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Every  week before new comic book day, here are the Top 5 NEW comics to speculate/read from this Wednesday. This list is pulled straight from the latest (weekly) InvestComics Hot Picks article. Hot Picks Top 5 based on InvestComics Hot Picks #438 and new comics coming this Wednesday 8/24/16.

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Before reading ahead, we feel we need to warn you that our articles contain very harsh truths in them. Not vulgar language, just a good solid dose of honesty. They always have, they always will. If you are easily offended, cannot come to terms that other people have opinions too beside yourself and especially if you’re a fanboy, discontinue reading. Go back to the other places selling you the farm. This is NOT the place for you. We’re here to have fun and not lie to you. Thank you and enjoy!

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Northguard #1

Click to Buy/Bid – Top 5

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Deathstroke #1

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Detective Comics #939

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Once Our Land #2

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Northguard #1 – From Chapter House Publishing and from the pages of Captain Canunck comes Northguard. Now in his own series! The variant is already sold out.

Once Our Land #2 – InvestComics informed our readers about Scout Comics’ Once Our Land #1 a few weeks ago and it sold out right after our article was released. An immediate aftermarket sensation and Once Our Land #2 will be no exception. Watch as this issue goes into immediate demand as well this week. 

Deathstroke #1 – volume four begins this Wednesday. Look for Deathstroke fans to flock to this series as writer Christopher Priest will bring in new readers as well.

Detective Comics #939 – DC warns readers to prepare themselves for the last page of this comic.

Kingsway West #1 – Comic book writer extraordinaire; Greg Pak, turns up a new western style comic. We look forward to this!

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Here are the rest of the comics appearing in this week’s InvestComics Hot Picks #438. Click the link to read now!

IC 100 Club Pick: Alpha Flight #1 (1983) 9.6.

Teen Titans #23

Click to Buy/Bid – Teen Titans #23

Superman #22

Click to Buy/Bid – Superman #22

Hellblazer #1

Infinite Crisis #3 (2006)

Infinite Crisis #5 (2006)

Blue Beetle Rebirth #1

Sixpack And Dogwelder Hard-Traveling Heroz #1

Hitman #9 (1996)

Convergence Harley Quinn #2 (2015)

Harley’s Little Black Book #4

Teen Titans #23

Superman #21 (2013)

Superman #22 (2013)

Venom Space Knight #11

Deadpool #17

Captain America #307

Click to Buy/Bid – Cap Amer #307

Generation Zero #1

Click to Buy/Bid – Gen Zero #1

Captain America #307 (1985)

New Triumph Northguard #1 (1984)

Faith #2

Generation Zero #1

Harbinger Wars #1

Snotgirl #1 & Snotgirl #2

Duck Avenger #0

Uncanny Inhumans Annual #1

Lake of Fire #1

Civil War Ulysses #1

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2016 Annual #1

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Thor_126Wolverine_Frank_MillerInvest wisely. Read comics.

Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz – Social Media Strategist

Hot Picks Video #438

Once Our Land

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InvestComics Hot Picks #438


InvestComics gives readers and speculators the low down on the new releases each week.
New comic book release day 8/24/16.

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NOTE. Please understand that when InvestComics releases the Hot Picks article on Friday that many of the independent comics may not be available on Ebay yet. Most of the time, some of the more obscure titles make their way onto Ebay later on in the week or right on/at/before new comic book day on Wednesday. Be sure to check back and click the links or cover(s) to see if the books you want have been listed on Ebay. They usually show up, so be sure to check back!


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Alpha Flight #1

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Each week InvestComics seeks out a comic(s) on Ebay for $100 or less and then brings it to the attention of our fans. We call it IC 100 Club Pick. The idea is to get a great book at a great price. We do not own nor are we selling these comics. The comics are found by a random process. We do not know the ebay seller(s), nor are we promoting the Ebay seller. Any knowing from the Ebay seller of InvestComics or its affiliates is purely coincidental. (See disclaimer for more details).

IC 100 Club Pick: Alpha Flight #1 (1983) 9.6. This is the classic John Bryne Alpha Flight #1 from 1983. It features the first appearance of Puck and Marrina, as well as the origin of Alpha Flight. It has a buy it now price of only $46.75. Not a bad price at all for a 9.6. 

Before reading ahead, we feel we need to warn you that our articles contain very harsh truths in them. Not vulgar language, just a good solid dose of honesty. They always have, they always will. If you are easily offended, cannot come to terms that other people have opinions too beside yourself and especially if you’re a fanboy, discontinue reading. Go back to the other places selling you the farm. This is NOT the place for you. We’re here to have fun and not lie to you. Thank you and enjoy!

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Blue Beetle Rebirth #1

Click to Buy/Bid – Beetle #1

Infinite Crisis #5

Click to Buy/Bid – Infinite #5

Infinite Crisis #3

Click to Buy/Bid – Infinite #3

Deathstroke #1

Click to Buy/Bid – Deathstroke #1









Deathstroke #1 volume four begins this Wednesday. Look for Deathstroke fans to flock to this series as writer Christopher Priest will bring in new readers as well.
John Constantine will return this week; Hellblazer #1. Writer Simon Oliver and artist Moritat bring the new story.
Jaime Reyes, A.K.A. Blue Beetle will get his own series starting this Wednesday. Jaime’s first appearances as himself and as BB are very easy finds and extremely easy on the wallet too. Infinite Crisis #3 (2006) is the first appearance of Jaime Reyes. It takes Reyes two issues to get his gear together and in Infinite Crisis #5 (2006) he first appears as Blue Beetle. The creative team of Blue Beetle Rebirth #1 consist of legend Keith Giffen (writer) and Scott Kolins (art).
A disturbingly awesome Steve Dillon cover on Sixpack And Dogwelder Hard-Traveling Heroz #1 peeks our interest on what the inside may bring. Writer Garth Ennis and artist John McCrea return to their Section Eight creation. Garth and John first created Six-Pack back in 1996 – Hitman #9. Dogwelder(2) first appeared in Convergence Harley Quinn #2 (2015).

Teen Titans #23

Click to Buy/Bid – Teen Titans #23

Superman #22

Click to Buy/Bid – Superman #22

Superman #21

Click to Buy/Bid – Superman #21

Detective Comics #939

Click to Buy/Bid – Detective #939









What’s better than having an Amanda Conner Harley Quinn cover? How about TWO Harley Quinn’s on the same cover? See Harley’s Little Black Book #4 for that.
DC warns readers to prepare themselves for the last page in Detective Comics #939. Check it out and no reading at the new release comics wall! Get out da way!
The H.I.V.E. Queen plans on getting under the Teen Titans’ nerves in Teen Titans #23. In a long line of new 52 characters and new female comic characters, H.I.V.E. Queen is kinda neat. Check out her first appearance in Superman #21 (2013). We’re not too sure if that issue is a cameo or not, so be sure to check out Superman #22 (2013) as well. The Superman #22 Kenneth Rocafort cover rocks too!

Convergence Harley Quinn #2

Click to Buy/Bid – Conv HQ #2

Hitman #9

Click to Buy/Bid – Hitman #9

Sixpack And Dogwelder Hard-Traveling Heroz #1

Click to Buy/Bid – Sixpack & Dog #1

Harleys Little Black Book #4

Click to Buy/Bid – Harley Little #4








It’s always a good thing to be alerted that Spider-Man will fight Venom. So here’s your alert. Venom Space Knight #11; Spidey vs. Venom. Has Spidey fought the “Space Knight” Venom though? Is this a first?
Deadpool #17 features the villain Madcap. The Deadpool comics have a knack of reviving comic characters from the past no one either cared too much for or forgot about altogether. So with that said, Madcap’s first appearance was in Captain America #307 (1985).

InvestComics informed our readers about Scout Comics’ Once Our Land #1 a few weeks ago and it sold out right after our article was released. An immediate aftermarket sensation and Once Our Land #2 will be no exception. Watch as this issue goes into immediate demand as well this week.
From Chapter House Publishing this week comes Northguard #1. Coming from the pages of their other Canadian hero Captain Canuck. To find Northguard’s very first appearance though, you’d have to go all the way back to 1984’s New Triumph Northguard #1 from Matrix Graphic Series. There’s a few available on Ebay.

Captain America #307

Click to Buy/Bid – Cap Amer #307

Deadpool #17

Click to Buy/Bid – Deadpool #17

Generation Zero #1

Click to Buy/Bid – Gen Zero #1

Harbinger Wars #1

Click to Buy/Bid – Harbinger Wars #1









Faith #2 from Valiant Entertainment brings our hero right into the face of her very first villain. First appearance alert! Also from Valiant is the debut of their new team book; Generation Zero #1! Generation Zero first appeared in Harbinger Wars #1. So that’s two must get books from Valiant this Wednesday. 

Comic book writer extraordinaire; Greg Pak, turns up a new western style comic; Kingsway West #1. Get this comic from Dark Horse Publishing. Art by Mirko Colak.
Snotgirl #1 sold out a few weeks ago, now we move on to Snotgirl #2 this week. Will the second issue “boogie” on off the shelf?! HA!! And the answer is probably, yes.

Once Our Land #2

Click to Buy/Bid – Once Our Land #2

Faith #2

Click to Buy/Bid – Faith #2

Kingsway West #1

Click to Buy/Bid – Kingsway #1

Snotgirl #2

Click to Buy/Bid – Snotgirl #2








Here are a bunch of other comics to check out this Wednesday. Duck Avenger #0 (IDW Publishing). Uncanny Inhumans Annual #1 (Marvel). Lake of Fire #1 (Image Comics). Civil War Ulysses #1 (Marvel). Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2016 Annual #1 (Boom Studios).

Northguard #1

Click to Buy/Bid – Northguard #1

New Triumph Northguard #1

Click to Buy/Bid – New Triumph…#1

Hellblazer #1

Click to Buy/Bid – Hellblazer #1

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2016 Annual #1

Click to Buy/Bid – Rangers Annual #1









Click on the RED links or the comic cover to buy/bid from All available sellers on Ebay.

SMGScreenHunter_717 May. 17 20.19

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Comic Book Speculation Stigma……

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**This article was originally written for Yahoo Voices (March 2014) when InvestComics was a contributor.

What you are about to read is 100% authentic. This material is 100% original content from InvestComics and does not borrow from any article(s) or comic website(s) for its content. Anything you read regarding anything from here on any other site that seems similar probably and most likely originated from here. Enjoy…….

Definition (source Webster);

Col`lect´or n.

One who collects things which are separate ; esp ., one who makes a business or practice of collectingworks of art , objects in natural history , etc .; as , a collector of coins .

What defines one as a collector? Is it a person that simply enjoys the hobby of reading comic books? Is it a person that collects comic books for the pure enjoyment of its monetary value? Maybe both? Maybe an avid reader and you vehemently oppose the “worth” or “selling” of a comic book. More often than not, the latter has come into play in the comic book world. But let’s set the record straight a bit. If you are in fact the comic book enthusiast that severely opposes the monetary value of a comic book, then you are in the right place.

How many articles have you read recently or in the past year, two years, or several years that stated how invaluable comic book collecting is for monetary gain. Not only is this completely false, it’s extremely uninformed. Now I can bore you with numbers, Action Comics #1 30 years ago, Captain America first appearance 30 years ago, Amazing Fantasy #15 30 years ago, Detective Comics #27 30 years ago were all worth much less in monetary value than they are today. Okay so now you might be saying, no those articles mean the modern day books. Okay so how about Walking Dead #1, Amazing Spider-Man #300, New Mutants #98, and that list also goes on.

Action_Comics_1_InvestComicsHere’s the thing. I have personally reached out to many comic shops over the years to carry on my business venture with them. The business venture (weekly Hot Picks/Checklist) was and is still to this day to heighten awareness to the average collector and the serious speculator on what to buy each week on new comic book day on Wednesday. And read them! Many of the shops were more than happy to oblige and take the free information I am providing them each week to possibly sell more comics in their shop. After all, they are in business to make money right? They understand there is a niche market for the speculator, agree or disagree, they get it. There was however two shops (that shall remain nameless) that came back and provided the words; “We don’t believe in this practice of comic books.” One of the shops even said “I would consider changing the name of your business.” Now what options were open for me here? A: I could have wrote them back and explained in a more thorough sense of what the business model is trying to achieve, to which 20 other shops understood when they read the original text, which read like this; “the weekly article may help with your sales and it’s Walking_Dead_1_InvestComicsfree!” B: Ask if they were running a business or they simply don’t like making money. C: Told every collector in the immediate area of those two stores that their local comic shop is selling the Amazing Spider-Man #129 on the wall for cover price of 20 cents. They don’t believe in that practice right? Isn’t that what they essentially stated? So basically, I or any collector alike could walk in there and buy off the wall for cover price. There is one thing to have beliefs, but you simply cannot have it both ways. It doesn’t work that way. Either you believe comics have monetary resale value or you don’t.

…..Which brings us to that comic book fan with the same heighten sense of “comic book collecting for monetary value is evil, they’re for reading!” While I agree, reading a comic book is an extremely enjoyable thing, there are several things to point out with this way thinking. So here’s what I have done to those thinkers in real time (at my local comic shop). I ask them if they like reading trades. Most of the time they will say yes, then I ask if them if I could have their Walking Dead #1 comic for cover price ($2.95) from their collection. 10 out of 10 times, not one will say yes to this. I ask, well you can buy the trade right? It’s about reading right? So I proceed to inform the non-monetary comic believer that what they may have is a number one Walking Dead 9.9 graded copy on their hands. Which sold for a mere $7000. Oh wait, you don’t like money right? You wouldn’t sell that comic to get your first used car to get around and hang with your friends. Maybe you need to pay some debt, maybe you need to make a light bill payment, rent, mortgage, but of course you don’t want to part with that number one issue because it means everything to you because you like “reading it”……Trades, remember those? Same thing. In fact easier to store and you may have 8 comics or more in one book! Giving the “reader” a chance to never having to put a comic away to pick up another one. Binge read an entire story arc. Well, you get the idea.

Hypocrisy anyone? Can we all come to the agreement that not only is the thought process skewed with this hobby, but any hobby for that matter?

New_Mutants_Vol_1_98_001I do not like or care for the automobile hobby. I know nothing about cars, I have no interest in knowing value, and I have no personal redeeming value for the car I drive now. It gets me from point A to point B and that is what is most important to me. That said if I were to sell it, I will maximize the full potential of getting every dollar I possibly could for my vehicle. I don’t like the automobile hobby, but I am privy to money. I would never speak out of school to a car enthusiast for understanding and crafting their hobby, why would a fellow comic book fan do so to another? Be glad there are others interested in your hobby regardless of what their intentions are. Actually, speculators are actually helping you if you ever get caught in a jam. I can personally attest to this about 9 years ago when I sold many comics in my collection because I had a one year old at the time, no job and we needed a roof over our heads. Did I have a personal connection to some of those comics? Sure I did. Did I really want to part with them? No I didn’t. But I do have a full understanding that comic books are worth money. Holding on to certain comics in your collection because of sentimental value trumps many things. That said, when things are getting rough in real life, it’s time to buckle down and see what means the most to you in your world. Certain comic books do and have held personal highlights in some collectors lives, but I’m not touching on those particular books here. I’m talking about the Walking Dead #1 that I bought for cover price when it came out, had to slabbed (9.8) and sold it for $200 back 9 years ago.

Many modern comics can be flipped for cash if done correctly. There are investors buying a house in your neighborhood right now to flip it. It’s the way it is. Money is not bad. If it’s so evil, then the next time you think about saying how much you don’t like the monetary value in a comic book, give me a call so I can go through your collection, hand pick and give you cover price for your comics. I will buy you the trades (that include entire story arcs in one book, remember?) in turn for buying your books at cover price. Deal? It will never happen because you are smarter than that. The same with the majority of comic book store owner.

New_Teen_Titans_2_InvestComicsHere is a fun task to run at your local comic shop. Ask your comic shop owner about the speculation side of the hobby, some may actually say how bad it is for the hobby, how they hate it, how they don’t believe in it. If they say this, then it’s your turn to say, don’t you like money? Don’t you like to feed your family? Then ask for that New Teen Titans #2 for cover price off the wall. See how quickly things change. Businesses are in business to make money, always remember this. If an owner strongly opposes the modern day flip on a comic book, then why are they selling a variant cover for $75 that came out that day with a cover price of $4.99? Of course they believe in it, otherwise you’d be beating the house and running on Ebay to sell your goods becoming richer than them. For some reason quite a few comic shop owners do not like the sigma of modern day flips, but they will in fact, no doubt make money on them if and when the time calls for it!  

Comic fans and comic shop owners have to grasp the concept that if they do not like the monetary value side of comic collecting, they should embrace it. You as an individual are entitled to your opinion about anything. But do know that if you are not a believer at all about grading comics, collecting them, and handling them, don’t ever sell above cover value unless you are a business person. Try to not make yourself out to be a hypocrite. Cannot have it both ways. Business is money and money is not a bad thing. Know that there are markets out there (cars, stamps, games, toys, coins, etc.) and try to refrain from the negative aspect of it because you will get called out on it and made to look rather foolish one day. Respect the comic book hobby, respect the speculator, and most of all read comics too!

Invest wisely. Read comics. Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz


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InvestComics Hot Picks #345

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(Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. If you are here on the notion that you will make money ALL the time, you are in the wrong place. Please do not read this article. Although this article is used as a guide for investments, it’s more so for entertainment purposes. Any opinions or expression of investments in this article should be used at the sole discretion and judgment upon the investor, not InvestComics. So please use your own discretion when investing and have fun.)

InvestComics Hot Picks – New Release Comics on 11/12/14

Wytches_InvestComics Spider-Verse_InvestComicsBe sure to stop by the Capital Grading Services website for new updates. Like us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. An announcement on the first exclusive signing coming soon!

Not each week does the opportunity present itself that a surefire hit will surface, that one book that will be an instant aftermarket success. This week however, there is that book (and another, but more on that in a bit); Wytches (2014 Image) #2. The success on issue number one was so great, that it will indeed spill over to the second issue, I guarantee it. Get your copy quick because it’s already sold out at the distributor. The reason for the success here? Put Scott Sndyer on writing duties, put Jock on art and cover duties, which equates to a fantastic story. Add to the mix of a possible movie deal and you have instant speculation gold.

A book that may take some speculators by surprise this week is Kitchen (2014 DC/Vertigo) #1. A reverting story line coupled along with the great DC imprint of Vertigo makes for a possible sleeper. The $10 variant is already sold out, so pay attention to this one.

New_Mutants_Annual_1_InvestComics Captain_Marvel_InvestComicsIt’s not too often that an IDW comic cracks the InvestComics Hot Picks list. The aftermarket never acts too kindly to certain independent publishers, this being one of them. That said, not to take anything away from them! They put out an outstanding publishing line. This week IDW gives us a rarer original content comic instead of a licensed one. Check out Bigger Bang (2014 IDW) #1 this week. Looks like a winner.

Drifter (2014 Image) #1 is sold out at the distributor, but is still available at some of the on line outlets. If you are afraid you may miss it at your local shop, you should probably buy it on line before that becomes a non-option for you.

What more can be said on here that hasn’t already been said about Spider-Verse? I have been alerting you for months about how important this saga is. Gave you a heads up on the Gwen Stacy issue too a few weeks ago. It begs repeating though just in case you haven’t been listening. This Spider-Verse story line is one of the most important speculation Spider-Man series to come out in quite some time. This isn’t “One More Day”, or “The Clone Saga”, this is a story line that will introduce and re-introduce every single Spider-Man costume, person, metal armor, and even an animal BACK into the fold of the Marvel universe all at one time. So to reiterate for the millionth time here, what does this Django_Zorro_InvestComics Rocket_Raccoon_Variant_InvestComicsmean for the speculator? It means that there are going to be an abundance of breakout characters here. Old and more importantly NEW! If you are a reader or a speculator, you need to get on every single Spider-Verse book. Anything Marvel throws at us, get it. There will be introductions (and reentries) in books that you were not expecting and BAM the book will blow up because the character(s) suddenly are at the forefront of a new book, or appear in another thus creating a mad frenzy to find that first appearance. I said it from the beginning, the Spider-Verse story line is a huge marketing monster with tremendous potential to explore and introduce new Spider characters. Do not sleep on this specs. So with all of this stated, Spider-Verse (2014) #1 will do all of the above mentioned. The team of Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos begin the awesome series. There are two separate stories introducing two new spider characters. Yes this book, better yet, this series is one to get without a doubt!

And speaking of reintroduction’s, check out Silver Surfer (2014 5th Series) #7. There will be characters reintroduced into the Marvel lure that promise’s to blow readers away. Be sure to take a look and make an executive decision on whether or not to pursue this issue and the first appearances of our old guest. Oh and the best best part of this comic.Want to know? Dan Slott is the writer! So pulling double duty here with the reintro’s.

Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man (2014) #7 will focus on the question; who is Katie Bishop? Maybe she is going to play a major role in the Ultimate Spider-Man universe. Maybe not. Either way, her first appearance was in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #12 (2012).

All New Captain America (2014 Marvel) #1 will be accompanied with 9 variant covers at last count. This gimmick will be short lived because most likely Steve Rogers will be back in given time and Sam Wilson will be out. A “new” CaptaiJon_Sable_Freelance_1_InvestComics Superior_Iron_Man_1_InvestComicsn America is not “new” anymore and it’s grown a bit, become tiresome and non-eventful. It may sell out, but don’t look for record breaking aftermarket numbers here. The $200 variant is the only outstanding book sold out book at the moment. More of the same with the other new book the “new” Captain America will appear in this week; Captain America and the Mighty Avengers (2014) #1. There is a very nice $3.99 Rocket Raccoon variant to check out though.

Guardians 3000 (2014) #2 will introduce a new Herald to Galactus.

A new Iron Man book will turn some heads. Check out Superior Iron Man (2014) #1.

Captain Marvel has been in the news lately. Have you seen that? Something about a movie. Anyway, in this weeks Captain Marvel (2014 8th Series) #9 all eyes will be on Lila Cheney. She guest stars. Lila first appeared in New Mutants Annual #1.

Hero_2014_InvestComicsThe new Hero Initiative comic Hero Comics (2011 IDW) #2014 will feature a new Maxx story from Sam Keith. Mike Grell will provide a new story on his character from 31 years ago, Jon Sable, Freelance. A hot book for a little bit back then. Check out Jon’s first appearance in Jon Sable, Freelance #1 (1983) from First Comics. And incidentally, First Comics are making a comeback with their new release Badger comic coming soon. They were great back in the 80’s. I’m sure they will put out some great reading material this time around as well.

An odd pairing from Dynamite Entertainment this week. Django Zorro (2014 Dynamite) #1. Yes that’s right Django and Zorro?! Sounds like fun! Here’s the most awesome part of this comic release. It’s written by Quentin Tarantino! Get a CBCS witness signature on this comic, score a 9.8 and you have yourself a nice book. We’re on the saddle with this comic. The variants are fantastic too. The favorite is posted here, Nice.

A couple of other number one comics to take a peak at this week; Deep State (2014 Boom) #1 and Resurrectionists (2014 Dark Horse) #1.

Don’t forget to check out the updates on the Capital Grading Services website (

See you soon. Invest wisely.

Bigger_Bang_1_InvestComics Kitchen_1_InvestComics Miles_InvestComics Ultimate_12_InvestComicsCarpe Diem.

Jay Katz

Comic Broker Report – October 2014 (part 3)

This month I am smashing together a selection of comics I believe are worth buying at cheap prices if you can find them.  As always suggestions are appreciated and I will attempt to answer any questions or make any necessary revisions.

Like any investments comics represent a risk if you are looking to resell for profit.  Read the disclaimer under Hot Picks if you need further information.


2000 A.D. 377 ( First Judge Fargo )


Here’s a way they can show Karl Urban’s face in a Dredd sequel and give the legendary Judge an origin within a sequel.  All they need to do is cinematically un- retconn the retconn of Judge Fargo’s face as show in this issue.  Fargo and Dredd’s DNA are the same.  As fans know it just ain’t cool to show Dredd’s face.  This is the only time it was done.

Essential Sandman 4

This hard to find reprint of Lucifer’s first has yet to make a blip on collector’s radars.  When it becomes clear that Sandman 4 is out of reach in both availability and price this one should rise in value.


Notable addition:


Youngblood 3 ( First appearance of Supreme )

So the infamous creator of Deadpool has recently teased a Supreme film on Twitter. It appears that studios are interested in another of his creations.  This overprinted issue features Supreme’s first appearance.  As we have learned from NM 98, overprinting doesn’t seem to matter in the marketplace if the character is in demand.


Notable additions:

The Moore issue has many reprints that are more rare than the reg edition I have pictured below.


GLA 1 ( 2nd Squirrel Girl )

Recently her first appearance has been quietly selling for decent money on Ebay.  She’s a fan favorite with few first appearances.  2nd appearances are all the rage right now so here is hers.

2nd squirrel girl

Marvel Graphic Novel 18 ( First Agent Dooley )


One of my favorite actors, Shea Whigham has been cast to play this obscure S.H.I.E.L.D  agent in the upcoming Agent Carter series.  To date this is his only appearance and it’s a tough one to find.

ASM 685b ( Fredzilla appearance )

Big Hero 6 alert!  Characters from the upcoming film have few appearances outside of the mini.  This is one and it’s a difficult variant to track down.

3548529-685-variant fredzilla

Star Wars Tales 4 ( First Ben Skywalker )

As the new film release approaches I will be randomly mentioning key issues that have had some movement on the back issue marketplace.  To my knowledge this is Ben’s first and only.

SWT 4 first ben skywalker

Here is some additional Deadpool speculation.  Supporting characters can drive up prices ( See X-Force 2 ).  These two guys are popular amongst Deadpool readers but there is no guarantee that they will ever be in the film.

Cable & Deadpool 38 ( First Bob Agent of Hydra! )


Cable 3 ( First appearance of Weasel )


Identity Disc 5 ( First appearance of Deadpool’s first wife Gretchen Wilson )


Webspinners 7 ( First Appearance of Merc Monthly )









Comic Broker Report – Speculative Summer Special

Some of these may be easier to find than others.  Some you may have to expand on my own research as is the case with this first one.  Part of the appeal when collecting comics is finding that gem that has yet to be discovered by others.  Enjoy this list but remember you buy comics at your own risk.  Be very careful where you put your money and always do your own research.

Spawn Facts and Illusions VHS Set


Todd McFarlane has announced one of his properties has studio hopes.  Realizing that all of his creations mostly suck people are speculating on Sam & Twitch.  I tend to agree.  The 26 issue run is quite impressive but they are part of a larger world and appeared first in Spawn 1.  Ok well there goes the idea of a rare first appearance right?  Turns out Spawn 1 was released earlier in this VHS coddball set.  One thing that is pretty cool about it, this little comic was included.  Does it feature Sam & Twitch in any capacity? If so this would supplant Spawn 1 as their first appearance.  Unfortunately these are so rare that I cannot track one down to confirm.  Also the Printing of the included Spawn 1 appears to be no different from the Direct or Newsstand we all know.

For those who think  Haunt should be in the mix too:

Image Haunt Preview Book



Vertigo Defy


First appearance of the The Wake and others.  The Wake will eventually be made into a film.  When it does people will realize it was previewed in this throw away.  Lucky for you that knowledge will already be yours!


Danger Mouse 1982 Annual


Ok even I cannot confirm this one but Danger Mouse’s first American Comic appearance is in Count Duckula 3.  He appeared overseas earlier in Annuals and the magazine Look-in.  To my knowledge this issue contains his first printed comics outside of Look-In.  So why should you care?  New shows are coming!


What’s Next ( Image )


So  Rat Queens is hot hot hot!  Personally I’m lukewarm on it.  Don’t get me wrong it has potential but it’s a newbie and that makes me cautious long term despite TV news.   This one is already gaining traction on the back issue market and is similar to The Image Winter Special relationship to the Walking Dead.  It prints a Rat Queens tale that has yet to printed elsewhere.


The Intrepids 1,1 ( second Print )


Interest could spark in all of Mr. Wiebes work.  These are affordable but there is an Emerald City Con Variant which is tougher to track down.


Marvel Premiere two-in-one 52  ( First Crossfire )


Darren Cross is the Ant-Man villain?  Who?  Oh the guy who appeared in fewer issue than Kurse.  Marvel sure loves some obscure antagonists.  Darren first appeared in the already pricey Marvel Premiere 47 & 48 so they should already be on your list.  Since Crossfire is related to Darren Cross he could end up filing a role akin to Crossbones in the Winter Soldier.

Nutty 1

1341548-nutty1 first bananaman

If the return of Danger Mouse is possible why not Bananaman?


 Malignant Man 1-4


Unfortunately Fox has not picked up a gem.  These  will be tough to track down as it is a few years old and the demand created by it’s limited availability will bump up online prices.    First to market may have already passed by the time you read my article  as news broke days ago.  Sell now if you have em’ but I would invest my time in other bins.


IDW 2014 Summer Catalog


Another preview has a two page spread of V-Wars!  With a show coming this one could explode.










Comic Broker Report – March 2014 (Updated)

There is nothing I can say today that will take me away from watching Season one of True Detective in one sitting.  You should be doing the same, right after you read this though!


Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos 27 ( First Eric Koenig )


So Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. still has not sparked the interest as I had hoped it would.  Uninteresting characters ( not including Bill Paxton ) will do that but when Patton Oswalt was announced as reformed Nazi Shield Agent Eric Koenig, I started to smile.  The ranks of shield could start filling up with some wonderful characters from Marvel’s past but unless the clairvoyant is M.O.D.O.K. I sill won’t be pleased.

Young Men 24


Rumors of the Psychotic Captain America, William Burnside appearing as the villain in Captain America 3 have been a hot topic this week.  Early  reviews of The Winter Soldier have been overwhelmingly positive and Marvel has already started chirping about the third film in the franchise.  So who is William Burnside?

The general consensus is that he first appears here although he may have appeared earlier in  All Select 9 ( unconfirmed ).  Burnside is an interesting idea for a film antagonist.  He’s a man so obsessed with Steve Rogers he tries to become him!  It’s also possible he could appear in film as The Grand Director.

Captain America 231 ( First Burnside as The Grand Director )

first burnside as grand director cap 231

Captain America vol 5.  4, 7 ( 2006 )


These I like because of Brubaker, a man who will go down as the most influential Cap writer of the last 20 years.  Though Burnside is only shown via flashback in 7 they could be key down the road.  Considering the current importance of Issue 6, 6b,1 and the,14 reprint- I would buy now and hold.  Cap 153-155 are a good Bronze Age bet too!

Amazing Spider-Man 359, 360


Collectors and buyers love them some ASM 361 and the 361 2nd print but Carnage’s roots can be traced back to issue 354.  These issues remain key to the development of the character despite their awful covers.  Also the cover to issue 361 is published first in issue 359.

Green Arrow ( new 52 ) 24     1 for 25 Variant Cover by Andrea Sorrentino

Arrow continues to surprise viewer with excellent episodes.   Bodyguard to Oliver Queen John Diggle is the best example of this.  He has become so popular that Jeff Lemire introduced him into the mainstream DCU in this issue:

arrow 24 first john diggle

but he actually appeared a little earlier in this 1:5 variant, out of continuity comic:

arrow 1 first john diggle

Note: There regular cover for this series is a photo cover.

Oni Color Special 2001

Ellen Page is going to star in Rucks’s Queen and Country.  I have mentioned Queen & Country 1 & the FCBD issue when the property was first optioned by Fox.  Don’t sleep on this issue though.  It features a very Early appearance of Tara Chace and one of her only appearances outside of Queen & Country.  The Powers appearances and cover don’t hurt either now that it too has been optioned by Sony for the Ps4.


Action Comics 835 ( first in Continuity Livewire ),  Superman Adventures 5  

supe adv 5 first livewire1081527

Here’s some major speculation for you.  Much like Squirrel Girl, I love oddball first appearances of cool characters that could see increases in value down the road.  Livewire represents what I love most about comics and selling them for profit.  The key appearances of Livewire are cheap.  They are a safe bet and if you buy them you will probably want to hang on to them whether the market on them changes or not.

The Clone Wars 1 ( First Ahsoka Tano )

lStar Wars Clone Wars 1 first Tano

With Disney and Marvel taking over from Dark Horse a new era for Star Wars Begins.  Over the last 20 years there hasn’t been much to rave about in the way of new characters though.   Tano is one great exception.  Grab her first appearance now especially if your a fan of a universe experiencing a major shift in structure.

Note: There is a variant for this limited to 1000 copies.





UPDATE:  Are the Hunters the next big problem for Rick and company on AMC’s The Walking Dead?  Seeing how appearances of supporting characters are lighting up Ebay, issues 61-66 ( Fear the Hunters ) will be even harder to acquire if this rumor proves to be true.  61 and 63 are already key books thanks to the first appearance of Chew.


Nova 19 ( First Appearance Marcus Daniels, Blackout )


Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D. continues to add villains!  I just hope Blackout doesn’t wear his original costume!

The Inhuman 11


Korath the Pursuer is coming to the GOTG film.  Yay.

I’m not sure if this movie can handle any more characters but in this case the 35 cent price variant is the one to track down!






InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 8-8-12

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Welcome to the InvestComics Comic Hot Picks for comic releases on 8-8-12

Before we head into this week’s InvestComics Hot Picks, there needs to be a quick “clarification” if you will.

In today’s collectors market, things have changed mightily. The 80’s and 90’s were driven by the speculation market. The speculation market is a thing of the past and the wiser investor (collector) has emerged. So why do certain companies still insist on releasing 8 or 10 different variants of a comic is a puzzlement (but not that hard to figure out either). While they may sell some copies, it seems they are catering to the collector of the past in which they stand to make a few extra bucks. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. Newsflash, Marvel/DC and all the rest of the comic companies are in a business to make money. That said do you know anyone that is buying up all 10 variants of a number one issue or a “special” issue? Didn’t think so. Regarding the collector, the cream of the crop for any variant is the ratio. Get your hands on a 100 to 1 cover for cover price or for $5 and NOW you’re talking. Paying an exorbitant amount for a comic that just came out of a box from the UPS truck is absolutely absurd. A variant cover of a new say…Marvel Now book for $200 is a huge waste of money. Get that first appearance of a character that is already in the mainstream, a first work from a legend in the industry or maybe just a gut that is telling you, “yes this comic is undervalued and needs to be in my collection.”

So why are we starting this week’s InvestComics Hot Picks on this note? Well the InvestComics Hot Picks articles have gotten a lot of play over the past few weeks with many comic shops across the states (and Worldwide) posting the article every week. A couple of shops have declined to do so because they simply don’t believe in the “Investment” portion of the comic collecting world. There is ONE burning question that needs to be asked of that “non-believer”, but we’ll come back to that.

Anyone that has followed InvestComics for the past 6 years or even the past year knows that this is purely done out of an Entertainment value and never has claimed to send your children off to college with its recommendations or speculation. When InvestComics first arrived onto the scene in 2006, it was taken very seriously in regards to what to buy, sell or hold. As the years went on the entire process evolved. It became “InvestComics – Your Entertainment Investment Guide” It no longer was “InvestComics – Your Investment Guide”. Things change, the realization of the market was no longer about buying each color of the Legends of the Dark Knight #1 or more recently the 7 different Spawn covers. It became about the wiser collector. It became about being aware that a first appearance of a new character is coming up in a comic book this week or an artist/writer making his/her debut, knowing that the Jack O’ Lantern will be appearing in the new Venom comic this week, but his first appearance was in 1981 with some creative team star power. Will Jack O’ Lantern’s first appearance ever amount to anything value wise? Probably not, but this is fun. It’s fun because the collector of today can make their own decisive decision if they’d like to search their local comic shop for that first appearance within a comic book that has probably been sitting in the shops back issue boxes for the last 15 years or so…….which brings us back to the comic shop and that burning question. If one does not believe in the “investment” value of a comic book, then sell that 100 to 1 ratio for cover price. And more importantly, get the comics off of your wall and sell those for cover price too. Comics are a business, don’t kid yourselves with “morals” now trying to sell the whole “comics are for reading” stuff. That only goes so far. This is a business. Bills need to be paid, lights need to stay on, rent needs to be paid and new comics need to be bought. Bottom line here, InvestComics would only help sell comics on your wall (that have dust collecting on them), back issue in the long boxes and also the new shipment on your shelf every Wednesday. A collector buying a first appearance, a back issue, a new comic off of the shelf that they may not have thought of buying before or possibly adding to their subscription list due to the InvestComics Hot Picks article raising awareness to “it” is good for your business. So if you’d be so kind to reach up there and get that Incredible Hulk #181 for 35 cents I’d appreciate that.

Now back to business! Here are your InvestComics Hot Picks for the comics coming out this Wednesday and more…..

Valiant will be coming back with one of their comics from 1992. Archer & Armstrong #1 comes at us this week with the original number one debuting 20 years ago! Look at the lineup here on that original number one issue; writers Bob Layton Sr. and Jim Shooter, Penciler and cover artist Barry-Windsor-Smith! Awesome stuff here folks!

And speaking of awesome, Mirage Studios in 1985 released a “Micro-Series” called Raphael. The Micro-Series was a first of its kind because it was essentially a One Shot, but with a wacky name. A classic Iconic TMNT’s cover from Kevin Eastman gets replicated for the new IDW Color Classic here. The cover price for the New IDW comic is $3.99. The classic original 1985 magazine sized can be bought for about $10. Need we say more here?

Marvel gives Gambit his own comic this week in his self titled Gambit #1. Although a character with a large following, Gambit always seemed to miss his mark for some reason (no pun intended). He’s a fantastic team player, but a solo comic? Not sure how long this will last. Gambit’s first appearance for many years was thought to be in Uncanny X-Men #266 (1990) with another iconic cover from Andy Kubert and written by legend Chris Claremont. So where would Gambit’s first appearance be then you ask? That would be Uncanny X-Men Annual #14. So you think that his first appearance in the annual would be the one for your collection right? Nope. The Annual price for the “first appearance” is merely a $14 buy. The Uncanny X-Men #266 is a $60 buy. Huh? Well that’s as bad as the cameos of Wolverine and Venom and countless other characters with their “cameos”, but this is a debate for another day. You’d figure the first time we EVER SEE the character THAT would be the first appearance and the book to own right? Nope. Okay said this is a debate for another day……moving on.

Jack O’ Lantern appears within the pages of Venom #22. Good ol’ Jack first appeared in Machine Man #19 (1981). You talk about a creator lineup?? This is a beauty! Writer Tom DeFalco, Penciler/Inker Steve Ditko with cover artist Terry Austin and Frank Miller?!? Wow, now this is nice! So if that isn’t enough to grab your appetite for $20, how about that this Jack O’ Lantern character goes on to become the second Hobgoblin? We’ll take the creators on this one for a reason to buy!

A few number one issues to check out this week on your new comic book shelves, Anti #1 from 12 Gauge Comics with a nice creative team coming on board for that one, Idolized #1 from Aspen Comics with a variant cover from legend Arthur Adams, Thunda #1 from Dynamite Entertainment and finally, check out a #0 issue from Dark Horse Comics called Creep.

As always, scroll through the InvestComics Hot Picks covers of the week below!

See you next week!

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz

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