it’s a sure hit.  Cullen Bunn is a superstar writer in the making and this is his best work to date.  Issue 1 is fast becoming a 50.00 book but eventually people will realize that the first appearance of The Sixth Gun was in the 2011 FCBD issue.

More Cullen Bunn,

Immortal Weapons 2


Early works by this amazing writer are sure to see significant gains in upcoming months.  This comic is part of a 5 issues limited series written by a variety of the industries best.  Mr. Bunn wrote issue 2.

Deadpool 1000, The Damned ( good luck finding these! ), Captain America 616 Variant and his first published comic work in…

Futurequake 4

Future Quake 4 Cullen Bunn First Pro Work


American Vampire 1 ( 2010 Diamond Retailer’s Summit Edition, cover by JIM LEE )


Scott Snyder has quickly become the hottest writer in comics. His resume may be short but it’s full of quality writing.  In an era full of talented writers it can be very difficult to stand out but Mr. Snyder has done it.  Collectors are flocking to his Detective Comics run and they should but there are few other comics he wrote worth picking up.  Iron man noir 1-4 is a good place to start and those books can be had for pennies. I have previously mentioned the Human Torch 70th Variant One-Shot ( his earliest pro work ) and now this issue variant with a Jim Lee cover!

I would also buy issues 2-5 and the 2nd print for issue 1

Buy: Iron Man 10 ( 2nd Print )


Another film rumor about the appearance of Pepper Potts Rescue Armor appearing in Iron Man 3 has been circulating the web.  Will it happen? If it does this is the one one to buy!

Buy: Masters of the Universe 1 ( 2nd Print )


Another great second print that’s tough to find and worth every penny!  Look in back to find out why Invincible collectors!

Sell: Peter Panzerfaust 1,2,3,4

This over hyped comic is well written but poorly illustrated. With a TV show from the BBC in the works Image has created a nice big bubble! Trust me when I say it’s not the next WD so sell high!

Hold: Green Wake 7


The true first appearance of Peter Panzerfaust  will have no ceiling if the show is a hit and it will cost you between 2-10 dollars instead of 200.

Sell: Revival 1 and all issue 1 variants

Hold: Image FCBD Sampler


Sell: Fatale issue 1

Buy: The Walking Dead 92 ( First Jesus )


It seems this new character is going to be a major player and we have all seen the value of key WD first appearances.  Oh and Fatale first appearance is here too.  Even if you have to pay out it’s worth it in this case.

Buy:  Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth, Nowhere Men 1, Non-Player, Multiple Warheads & Prophet 21 ( variant only ).


Tales of Suspense 50 ( First Mandarin )


Personally I think the Mandarin is a terrible villain but movies from Marvel turn crud ( whiplash ) into back issue gold and this book will be no different. His first appearance is not mired in confusion like Darkseid and the actor playing the master of the rings is one of Hollywood’s best!


InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 8-22-12

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Welcome to the InvestComics Comic Hot Picks for comic releases on 8-22-12

This week Marvel’s flagship character is reaching its 50th anniversary issue. It’s very odd how we’re not getting much fanfare about this. Amazing Spider-Man #692…No large quantity of variants (only 5 at last count), no huge news stories, no big press releases, notthing “BIG” pertaining to this awesome feat. Bet we get a big push right before release date on Wednesday though. The guess here for not showing much love for the 50th probably and most likely has to do with the fact that Spidey is only 8 issues from the “colossal” number 700. Marvel has already promised some serious storytelling leading up to that issue. Until then….Happy 50th Spidey!

Speaking of Spider-Man, Venom has been bringing it every month and this week with Venom #23 it doesn’t look like it will let up anytime soon from the awesome meter. This Venom issue promises a new era for our favorite Symbiote character which features an appearance of “The Monsters of Evil”. Sounds like fun! Featured in this issue is the artistry of new comer Thony Silas. Check out Thony’s first Spidey in the recent Amazing Spider-Man Ends of Earth.

Teen Titans #12 features the first appearance of Diesel into the new 52. Diesel’s first appearance came in Batgirl #5. Fantastic cover from InvestComics’ friend Phil Noto too!

Batman The Dark Knight #12 has the villain Scarecrow in Batman’s side again. Scarecrow’s been around for quite some time wreaking havoc on Bruce’s life, since 1941 to be exact. World’s Finest Comics #2 owns the Scarecrow’s first appearance. And what is up with the cover? Where is Batman’s batting helmet? Why isn’t Superman wearing umpire gear? They can get hurt! Better yet, Robin has no catcher protective gear, but who cares about him?

Flash #12 reintroduces the new 52 world to Glider. The “Golden” Glider first appeared in Flash #250 (1977) and the Glider appeared first appeared in The Flash #6.

Before Watchmen continues this week with Dr. Manhattan. Of course the doc’s first appearance was in Watchmen #1. And as said many of times in this column, if you do not own the original series or the trade of Watchmen…..well then you aren’t a comic collector or comic enthusiast.

IDW cranks out another Rocketeer book, this time with Rocketeer Cargo of Doom #1. Hard to fathom that the Rocketeer first appeared in 1982 and that his first “full” appearance is under $10! You’d probably get very lucky and pick up Starslayer #2 in some 50 cent long box if you look hard enough!

That’s it for this week. Be sure to scroll through the InvestComics’ Covers of The Week below.

See you next week. Invest wisely.

Jay Katz

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InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 8-8-12

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Welcome to the InvestComics Comic Hot Picks for comic releases on 8-8-12

Before we head into this week’s InvestComics Hot Picks, there needs to be a quick “clarification” if you will.

In today’s collectors market, things have changed mightily. The 80’s and 90’s were driven by the speculation market. The speculation market is a thing of the past and the wiser investor (collector) has emerged. So why do certain companies still insist on releasing 8 or 10 different variants of a comic is a puzzlement (but not that hard to figure out either). While they may sell some copies, it seems they are catering to the collector of the past in which they stand to make a few extra bucks. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. Newsflash, Marvel/DC and all the rest of the comic companies are in a business to make money. That said do you know anyone that is buying up all 10 variants of a number one issue or a “special” issue? Didn’t think so. Regarding the collector, the cream of the crop for any variant is the ratio. Get your hands on a 100 to 1 cover for cover price or for $5 and NOW you’re talking. Paying an exorbitant amount for a comic that just came out of a box from the UPS truck is absolutely absurd. A variant cover of a new say…Marvel Now book for $200 is a huge waste of money. Get that first appearance of a character that is already in the mainstream, a first work from a legend in the industry or maybe just a gut that is telling you, “yes this comic is undervalued and needs to be in my collection.”

So why are we starting this week’s InvestComics Hot Picks on this note? Well the InvestComics Hot Picks articles have gotten a lot of play over the past few weeks with many comic shops across the states (and Worldwide) posting the article every week. A couple of shops have declined to do so because they simply don’t believe in the “Investment” portion of the comic collecting world. There is ONE burning question that needs to be asked of that “non-believer”, but we’ll come back to that.

Anyone that has followed InvestComics for the past 6 years or even the past year knows that this is purely done out of an Entertainment value and never has claimed to send your children off to college with its recommendations or speculation. When InvestComics first arrived onto the scene in 2006, it was taken very seriously in regards to what to buy, sell or hold. As the years went on the entire process evolved. It became “InvestComics – Your Entertainment Investment Guide” It no longer was “InvestComics – Your Investment Guide”. Things change, the realization of the market was no longer about buying each color of the Legends of the Dark Knight #1 or more recently the 7 different Spawn covers. It became about the wiser collector. It became about being aware that a first appearance of a new character is coming up in a comic book this week or an artist/writer making his/her debut, knowing that the Jack O’ Lantern will be appearing in the new Venom comic this week, but his first appearance was in 1981 with some creative team star power. Will Jack O’ Lantern’s first appearance ever amount to anything value wise? Probably not, but this is fun. It’s fun because the collector of today can make their own decisive decision if they’d like to search their local comic shop for that first appearance within a comic book that has probably been sitting in the shops back issue boxes for the last 15 years or so…….which brings us back to the comic shop and that burning question. If one does not believe in the “investment” value of a comic book, then sell that 100 to 1 ratio for cover price. And more importantly, get the comics off of your wall and sell those for cover price too. Comics are a business, don’t kid yourselves with “morals” now trying to sell the whole “comics are for reading” stuff. That only goes so far. This is a business. Bills need to be paid, lights need to stay on, rent needs to be paid and new comics need to be bought. Bottom line here, InvestComics would only help sell comics on your wall (that have dust collecting on them), back issue in the long boxes and also the new shipment on your shelf every Wednesday. A collector buying a first appearance, a back issue, a new comic off of the shelf that they may not have thought of buying before or possibly adding to their subscription list due to the InvestComics Hot Picks article raising awareness to “it” is good for your business. So if you’d be so kind to reach up there and get that Incredible Hulk #181 for 35 cents I’d appreciate that.

Now back to business! Here are your InvestComics Hot Picks for the comics coming out this Wednesday and more…..

Valiant will be coming back with one of their comics from 1992. Archer & Armstrong #1 comes at us this week with the original number one debuting 20 years ago! Look at the lineup here on that original number one issue; writers Bob Layton Sr. and Jim Shooter, Penciler and cover artist Barry-Windsor-Smith! Awesome stuff here folks!

And speaking of awesome, Mirage Studios in 1985 released a “Micro-Series” called Raphael. The Micro-Series was a first of its kind because it was essentially a One Shot, but with a wacky name. A classic Iconic TMNT’s cover from Kevin Eastman gets replicated for the new IDW Color Classic here. The cover price for the New IDW comic is $3.99. The classic original 1985 magazine sized can be bought for about $10. Need we say more here?

Marvel gives Gambit his own comic this week in his self titled Gambit #1. Although a character with a large following, Gambit always seemed to miss his mark for some reason (no pun intended). He’s a fantastic team player, but a solo comic? Not sure how long this will last. Gambit’s first appearance for many years was thought to be in Uncanny X-Men #266 (1990) with another iconic cover from Andy Kubert and written by legend Chris Claremont. So where would Gambit’s first appearance be then you ask? That would be Uncanny X-Men Annual #14. So you think that his first appearance in the annual would be the one for your collection right? Nope. The Annual price for the “first appearance” is merely a $14 buy. The Uncanny X-Men #266 is a $60 buy. Huh? Well that’s as bad as the cameos of Wolverine and Venom and countless other characters with their “cameos”, but this is a debate for another day. You’d figure the first time we EVER SEE the character THAT would be the first appearance and the book to own right? Nope. Okay said this is a debate for another day……moving on.

Jack O’ Lantern appears within the pages of Venom #22. Good ol’ Jack first appeared in Machine Man #19 (1981). You talk about a creator lineup?? This is a beauty! Writer Tom DeFalco, Penciler/Inker Steve Ditko with cover artist Terry Austin and Frank Miller?!? Wow, now this is nice! So if that isn’t enough to grab your appetite for $20, how about that this Jack O’ Lantern character goes on to become the second Hobgoblin? We’ll take the creators on this one for a reason to buy!

A few number one issues to check out this week on your new comic book shelves, Anti #1 from 12 Gauge Comics with a nice creative team coming on board for that one, Idolized #1 from Aspen Comics with a variant cover from legend Arthur Adams, Thunda #1 from Dynamite Entertainment and finally, check out a #0 issue from Dark Horse Comics called Creep.

As always, scroll through the InvestComics Hot Picks covers of the week below!

See you next week!

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz

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Batman Checklist #2


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Click on any RED link or comic cover in the article to buy/bid on the comic right now from ALL available sellers on Ebay. A new tab will open, so don’t fret you will not lose your place here.

Well here we are with part 2 of our Batman Checklist. In this edition we’re going to focus on the comic that first introduced us to the Batman. Detective Comics are up next…..

Batman Checklist (Part 2 of 3)

Detective Comics #27 – Okay so if you live in Riverdale or maybe even Asgard you probably won’t know what this comic signifies. But we are here to educate aren’t we?! This is this first appearance of Commissioner Gordon. No really it is…but this isn’t the reason this comic goes for a whopping 1.2 million dollars. This is the birth; the entrance into the DC universe of the Dark Knight himself, Batman.

Detective Comics #29 – The first appearance of Dr. Death.

Detective Comics #31 – You can venture a guess on JUST how important a comic book character is when the listing’s of the book contain first appearance’s of his gadgets and modes of transportation. This here folks contains the first look at the Batarang and Batplane. No big deal right? How about $70,000 for this comic? Yes thought so.

Detective Comics #33 – if there was a comic that was as important as Batman’s first appearance it’s this comic right here. The origin of Batman coming in at the $85,000 range.

Detective Comics #36 – First appearance of Dr. Hugo Strange and Batman’s finned gloves. Yes those little pointy glove things….first appearance. Yes he’s an important dude.

Detective Comics #38 – Ah yes the Boy Wonder! Robin makes his first appearance right here. Boy oh boy if that Robin character only knew what he was to get into. Death, bad guy, resurrected, new identity, new costume, replaced, quit……..etc. But this isn’t about the second fiddle dude, although this sidekick does command some big bucks here. Say around $85,000.

Detective Comics #45 – The first Joker story within the Detective Comics series.

Detective Comics #58 – First appearance of the Penguin.

Detective Comics #66 – The villain Two-Face makes his debut here.

Detective Comics #108 – ….And in this issue we see the famous Bat signal for the first time. This comic cost a measly $900.

Detective Comics #140 – What website gives you a great way to stock up on your portfolio? InvestComics! See that was a feeble attempt at a riddle. Here’s another bad attempt… Why can $8000 get you your first riddle? Because $8000 will get you the first appearance of the Riddler!

Detective Comics #168 – A two-fer issue! The first appearance of the Red-Hood and Joker’s Origin. A nice $6k buy.

Detective Comics #205 – Ever wonder how the Batcave got to be the Batcave? Well here’s the explanation comic on that thought. The origin of the Batcave!

Click on any RED link or comic cover in the article to buy/bid on the comic right now from ALL available sellers on Ebay.

Detective Comics #225 – Here’s a nice book to own. The first appearance of Martain Manhunter.

Detective Comics #230 –The debut of the Mad Hatter. Hatman!

Detective Comics #233 – The first appearance and origin of Batwoman. An underpriced $2,000.

Detective Comics #235 –The Batman costume gets its own origin comic!

Detective Comics #265 – Batman origin with new reveals.

Detective Comics #267 – First appearance and origin of Bat-Mite.

Detective Comics #327 – The Bat symbol is changed in this issue.

Detective Comics #359 – The New Batgirl debuts here. Nice costume!

Detective Comics #369 –Game changer creator in a Batman comic; Neal Adams draws a backup in this issue. More on Neal Adams in Part 3!

Detective Comics #370 – And sticking with Neal Adams here. This comic is the first Neal Adams Batman art. The last issue was his debut inside of a Bat book, but he didn’t draw Batman. He did a backup story. The same month though he did the Brave and the Bold #75 cover which also featured a Batman cover, but this comic came out before that one.

Click on any RED link or comic cover in the article to buy/bid on the comic right now from ALL available sellers on Ebay.

Detective Comics #373 – The first appearance of Mr. Freeze.

Detective Comics #523 – Debut of Killer Croc.

Detective Comics #526 – 500th anniversary issue with every single Batman villain ever appearing in it!

Detective Comics #587 – The first work of creator Alan Grant.

That’s the Batman Detective Comics list……check out Batman Checklist Part 3!


Invest wisely. Read Batman comics.

Jay Katz

InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 12-7-11

Welcome to InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 12-7-11.

First thing on the agenda today (some self promoting!) will be pointing out that the new Vincent Price Present #36 comic coming out this week will be my very own first published work. A word of warning here before all of the animal activists gets their panties in a bunch. It’s a horror story that in no way depicts the boundaries of who I am as a person. I love animals, and so does Stephen King.

So moving on from the unnecessary explanation, I want to thank once again a fantastic team that helped my story come to life. The President of Bluewater Productions Darren Davis, the awesome artistry of Stefano Cardoselli, and colorist extraordinaire Jeff Balke. All of you guys rock, and thank you for making my dream a reality starting point.

So technically Vincent Price #36 falls under the Hot Picks umbrella. It’s the first published work of a newbie. I’m picking one up!

Marvel Comics is daring to change the Marvel Universe landscape once again. If everyone received a penny for each time marvel has thrown out the phrase in one of their solicits “this will change the face of the Marvel Universe”, or something close to that, Marvel would probably be filing for Chapter 11 again. That being said, will this mean that we will not be checking Hulk #45? Of course not, we have to, curiosity killed the reader no? Hopefully not a big letdown……

The Defenders comic is back! Remember back in the day how much fun this comic was? Well it’s back with another go-around. However, this Defenders team features the original ensemble minus the big green guy with some added members. Another minus to point out has to be the ridiculous 6 variant covers.

The 2011 version of the Defenders will be brought to you by writer Matt Fraction, and artist Terry Dodson. The defensive teams first appearance can be found in Marvel Feature #1 (1971) for $200. Four years ago this comic was within the $70 range. I know this personally because I bought it back then. Not a tremendous turnaround, but a decent one at the very least.

This week on the new comic book shelf you will find a comic that will feature some of the lamest third rate villains ever assembled in a comic. Villains For Hire #1 has a lineup that will make some say “who? what?.” Since Marvel was so kind enough to even give us this book, we should have fun with it too. There are a total of seven villains appearing in this book. If you decide you want to have some fun hunting down their first appearances, be very prepared to pay your deductable and then some. Here is the list you’ll need to have on hand.





Daredevil #4 (1964) – First appearance of Purple Man. Purple is an expensive color. $800 

Amazing Spider-Man #46 (1967) – First Appearance of Shocker. Not too bad of a jolt at $300 

Uncanny X-Men #141 (1981) – First Avalanche. This comic is the best of the bunch. Not because of the Avalanche appearance, but because of everything else in this comic. John Byrne art, first appearances of Rachael Summers, Pyro, and a classic cover from Byrne and Austin to boot! No chill here.  

The Sub Mariner #5 (1968) – First Tiger Shark. Too much of a bite here at $60. 

Marvel Premiere #21 (1975) – First Misty Knight. A soggy $20. 

Amazing Spider-Man #222 (1981) – First Speed Demon. No quickie here at $16, but a great Walt Simonson cover! 

Thunderbolts #34 (1997) – First Scourge. Find this one in the 50 cent bins at your local shop.

Another X book from Marvel tests the waters this week, X-Club #1. The X-Men Science Team gets a comic. Yes that’s right, the X-Men Science Team.

Two Independent comics (Editor Note: 3 not including Vincent Price Presents #36) to check out this week. Irredeemable #32 will start a mini crossover event with Incorruptible. A lot of fun here because these two comics rock on their own. Also check out that ridiculously awesome cover from Trevor Hairsine! Anyone remember Voltron? Well they’re coming back in Voltron #1 from Dynamite Entertainment. The first take on a Voltron comic appeared in 1985 from Modern Comics. A $3 book.

Usually we don’t cover posters, but the new Carnage USA poster is a beauty from Clayton Crain. Click on the image to enlarge and admire the glorious piece.

Covers of the week below, check those out too.

See you next week.

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz



InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 12-3-09






The Siege begins! The Hulk Falls! More Inside!

NOTE: Comics are coming out Thursday December 3rd
this week.

siegethecabal.gifsiegethecabal_2.gifthor604.gifSo it all comes down to this, the end of the Marvel epic storylines end here. Six years in the making Marvel says, the ‘Final’ story to straighten out the Marvel Universe once and for all…….again. Ahh promises, promises.  Let us all enjoy this Marvel train for now as we all await the next epic storyline next year shall we? Asgard will be front and center in the Marvel Universe as the Siege begins. Check out Siege: The Cabal for the start of a hostile takeover of Asgard. Thor/Asgard (and Norman) will be the main focal point here as Marvel really starts cramming Thor down our throats for the next year before his movie comes out, which is completely fine by the way. Thor is a total bad ass and it’s been a while since Thor has been the premiere player in the Marvel Universe. So Norm, stir some stuff up and make Thor real angry. It’s going to be fun watching you get your butt handed to you. Yes Norman you have made the grave mistake as Hitler did trying to invade Russia. You’ve underestimated your opponent. You will lose now. Why will you lose? The hero always wins that’s why.

nova32.gifnova6_8bones1977_1stsphinx.gifSo while Thor has to defend Asgard, The Marvel Cosmic Universe has been in some serious battles over the last few years. Marvel has really put together the cosmos in a very quiet way almost. But, this week a return of a character named Sphinx comes in Nova #32. Find this villain first
appearance in Nova #6 from 1977 for only $8. Good buy here because the Marvel cosmos are a much/untouched unrated place as far as the back issue market goes. Iron Man #55, First Thanos $240? See, case in point.



hulkwinterguard1.gifincredhulk258_sovietsuper1st_1981.gifcap352_1stsupremesoviet.gifHulk will fall! Well not really, but Fall of The Hulks Alpha #1 will be kicking off some serious Hulk smash story. Hopefully, if there is a Marvel God the GREEN Hulk will be the last one standing (along with Skaar, we like his green Conan looking son!) and the Rulk and Red She Hulk will just finally go away. The Strawberry Hulk deal has to go away, it’s a silly premise
and Hulk as we know him to be is only the color Green and sometimes Grey. So the Fall of The Hulks will be the beginning of the end for this ridiculous
story of Red Hulk deal. So most of us can only hope it will be. If it is, then
this will be worth it. If not, then move along nothing to see here. Speaking of
Hulk, Hulk Winter Guard #1 answer’s DC’s Great Ten from a couple of weeks ago. DC’s super China team fared alright as far as sales go, so now Marvel comes at us with Winter Guard, Russia’s super team. If you feel like looking for the first appearance of this team, look for Incredible Hulk #258 for the first Soviet Super Soldiers then look for Captain America #352 for the first appearance of Supreme Soviet, put these 2 teams together and you have Winter Guard!

ironmanvswhiplash1.giftalesofsuspense97_firstwhiplash_150_1968.gifwhatifsecretinvasion1.gifIron Man vs. Whiplash #1 will be hitting theaters, er…..your local comic shop that is this Thursday. Did anyone demand to see this comic book made? Anyway, check out what’s probably going to be a good old fashion comic book brawl because these two have known each other for about 41 years. Back in the year 1968 these guys meant up in Tales of Suspense #97, it’s been a love fest ever since. So much so that now they’ll meet in the Iron Man 2 movie. Sticking with Marvel here, it seems to be a Marvel week huh? Pick up Dark Avengers annual #1 to see if Captain Marvel goes to the dark side or not, should be an interesting read. Also check out What If? Secret Invasion #1. This will not
only be a fun read, because who doesn’t like a good What If? story? This will also be a first for artist Pow Rodrix. He’s a new guy coming up and he’s only done a few comics for DC so far. A newcomer also writes a story in this book, Chris Acosta. So a cool What If? story with some newbie’s in it!


The new Superman: The World of New Krypton #10 will lead right into the series finale, which leads into, ready, sitting down, the next BIG event from DC next summer! When will the madness stop? And talk about madness, what is up with Frank Castle on the cover of a DC comic??? Isn’t that him on the cover of Mighty #11 with the letter ‘A’ on his chest instead of the skull? What’s up with bkwonderw1.gifthe lookalike DC?? The Blackest Night storyline marches onward and kicking major butt with Blackest Night The Flash #1 and Blackest Night Wonder Woman #1. Blackest Night has DC seeing nothing but green! 

Here are the IC Xtra’s this week………













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InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 4-29-09






Hot Picks has a bunch of quick hits for this week, including one very nasty bear! Come inside and enjoy the rapid firing Teddy Bear and Hot Picks.



Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #5  Does the Ultimate universe still exist? If it does and anyone cares, this comic gives us a first appearance of the Ultimate She-Hulk.




Captain America Theater Of  War Brother In Arms (One Shot)  An all new story with the original Cap, Steve Rogers.



Mr Stuffins #1  In a re-release of sorts. This comic was a big success over 2 years ago at many comic conventions across the states. The Teddy bear secret agent comes back this week with a vengeance. Don’t miss this one. It’s a hit from BOOM! Studios.





darkavengers.gifSkaar #10  If you’re not collecting Skaar, you should be. Greg Pak is creating an entire Hulk universe, so get in on the early years here. Skaar is going to be around for a long time…….


Dark Avengers #4  Red hot series continues this week….



The Complete Dracula #1  Dynamite Entertainment brings the first full/complete story of Dracula. The 112 year old story gets told from start to finish. Has this been done before? If Dynamite say this is the first time, I guess we’ll believe them.




Here are some other Comics to look at this Wednesday……






























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InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 4-15-09







A short week with Marvel promising to hammer the internet in half! A huge Marvel comic is coming your way this week and it is NOT to be missed.


Amazing Spider-Man #591  Well ‘THIS IS THE ONE’ folks. Marvel is promoting this comic as the change all comic of the year. What do they have in store? Amazing Spider-Man has been a good read and fans are waiting with bated breath for this one!  Marvel has stood and delivered on many occasions when they say that an event is going to be big. This here though is ONE comic; it’s not an event which brings more interest to the book. This comic will affect many of the Marvel titles and I for one am looking forward to this very much. Marvel will deliver, you’ll see. 



Secret Invasion Aftermath Beta Ray Bill The Green of Eden #1  The Marvel universe continues to feel the Secret Invasion aftermath. This week we focus on one of the hottest characters to come out of the 80’s, Beta Ray Bill. His first appearance could still be purchased at a very reasonable price. Thor #337 was the first look at Beta and the start of the classic run from Walt Simonson. So pick this up before that Thor movie comes out anyway….. 



action845.gifAction Comics #876  A couple of years ago DC went with a writer by the name of Richard Donner. Mr. Donner was the director of the original Superman movie back in 1978. DC and Donner ran into some delays right in the middle of his very short storyline. A few fill in issues filled the gaps as DC scrambled to get back to the much anticipated Donner story, including a 3D issue. Anyway, during his mini run, he introduced us to Ursa. Ursa makes her comeback this week. Action Comics # 845 is the first appearance of Ursa. 



Captain America #49  Not since issue number 25 have fans gotten a glimpse of what happened that day we lost Captain America. Now start getting some insight into what exactly happened as Sharon Carter starts spilling the beans. Captain America (Steve) will probably be back in a couple of years just in time for the movie, so don’t hold your breath though waiting for a miraculous comeback because it’s not happening anytime soon. 





100bullets100.gifWolverine Noir #1  Marvel continues the very successful Noir run with Wolverine. Do you need anything else??



100 Bullets #100  The highly regarded Vertigo series comes to a close. (ring ring) ‘Hello Hollywood?’



Here are some other interesting Comics to look at this Wednesday…… 














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InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 2-4-09


Marvel releases a couple of comics this week that should have collectors going to the $1 bins as well as the showcase wall at your local comic shop.




Marvel’s also releasing their third installment of a red hot series, 2 Ultimate heroes go at it in a new number one issue, a new team book and they do the old swap of male to female gender on a character that has been around for quite some time. So it seems to be a busy week for Marvel while DC comics release’s only 10 comics this week. Also, check out some Independents making the list. 



Astonishing Tales  Vol 2 # 1   Marvel brings back a comic that had some success back in the early 70’s. It looks like some good old comic book fun coming back into the fold in 2009. With the second go around here, Astonishing will be brought to you in a double sized every month with various artist and writers contributing to the comic. Here’s the hunch though, way back in 1974 Astonishing Tales # 25 gave birth to a Marvel character that has not been around the Universe in a way that he deserves. Many times Marvel has given some sort of rumblings on how they’d like to see Deathlok come back in the mix. Marvel just never had the right time or storyline to do so. What better way than to‘re-introduce’ him in his own title he was created in some 35 years later? InvestComics has been big on Astonishing Tales # 25 for a long time and now might be the time to start on the Deathlok bandwagon again. This character is destined to be a huge force in the Marvel Universe, get the first appearance at a good starting bid right now, you’ll be happy you did. 


darkhawk1.gifWar Of Kings Darkhawk #1  The same semi-scenario is playing out here with Darkhawk as previously explained with Astonishing Tales. Big difference plays out with Darkhawk being a character that is sort of established already within the Marvel Universe. The second difference is that you could actually find Darkhawk # 1 in the dollar bins in some comic shops across your way. Marvel begins the push right here with Darkhawk. Will he be a force as Marvel hope’s he will be one day? At a dollar a piece for his first appearance, who cares if he does?


Here are some other New Releases to check out……….xmenmoir2.gif

X-Men Noir # 3 Red hot series continues here! 






Ultimate Hulk Vs. Wolverine # 1





      X-Men Vs. Hulk # 1



Dead Irons # 1






                       Golem # 1


Mighty # 1  Winter Solider wants his ‘A’ back DC.






       Secret Warriors # 1


I am Legion # 1





       Agents Of Atlas # 1


Here Are Some Spectacular Covers for the upcoming week……… 






















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InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 9-17-08

1 Iron Man 118 1st Jim Rhodes.jpg ironman_169_firsttimeasironman.jpg The Hot picks for this week focus on a Marvel character that has been around for a while. This hero will have his day in the sun as Marvel sets up for his comeback. Looking to make ‘Jimbo’ a major player, Marvel had recently announced at the San Diego Comic Con that he will be getting his own ongoing series. This week Jim Rhodes makes his return setting up for the solo series. Find out where it all began….. 


A small week for Hot Picks. Never fret, there is always next week!

Let’s get started with Iron Man……… 


Iron Man # 33  War Machine will have his own ongoing series in the not so distant future and his comeback starts right here! If you hop on the time machine back to 1983 you’d find Iron Man # 169, which would be Jim Rhodes first appearance. Now fast forward 10 years later to 1993 and find Iron Man #291, which would be the first issue for War Machine on his own. These issues are very affordable right now and should be picked up before that solo series hits. It should also be noted that when Robert Downey Jr. gets bored of being Iron Man, look for Hollywood to look at Terrance Howard as War Machine to take flight in theaters as a solo movie. Pick up the first appearances and hold on to these comics for a while; you’ll be glad you did.



Squadron Supreme 2 # 3  Arachnophilia makes her comic debut right here. That’s a great Greg Horn cover huh?! The thing that makes this debut something to watch is that she has the powers of a spider of some sort. Any hero, (hero?) that possesses a type of spider power has always ‘usually’ turned out to be a mild success. Even though it might have taken YEARS to do so but, Spider-Woman is successful, Spider-Girl has a following and Spider-Man has potential, no? I guess we might have to wait a little bit to see how this new character plays out. You never know, this could be an instant successful character, or maybe it’ll take 20 years for comic fans to be interested. Tough call here, buy it, read it, let US know……. 


Mighty Avengers # 18  Another debut for Marvel this week. This time a team debuts, Nick Fury’s Secret Warriors. Not too keen on the name. Sounds like something that has been done before. Just like the Squadron comic, not too sure this debut will be much…..right now. It’s a Secret Invasion tie in, which makes this a must have for SI readers. Nick Fury as of late has been kicking butt and taking names, maybe Nick Fury’s Secret Warriors will do the same in the investment column. Big maybe……… 



Greatest Hits # 1  A new team emerges from DC’s Vertigo imprint. They’re from England, they’re a rock band and they have super powers. No it’s not the Beatles. And a Variant cover by Ethan Van Sciver. Looks interesting.





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Comic Books To Film







Captain America First Appearance And Thor First Appearance Should have A Secure Spot In Your Collection!

Well before the Avengers movie hits, we’ll see Captain America and Thor make their marks on the silver screen. Do not get caught without these 2 comic books if you are looking for a nice return on your Investment. The same holds true with the first Avengers comic book. Do you remember the X-Men comic and how well that did when it gained household name status? The Avengers are headed that way, so act now.